Fmr SDNY Chief: Trump Fired ‘Independent’ Prosecutor To Replace With Someone He Can ‘Keep An Eye On’


    1. Only thing that would surprise me with Trump now….is if he turned our nuclear codes against us. I wouldn’t put it pass him either !

  1. One of the most blatantly corrupt acts that has been done in his Presidency. Funny thing is considering how often he does such things this will quickly be swallowed up in the Trump circus.

    1. @Alan aka FANG you’re gona defend a dude that, most recently, is slowing down coronavirus testing on purpose so he can say “see, it doesnt look that bad” I hope fasho fasho you ain’t got your green card cause that would mean 1 more vote for trump 💀💀

    2. @Laura D better question what was dealt with in the Weiner Laptop Case?
      Epstein Case is at SDNY, you really have no idea do you 🙄

    3. @Laura D you are a pathetic liar, you stated so what wasn’t dealt with in the Weiner case …
      Oh but you never mentioned it 😂
      You don’t have any idea how things work, or what has gone on and what is going on
      Go back to sleep Laura 😴 🙄 you can’t even lie well 😂🤣😂

    4. @Alan aka FANG Because someone brought it up with the Epstein case so I asked about what wasn’t handled. So stop with the name calling and find the person who made the origin comment. I looked back and it was you that brought up the Weiner laptop case so I guess you are the liar!!!

    1. He has really amped up his destructive way to end democracy. He has a whole force working for behind the scene. He has Banon guiding him to do it. Other dictators who are his buddy’s that have taken down their democracy.

    2. strange question, if he is replacing everyone that’s against him it’s it possible that at a certain point he wants to change the law by making him permanent leader? can you explain that to me if it’s possible or not?

    3. Just a bystander he is definitely trying to alter American political/judicial system to keep hold of power. He is doing it right in front of our eyes!

    1. @MC KO smh how dumb and desperate can you people get? I ACCURATELY predicted Trump’s 2016 win, and I am here to tell you: it is already over. Trump has ZERO chance. Notice how all his Republican allies went quiet on him a few weeks back? Yeah, that is because they also know.
      See you in 4+ months 😉 Do come back. But you wont.

    2. @MC KO Lol only if he wins by some freak of nature (or criminal election interference). If he doesn’t win, you will be a ghost. You malevolent, malicious morons are all the same. No principle, only hate.

  2. The Republican senate is too lazy to impeach Barr because it’s a waste of time. How is it that police officers can be charged within 72 hours and it takes months to impeach someone in the DoJ? Revoke POTUS’ authority over the DoJ. Justice matters!

    1. Per the constitution its suppose to be separate. Per the constitution trump has no authority with DOJ. That’s when you see how far we let this fiasco slide.

  3. Mr. UNINDICTED CO-CONSPIRATOR #1 Trying to Clear the Decks before he LOSES his seat.

  4. So what?! This administration castrates American democracy and thats all? The president and his lackeys can do whatever they want?

    1. That’s what I ‘m talking about!!! WTH… Lawlessness, democracy? What’s really going on?

  5. So crazy this country is just constantly getting worse & there’s nothing our elected officials are doing anything about it

    1. VOTE in November. Crime Boss Trump and his Thugs continue to line their pockets with Tax Payers money. Even Steven Mnuchin doesn’t hesitate to admit that he is holding onto the $500 Billion Dollars that were supposed to go to Small Businesses. VOTE OUT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY 2020!

    2. Trump has gotten away with so much havoc and scandals that I believe it’s Russia that they’re afraid of. I bet there’s so much horrific things that’s come out that the public will never be told about. What other President has gotten away with their criminal actions the way Trump has. Trump is too confident in what he is or isn’t doing. Someone has given him that assurance.

  6. Again it’s all about Trumps personal benefit not America’s interests. Attacking the independence of the Judiciary is a hallmark of Authoritarian regimes.

    1. The Amerikkkan way, he’s just doing what police and law enforcement have been doing, he’s sticking to his “law and order” script, I guess since it’s affecting everyone and not just black people , people are looking at it now lol, f Amerikkka

  7. We have a blatantly corrupt President and a Republican cadre of blatantly criminal senators enabling him. We need to make them pay in a way that permanently changes the Republican Party.

    1. Unfortunately trump is a master of stalling court cases against him.It probably wouldn’t happen before the election.

    2. @Lynne Duncan Nadler commented already it would be a waste of time. Congress waiting to see if Barr will testify before Congress..

  8. A setting president that has done everything dump has done and is still doing, the lies, fireing of a prosecutor for no reason should have all his powers taken away, he is unfit to be in office, Barr should be fired, he is helping him with his corruptinon, he need to go..

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