1. they’re also wanting more young ppl of color to get caught up in child support problems, getting them ‘on paper’, ultimately jail. they’ll use this to replace weed, keeping ‘numbers’ in check.. too much money in weed to ignore

  2. Cecile Richards looks appropriately disheartened. Other red states are about to jump on this bandwagon. The ‘bounty Hunter’ part of it is a pure dystopian nightmare. Where is the ACLU on this?

    1. the sickest thing about this law is that the bounty is on merely the INTENT to get one or aid in getting one, ie thought police.

    2. @Ghost3 Delta When the left believes. Stop being such a vague ignorant fool and give real examples of what you think red flag laws and doxxing the left is actually in support of.

      Fair is fair… okay, so once your state government passes a law prohibiting men to do anything to their bodies you‘ll also be in support of it. Now that would be fair.

    3. @Bryan Uh, a facist would be someone who got so mad he lost an election that he urged his white supremacists, neo-nazis and other facist followers to attempt to take over the Capital so he could rule just like the other facist dictators he’s publicly admired most – Putin. Kim Jong-un and Xi

  3. In 1982 the Supreme Court ruled on a case “Larkin V Grendel Den’s case that on an 8-2 vote voted it was unconstitutional for any government to hand over government authority or control to private entities (in the Texas law, civilians) but if this challenge fails to be taken up again by the rightwing Christian SC…
    Mexico decriminalized abortion’s today. I see business opportunities at the Texas/Mexico border side. Opening abortion-hotel clinics. Texas laws don’t apply in Mexico and there’s no way to prove an abortion was performed because it would require subpoenaing medical records which you can’t do with a foreign country if the country refuses.
    So like Ted and Heidi Cruz left for Cancun in the middle of a catastrophic winter storm, what’s to stop Tom and Debbie from taking a Mexican “vacation”

  4. It’s about taking the Rights of Women…. Next is taking away their Vote then right to drive and then right to own property….


    1. God Bless America and God Bless the Great State of Texas. Thank Most High that we as a Nation will rise up against these demonic forces. Thank you Most High that we will not stop until we have outlawed the murder of innocent babies in this nation In Jesus name Amen.

  5. Unfortunately I was born in Texas. Now I find the state to be disgusting. I have wondered how I can legally change my birth state. Probably not possible.

  6. A woman as individual each choose their own path! Myself I could never have an abortion, but that’s me!!! As for other women it’s none of my business!! As its NONE OF ANYONE ELSE’S BUSINESS!NOR SHOULD ANYONE DUMP THEIR OWN VIEWS OR RIGHTS ON ANOTHER!

  7. We need to stop crediting people like Abbott with simple ignorance of the menstrual cycle. He knows six weeks isn’t long enough for most women to recognize a pregnancy. He doesn’t care — and neither did any of the *women standing behind him during that awkward photo-op when he signed the bill. Crediting these people with simple ignorance totally misses the point about what’s happening here.

  8. Hank spoke of the beautiful eyes of Jesus in the vision he experienced. When my daughter was 12 she had a vision of Jesus around 6 a.m. one morning. She was forever impacted with this experience and said “oh mommy, they were like deep pools of pure love.” Trust me, this was not her usual vocabulary. However since her dad was only weeks from dying of cancer and she was also scheduled for hernia surgery, the peace that this brought her was undeniable. She is now speaking to large camps and services for youth. God is so good! |

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