Fmr. President Trump Calls Rioters At Insurrection 'Great People' 1

Fmr. President Trump Calls Rioters At Insurrection ‘Great People’


In a new interview, former President Donald Trump referred to individuals who took part in the January 6 Capitol Hill insurrection as 'great people'.

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Fmr. President Trump Calls Rioters At Insurrection 'Great People'


    1. @Wisconsin Man So thrilled that Donald Trump was kicked out of White House by president Biden and over 400 terrorists lead by Donald Trump are being jailed and sued. Enjoying seeing Donald Trump suffer.

    2. @Luis Rubalcava He also tweeted 5 years ago that the Iowa Cucuses were rigged because he lost to “Lyin” Ted Cruz.

    3. @Wisconsin Man Ahhh. I don’t remember!! Yes, he WAS MAKING FUN OF THE DISABLED REPORTER!!

  1. Unreal. I can’t believe that you all are still dealing with these idiots. Accountability no longer exists down there does it? If so how are these disgraces in any kind of power.

    1. @itsmesanto says the guy that supports BLM and anqueefa burning down cities, attacking innocent ppl, kills babies, kills womens sports, puts men in womens bathrooms, lowers pedophile penalties, released over 100k violent criminals then cries about high crimes. Says the guy who never spent a single day serving their country. Want me to go on?

    2. @Islay Lamb you’re praying to god we’re not actually 75 million strong.
      We’re gonna show you girls what resistance looks like.
      If the AZ audit says what we think it will, then what?

    3. Any other part of the world. A leader like 45 would have been in jail. He’s still out and about spewing hate, lies, deception etc. How is that possible? What is really great democracy? A lost leader claiming he won all over the place. And the followers believing every ounce of it. A lost place.

    4. @Leonard Persin I dont see how people like you think having a fascist dictator in the white house would be a good thing for you. How would it benefit you in any way?

    1. @E Garza
      It is well known that many lower primates fling their poop when upset – so this should come as no shock.

    2. @Friend Yes, those militia freaks who stormed the Michigan statehouse to protest Whitmer are definitely domestic terrorists, could not agree more.

    1. @Lex Ruptor uhhh ok. But if you are currently against fascism then you are currently anti fascist…right. no worries

    1. @shane3214 Ok, good luck with that. I’m sure trumpy will be “reinstated” any moment now. You just keep waiting. While you wait, the ex-president would love it if you donated some money to him. In fact, you’re a traitor if you don’t. According to his little donation emails he’s sending out at least.

    2. @shane3214 Sure thing little one. You should definitely put all your hopes and dreams into that audit. Your inevitable meltdown should be pretty funny. Shame I won’t see it.

    3. @Franko Ramerez Had there been real senators he would have been gone. And just for your know nothing a$$ the vote of 5 Republican’s senators who the largest ever against a president by his own party.

    1. @Franko Ramerez unlike Trump who ONLY CARES about ratings and how many people showed up, Biden wasn’t concerned about that.. his focus was on speaking to the people not his ego….

    2. The permit for attendance at D.T.’s sedition speech was for 35,000 attendees, so somebody can’t do simple math, !!!

  2. Then he should hold a party for ALL of them at Mara Logo……cheer them on, get them defense fund cash… know political tyranny stuff

    1. He should be paying for ALL the defense of these traitors…….then LOSE like he does so well

    2. Oh so you mean like Harris did for the rioters in Minneapolis last year giving money to the defense of those rioters, ok makes sense.

    1. Actually, some Americans didn’t lose their glasses!!!!! They’ve merely LOST THEIR SANITY!!!!!!!!

    2. Manipulation tactics %
      Sad they still haven’t figured it out for themselves.. surprised he didn’t immediately asked them for cash donations afterwards
      Maybe he not trying to make TOO obvious lol

    1. Is there anybody in here who would willingly jail Trump for 15 years, right here and right now? Imagine you can call it right now. Those for, yell “yes”.

    2. @TheDiamond2009 I would willingly advocate for “life imprisonment” for Trump and his ghastly degenerate children. He is culpable in the deaths of tens of thousands of people needlessly with his Co-vid lies. For corruption and abuse of power he should get life and life again for the attempt to overthrow the government duly elected by the people. That’s 3 life sentences he fully deserves right there

    3. Jim Redd, thank you for calling in to demonstrate that you’re a fascist. You’ll jail him right now, without charge, without a guilty verdict.

      We all know that the left likes to employ fascist principles, it’s just good to see you state it out loud. Yours is straight out of The Trial, it’s Kafkaesque. Thank you for your honesty.

    1. @John ambez just stated the fact you saw an edited speach. My fascination is with the law, not Trump. I can understand how you can’t see the difference.

    2. @UCLHzzsk0h6S-vaJN5_V8VuA you’re full of it yes there is lol you must not know the definition of fascism!

