Fmr. NYPD Detective Says Unions Contribute To ‘Toxic Police Culture’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Marq Claxton, director of the Black Law Enforcement Alliance, explains how police unions gained power over department discipline and operational issues. He tells Ali Velshi that amid outcry and protests, that influence won’t remain because “times are changing and reform is in the air.” Aired on 6/12/2020.
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Fmr. NYPD Detective Says Unions Contribute To ‘Toxic Police Culture’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Don’t say” defund” the police. It should be” demilitarize” the police. The problem with the police is that they are trained to use” overwhelming Force” in every single situation.

    1. @snakecharmer2011 erm. ok Karen. But I am not sure stopping that, would get to the root of the problem.

    2. And stop giving them “surplus” military grade equipment. Give a kid a toy, he’s going to play with it

    3. Don’t they have an HR Department in the Police ???. Or they want to be in the Union to learn how to hide their Crimes and getaway with Murder ???

    4. They have so many protections they are almost untouchable, and on top of that, it’s not just corrupt police departments, it’s there counterparts in the DA offices too… they are all in the Blue shield family…justice is nowhere close to being equal,……. the over powered and over protected law enforcement community, has turned LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL into laughable joke for the “crooked”…

  2. Without that union all these so called heros would quit immediately they allow criminals to stay working stealing tax money to do nothing

    1. 15k DOW : So, you’re glad those four cops will get life in jail, then? Goddit. Don’t bother to reply, Trump Troll. I won’t be reading you 🙂

    2. M E don’t think for a second they won’t continue to steal. The government has been funding domestic terrorism for almost 100 years, those ‘cops’ will go back to their gang origins when the paychecks stop coming in.

    3. @Ash Roskell definitely what you said just start over fresh representation all need to reapply if you love Thelma reapply some will not bother to reapply that’s fine but it shows who is interested in working knowing a change is here..then representation union style should be set up to protect worker rights only not worker actions

  3. The first step is the hiring process. Saw a youtune the other day that said that 7% of the population exhibits antisocial behaviour. That number jumps to 40% in the police force.

    1. Police officers are a top 3 occupation for sociopaths (not conjecture, Google it). Also, they tend to hire people of average intelligence, who don’t see nuance. They see black and white, sometimes literally.

    2. Eastern Woods

      I saw that too. There psychological screenings that they can do and aren’t. Time to make sure they do that.

      That’s quite a jump from 7% to 40%.

  4. I really dislike the use of “bad apples” it takes away the gravity of the culprits being human.

  5. They aren’t a police union wtf r u talkin’ about?

    They’re a gang, call them by their real adjective, gang with mobs and bosses

    1. @Willert Morris Given how many police offices have been infiltrated and play favorites to white supremacist groups?

  6. My thoughts exactly. Unions should not have a say over policy and circumvent management practices. Especially in policing and education.

  7. This should be easy. Police disciplinary issues should be taken away from the police and the government. It should be dealth with by civil society organization’s with representation that takes into account racial inclusivity.
    Their job should be transparent.

  8. May God have mercy on our souls. That being said, gotta have a soul left to have mercy on. We’ve come full circle back to hate. We should just love….simply…. just love.

  9. Unions should be limited to negotiating wages, benefits, and work safety issues. They should never be in charge of deciding whether cops get immunity from the crimes they commit, or have a say in whether police chiefs can get rid of bad cops with long records of abuse.

  10. Himmler recruited for his SS VOLUNTEERS. Who wants to become an American Policeman – doing what…

  11. Yes the unions give the police officers balls that they’ll get away from with anything and if they get busted they’ll still get their pension and live like millionaires it’s just like the mafia negotiating with businesses saying well will go on strike if you don’t give us what we want

  12. We should be able to look at the history police records of these Union officials you might find a long list of violent actions on their part

  13. Everyone keeps saying “bad apple” SAY THE WHOLE THING! Bad apples SPOIL THE BUNCH!

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