Fmr. Texas State Senator Responds To Gov. Abbott's Abortion, Rape Comments 1

Fmr. Texas State Senator Responds To Gov. Abbott’s Abortion, Rape Comments


Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) suggested 'eliminating rape' as a solution to helping rape and incest victims who could be effected by Texas' restrictive anti-abortion bill. "If you have a magic formula for it, why haven't you done it already?" Fmr. Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis responds.

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    1. Some of them are preaching at churches, coaching children, running our governments! There is nothing constitutional about this law. There’ out to be bounties for these perps!!

    2. @Dana N

      What was Trump convicted of again?

      Forgive the rest of the logical world for not believing EVERYTHING a female says lolol

    1. @Tony Mozo Who’s taking Care of Those Babies Once their Born ?
      Not You,Not the Governor,and Not the Holy Rollers.
      They become Victims of Neglect,Abuse and the System.
      Family and Children’s services is Already Full of these kids,who eventually will end up on the Streets. So Tell Me How bringing,an Unwanted and UnLoved Baby to the World is a Good Thing.

  1. Now those women will be going to Mexico for an abortion. Texas doesn’t have any say then. The women will find a way.

  2. Mexico is in the process of changing its abortion laws. They’ll be clinics all along the US border. Like the drug market, it’s all about supply and demand.

    1. @J L here’s some 2000 year old news for you. Herod killed thousands of babies below 2 years if age. God could have stopped him but he didn’t. Hence God himself committed thousands of abortions to save his son.

    2. The Netherlands had abortion boats which went to countries with suppressive abortion laws. It is time to send a few to Texas

    3. @Deepak D’Souza It was by the hand of a wicked man that killed those babies, not God. God allows people to follow the desires of their own hearts whether to righteousness or to wickedness.

    4. @Gena Cunningham – lol Well Gena, that really depends where you are. I’m much nearer to Canada than Mexico! But I get your point. An alternative could be hospital ships positioned off the coast in international waters. I can’t believe it will ever come to that though. Surely this latest vile move by Republicans is doomed to fail.

    1. Promise the sky and hope people will be happy to deliver the curb. I know it’s partisan but 1:06 looks like the 1970’s – no persons of color!?!

  3. I bet everything Wendy addressed will be ignored by the governor. His bluster today will be deemed sufficient. He’s just another bare minimal republican governor always catering to his base.

    1. The Republican party and its “conservative” propaganda echo chamber have only two priorities:
      1. Economic: Make the greediest of the wealthiest (the actual owners of the Republican brand) wealthier still (to the substantial detriment of the employee class) and keep that gap ever widening toward a feudal state. In part as a distraction from that priority and to enable that first priority Republicans, rather than “lead” work to “push” for political power by any means necessary, lies, yes, and by “hook or crook” via new state voting laws and gerrymandering.
      2. Power: Republicans stroke the zealotry and fears and the contempt and/or outright hatred of the willfully ignorant and fan the flames of discontent at the changing demographics of the nation to divide and conquer — to PUSH their rank and file voters to the polls to vote contrary to their own economic best interest.
      Meantime, back in the real world, the Democrats must formulate policy decisions that will appeal to a broader segment of society and LEAD a much more diverse group to want to go to the polls and vote for Democrats so they can work to help the majority of Americans … not just the wealthy.

    1. @marblegal7372 I’d wager they are of a religious bent. “Wives submit to your husbands” indoctrination showing it’s true self.

  4. Why don’t we eliminate corruption, discrimination, racism, and dangerous politicians that somehow can’t stop speaking nonsense ?!?!?!?!?

    1. @Ghost3 Delta Why? Because it might require understanding more then monosyllabic words not filled with bigotry and no desire to secede from the country? You need help. I don’t join cults. Robs one of their individuality and about to think not just out of the box but think independently at all.

    2. @Nancy Ross

      One look at your inner cities that Democrats have been running for twenty years more than proves you wrong.

      You are the problem and at this point I do not care what happens to any of you.

    1. I wonder if they have one of those applause lights and they turn it on for the mindless sheep to clap. Disgusting misogynistic idiots.

  5. Everyone is worried about the 6 weeks, don’t worry, next they will ban the morning after pill, women start buying your burkas.

    1. That is already in process. And after they ban the morning after pill, they will ban birth control. This is all about controlling women.

    2. Read the charters of many of these anti choice groups. They intend to make nearly all forms of birth control illegal. First abortion then birth control. Its in their charter.

    3. @B. Small it’s actually actually about the birthrate it has drop drastically. So they trying pull anything to improve the numbers. That won’t cost them money

  6. I guess the governor of Texas is going to be adopting a lot of orphans along with the Republicans who backed the abortion laws.

  7. Why aren’t there more sensible politicians like her serving in Texas? The stupidity and lies that comes out of Abbott’s mouth is abhorrent and sickening!

    1. @K K Pay close attention now when Abbott loses big in court. Have someone explain to you what the court says.

    2. @Winston Smith Logic isn’t liberal just like facts aren’t opinions. Either you have it or you don’t. Watch Abbott lose while the court explains logic to you.

    1. How do we invest in that new mind reading technology, he can predict who the rapists will be, this is earth shattering news!!!

  8. The nerve to pretend to know the complexity and decide for all of us females… even worse coming from an old,white,rich man.What does he know about misery and despair?

    1. If I were an independent voter in Texas who is undecided about voting for Abbot, that insane comment would have convinced me that he is not fit to serve any kind of elected office. The man is a babbling lunatic.

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