    1. Can we have similar love parties in T-Rump golf resorts , smashing the doors and windows and pooping on tables ? … totally normal behavior by republiklans .

    2. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index, which estimates Trump’s net worth to be approximately $2.33 billion

  3. I listened and watched with the rest of the world in horror. To date, the only ones who are not being held accountable for this act of seditious terror are the very ones who incited it.

    1. @daniel banks these people still don’t understand that in America, you are innocent, until proven guilty. They think the media is part of the judicial branch of the government.

    2. We’re you horrified by 10 months of anarchy and chaos at the hands of the radical Marxists of BLM and the anarcho-communist thugs Antifa? I’m guessing that the answer is no, because you’re fine when it comes to left wing violence on a massive scale.

    3. @TheDiamond2009 the auto-correct on your trolling device is out of order. I guess Russia is going broke from their Russian assets in the US. Go back to your troll farm.

    4. Barbara, by a hint of irony, it was the US spell-checker that amended it. I was expressing myself in my own native tongue, as an Englishman.

      Now, wee soft-headed Babs, do you have a substantive point to make, or are you just another lefty creep who throws insults out at people you don’t agree with politically, as taught by your left indoctrinated teachers?

  4. Trump: “They were peaceful protestors”. This is why you could never trust a single word from Trump, cause he literally lies in front of your face.

    1. So the dems and mainstream media never called the summer riots peaceful protests? Are you so ignorant of your double standards?

    2. @Fat Monkey Well, no. They called riots, riots and peaceful protest, peaceful protest. The problem is that many seem to think what happen last year were only riots. There’s no double standard. Just people who want to conflate, equivocate and deflect to other things rather than confront and address what’s actually being talked about, which is Trump’s fondness for lying.

    3. @TheBestWayOne what does Hunter have to do with the mob on the street? He didn’t give an inflammatory speech like Trump did. Second, nobody in the right mind would call those mob peaceful protestors.

    4. @AnnoDomini19XX So if those were mostly peaceful protests, wasn’t jan 6 a mostly peaceful protest? You are comparing 1 riot to 527. Look at the numbers, multitudes higher for blm riots.

  5. Either lock him up or stop talking about him. It’s insane that he isn’t behind bars yet.

    1. So despite the fact that there is no indictment of Trump even, let alone a guilty charge, you would in prison him. Thank you, The Blade, for demonstrating the fascism of the left.

    2. James Borden, thank you for admitting that you’re a fascist. It’s what we all know about the Left, it’s just good to hear you say it out loud.

    3. @TheDiamond2009 look who learned a new word but has no idea as to the meaning. Fascism. Two impeachments, multiple ongoing legal investigations and you like a dysfunctional parent defend your little boy Donnie. Sad.

    4. The Blade, I knew what fascism was before you were born, son. And as a European, I know my history.

      Fascist tactics have been used exclusively on the left since 2015, and include what you want to do. That’s what they’re desperate to do, they’ve been going at it for five years, throwing all of their resources into eliminating Trump, whether it’s multiple impeachments, or now, attempts at indictment. The Establishment don’t like leaders from outside the inner sanctum.

      As to the rest…

      1. The MSM narrative, day in and day out, editing clips, misrepresenting statements, feeding a false narrative, and repeating it ad nauseum for the soft heads to soak up;
      2. Complete MSM black-out of stories that don’t suit the narrative, including those against Biden and covid-19 origin;
      3. Social media censorship of the same, including the banning of Trump, whilst the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran continued to spew anti-American bile and certain terrorists were posting, the complete elimination and censorship of covid origin stories, including bans for eminent virologists, and eliminating any posts from the NY Post;
      4. Apple and Amazon conspiring to deny Parler a media platform and hosting services prior to the election;
      5. Speakers on college campuses all over the country being cancelled, deplatformed, shouted down and physically attacked because they don’t hold the required socialist views;
      6. Left wing indoctrination of students the length and breadth of the country, who are being taught that they must never debate, and must shut down, those who hold opposing political views;
      7. The brownshirts of the left taking to the streets in early 2020 and right up to the election – the radical Marxists BLM and the thuggish anarcho-communist terrorist group Antifa, causing mayhem and chaos for months on end, sometimes bailed at the behest of Democrats to return to the streets.

      There might be a number 8, but let’s just wait and see.

      And that, dear boy, is fascism. Don’t let your one-dimensional view lead you into the trap of screeching that fascism is a far right movement, or you’ll demonstrate that you’ve missed the point entirely. This is the Establishment at work, since 2015, you’re just not bright enough to see it, despite it being right in front of your nose.

  6. Over a million people at DT’s Jan 6th rally? Must have been the same phantom people who attended his 2016 inauguration.

    1. Because it would be an unspeakable act. Many have exactly the same thoughts, and with very good reason.

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