1. Activate Windows
      In the United States, we have Nut and Yahoo – Sleepy Joe and Cackling Kamala.

    2. @TheBase1aransas isn’t it funny that you can’t tell Peace from a trade deal. And isn’t it funny that 666 was under water until Jared Kushner saved the day.

    3. You clearly are ignorant of Israeli politics. For one thing, Netanyahu is a lot smarter than Trump, more liberal than Trump, and does not have borderline personality disorder, like you do.

    1. he tried to help u why are u attacking ur own troll ? but we told you the kid is stupid thinking its a realstate dispute iits not I assure u there is crimes against humanity that statu of limitation don’t apply on, the alive will be prosecuted in court and the dead ones their bones will be thrown in the sea if proven guilty like Hertzel

    2. @Hashem Khadra Jared had no qualifications, he was taking up space were a qualify person could have solved problems.

    3. @Hashem Khadra There is no solution to the Middle East crisis! Each faction hates each other with equal voracity, they’ve never been forced to talk, meanwhile America is arming Israel because the Jewish vote elects politicians and that’s all they want! Until people stop looking at the Middle East just as casualties of a war (children, women & men) there is and will be no solution.
      We can only give our opinions while the politicial figures escalate the violence and the innocent suffer….

  1. So proud to be Sioux/Lakota ie (Native American) and not any other people out there.

    1. @Crimdor whataboutism does not absolve the pathetic uniformed hate being committed and endorsed right now, today by white nationalists and their ilk. It’s not just a pathetic rhetorical tactic, it’s boring and super lazy. As is your painting of hundreds of different tribes, with different beliefs, different practices, and different relationships as one unified thing, but I can’t expect any intelligent critique from a recycling broken record meme factory reactionary. Y’all need new material….this crap is hundreds of years old and it’s getting pretty stale at this point.

    2. @John Brown you are aware of why this seemingly unrelated statement was made by Zombie Whisperer right?

    3. @John Brown Wow, people can’t pay a group of people a complement without others becoming unglued, SMF

    4. Being proud of your heritage is nice. You could have further expressed the reason you are saying this after seeing the interview. Even you could have shared fears/concerns/historical parallels. You know constructive interaction matters as people do not live inside your head, buddy.

    1. The only people in government not owned by aipac are the progressive left, thank god somebody is calling out genocidal Israel

    1. @TheBase1aransas Was going to make a snarky comment about him having to formulate a question by himself but you’re right! He does look a little shaky. Not in the studio either.

    2. I did a little research and watched more of his recent vids. I’m no doctor but Parkinson’s isn’t out of the question.

    1. Since the Arabs, living in Aza, came from Egypt, it would be better if they just returned. But, Egypt won’t let them cross.

    2. @Deborah Freedman ahahahah nice try clown but history is available, Palestinians lived all over that land isreal occupied now ! Britain colonialism effects as per usual ! … you will never be able to change history no matter how much you try sry but facts hurts i know !

    3. @Z POTATO who was there before the Palestinians, history goes back a lot father than the past 200 years

    1. Lol. Jared issued peace talks with the UAE and Israel. Stupid, because there was already peace. Mike Pompeo said in early 2020 America was bailing out of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict because there was no solution. He’s actually right. This has been going on forever.

  2. “And this nationality he guards as never before. While he seems to overflow with ‘enlightenment’ , ‘progress’, ‘freedom’, ‘humanity’, etc, he himself practices the severest segregation of his race. “ A. Hitler, 1925, Mein Kampf, pp. 315.

  3. Kind of hard to “de-escalate”, while you’re being bombarded with missiles. This radical news guy is a special kind of stupid.

  4. Thanks for sending such a strong massage and using the US leverage over the welfare state to end the war. Also thanks for showing them the diplomatic channel, Egypt, as they had no idea about it!

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