Fmr. Trump Aide Won’t Explicitly Say That Joe Biden Is The President-Elect | The ReidOut | MSNBC

Fmr. Trump Aide Won’t Explicitly Say That Joe Biden Is The President-Elect | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1


In an interview with Joy Reid, Fmr. Trump Aide Ja'Ron Smith wouldn’t explicitly accept that Joe Biden is the President-Elect. Aired on 11/18/2020.
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About The ReidOut with Joy Reid: Joy Reid conducts one-on-one conversations with politicians and newsmakers while addressing provocative political issues both inside and outside of the beltway. Reid, who is also a best-selling author and public speaker, joined MSNBC in 2011 as a contributor. Drawing from her decades-long experience in politics, passion for addressing the intersection of race, justice and culture, as well as her signature tenacious interviewing style, Reid kicks off MSNBC’s primetime lineup by delving into American politics as it unfolds.
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Fmr. Trump Aide Won’t Explicitly Say That Joe Biden Is The President-Elect | The ReidOut | MSNBC

43 Comments on "Fmr. Trump Aide Won’t Explicitly Say That Joe Biden Is The President-Elect | The ReidOut | MSNBC"

  1. God, some people are just spineless.

  2. Nine Fools Wise | November 18, 2020 at 9:32 PM | Reply

    Please DO NOT feed the Trolls. They can be relatively easy to spot: no avatar, simplistic names. few if any subscribers, simple but inflammatory statements and recent join dates (from their channel about pages). Test yourself and try to find one troll or bot on the page. Then ignore them and their ability to distract, disrupt, divide and upset us is greatly diminished. Oh, don’t forget you can mute trolls and report to YouTube if necessary. (See YouTube membership policies.)
    T.H.I.N.K is the acronym children are taught to safely navigate cyber space but it applies to everyone. Ask yourself: T = Is it true? H = Is it helpful? I = Is it informative/inspirational? N = Is it necessary? And the big one, K = Is it kind? These cyber security skills take practice but are well worth it when you stop yourself from answering a troll or just say goodbye so others know to avoid this individual.
    Please share this post so we all learn how to better manage our social media activity. Limiting your time on social media is one of the best self-care steps you and your loved ones can take – even five minutes a day. And music helps too with stress, anxiety and depression management. Take care out there, mask up, and thank you.

    • Thank you for your informative post. Caring folks like yourself make the world (& cyberspace) better.
      Wishing you good health & happiness,

  3. Biden won

  4. Leslie Gutierrez | November 18, 2020 at 9:34 PM | Reply

    Just stop giving the trolls tv time.

  5. Steam fish White rice | November 18, 2020 at 9:35 PM | Reply

    This is so sad!!! This is what happens when you work for trump, no shame, integrity or pride. My brother is never to late to leave this clown show.

    • No. They can have him. I’m tired of defending people who don’t care about their own just bc they’re Black. When they are done with him and throw him to the wolves, he better remember what he did. You made your bed… know the rest.

  6. This dude looks so bad. He got completely embarrassed

  7. Go Joy!! He’s not clever enough. Scent of blood.

  8. An example of …..ignorance is bliss!

  9. No shame, In order to work for the Orange Clown u cannot possess pride, shame or integrity. This is a prerequisite to employment.

  10. I’m not sure why he isn’t embarrassed, but running into traffic with scissors would’ve just made more sense than what he just said.

  11. I’ll bet this guy gets constantly flagged on Twitter.

  12. I haven’t seen someone stumble over their words so many times. Totally ill-prepared. Typical Trump supporter

    • You ever watch a joe biden interview?

    • @Mr Salty yes just now..the one of Biden showing emotion for another person. When a nurse on the frontline spoke about holding dying covid patients hands as they cried for their family.
      Unlike trumps covid conference that just talked about trump

    • @Mr Salty “Bigly, Yo-semites”? Telling people to inject themselves with disinfectant. Saying he made Juneteenth famous. “I’m like a smart person. I’m a stable genius”? “We have so many people with Covid bc we keep testing people”? And you wanna talk about Biden? Have several seats.

  13. Typical trumper, all BS & no facts.

  14. This guy is in line for a job with a GOP run company. He doesn’t want to lose his upcoming job. He needs a Depends and a spine.

  15. “I’m not going to get specific” this should be the trademark of the Republican party.

  16. richard zimmer | November 18, 2020 at 9:53 PM | Reply

    This dude needs to go get a Truck Driving job with JB HUNT

  17. He’s Pathetic, like everything Trump

  18. There you go.. Cases that we Filed… that’s why he won’t say anything. He’s an embarrassment to EVERYTHING

  19. He is a clown and embarrassed his family and culture. Hello uncle Thomas. Trump lost.

  20. How many people voted because of Trumps racist rants…. and this guy… are YOU kidding me

    • Richard Crighton | November 19, 2020 at 12:06 AM | Reply

      coconut with an orange centre

    • Russian Blue Cat | November 19, 2020 at 12:23 AM | Reply

      If we are really honest about it, the Republican Party has run on a subtle or not subtle racist platform for decades now, and yes, even including Reagan, so it isn’t a new thing under the Trumpian GOP. Even Republicans who did not vote for Trump don’t want to acknowledge that for the most part.

    • literally all of Black Rappers..

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