Fmr. Trump Attorney Cohen Wants Next AG To Ensure Trump Faces NY State Charges | MSNBC 1

Fmr. Trump Attorney Cohen Wants Next AG To Ensure Trump Faces NY State Charges | MSNBC


Donald Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial and acquittal are analyzed by the former president’s former attorney Michael Cohen who calls on the next Attorney General to investigate if Trump does not face New York state charges.
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Fmr. Trump Attorney Cohen Wants Next AG To Ensure Trump Faces NY State Charges | MSNBC


    1. Those repubs let him go to save their butts knowing Trump has 3 states ready to put him in the Clink Mitch told his supporters hes started that riot and did nothing to stop it and now they re going to jail for trying to keep Trump in office on a election Mitch M said he knew he loss

    2. Well there is a division between church and government so I am happy about his not upholding the oath and not protecting the country

    1. fraudster #DonTheCon wants to be KING-OTUS forever like Kim Il-sung and after he dies the throne is passed down to 3rd-generation frauster #DonTheCon Jr. like Kim Jong-un

    2. Keep on Lmfao on basement dweller puppets fall into the circus clowns of morons and idiots every word of their disinformation and deceit …

    3. The Republican party is a coward to to their own self interests. Just like the Demonratic party and their own agenda.

  1. He instigates all the evil he wants you to do, the demon plants the seed in your head and expects you to follow through with it.

    1. I cannot wait until YT Facebook, Twitter trash and all other social media is destroyed. Along with all the fat nasty users.

    2. Trump agitate and instigate and then stand back and watch everything go down. Because he’s not going to be a part of it. He doesn’t want it to lead back to him. That’s why he have fall guys. He’s not going to bail anybody out. That’s why he says “you’ve got to be tough, you can’t be weak,” bc your sacrificing yourself.

    3. @Randy Couch trump inspired his brainwashed cult supporters to cause chaos in mayhem last summer.
      Right wing extremists were arrested last summer. Inspired 13 to plan a kidnap a Democrat Govenor in Michigan and blow up a bridge. Thank goodness they were arrested before they did any harm.
      Many arrested last summer.

    4. I guess your saying he is weak and has no mind of his own, or was greedy and liked Trump’s money , either way he got what he deserves IT WAS HIS CHOICE ! I learned that lesson from my Parent’s when I was 10yrs old .

    5. He is a demon. I pray he never runs again he destroys everything he touched. His pure evil some people are blinded by him.

    1. Yes, we in Croatia did this, our president made a deal with some bank and taked money from that bank for himself. Deal was bad for Croatia.
      He is in jail now.

    2. @Rashas Weber True. I hope he is indicted for insurance fraud, bank fraud, falsification of business records and criminal tax fraud.

    3. @Judith Matthews A few years ago (George Brush Jr. was president and we were knee deep in Iraq and Afghanistan) I was living in Germany and of course I was interested to hear their view of the U.S. role in the middle east. The average German over 40 was against our involvement and thought we invaded for reasons other than those being stated by our government. I remember how ashamed I felt that I could not reasonably defend our governments actions because I knew they were right. My shame was for what the government was doing, not for people of the country. I will respect the people till it is proven there is no one left to stand with. The government has to re-establish it’s credibility with U.S. Citizens and the people of the world (friend and foe).
      Republicans just gave us another reason not to respect them as our leaders and lawmakers

  2. If there is someone in the world who KNOWS that Trump is guilty of criminal charges, it is his former lawyers and attorneys.

    1. @Hillbilly Tarzan either you were asleep on January 6th or you are just in an alternate reality that trump put you in. Even fox news covered the rally to the insurrection. The whole world was watching. Everyone knows how trump manipulated the mob (your kind). And over a hundred of your co-trump supporters are now in jail which his attorneys said (i bet commanded by trump) that those who stormed the capital must serve jail time for a very very long time. Listen to Cohen’s advice, get out while you can.

    2. @D SP In Brandenburg v. Ohio, 395 U.S. 444 (1969), the Supreme Court established that speech advocating illegal conduct is protected under the First Amendment unless the speech is likely to incite “imminent lawless action.”

      Unlike the Senate trial, the entire speech is evidence. The timeline is evidence. Premeditation is evidence. The Capitol security may come into question. The Congress members responsible for security may come into question.

      Let it go to trial.

      Unlike 2/3rds, it requires 12 out of 12

  3. I believe Cohen. He knew the orange blob as well as anyone could. I just hope he has more evidence than the cancelled check.


    1. Trump learned about big lies from Hitler. Hitler wrote about big lies as propaganda technique in his book Mein Kampf 1925.

    2. The only time Trump and the GOP are focused and working towards a goal is when they are avoiding their oath of office and their duty as American citizens.

    1. He plays them like a 10 dollar fiddle and they are too ignorant to know it. Dump would not even go near them with a 3 meter pole.

    1. @Ken and Brandi not really ken. He was a dirty lawyer for your boy trump and when trump let him take the wrap for his crimes, he decided to turn State’s witness. Trump has a lot to fear now because he won’t have a friendly, spineless Senate to protect him in the big leagues of criminal court. Stay tuned.

  4. Trump can be summed up as “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” François-Marie Aroue aka Voltaire

    1. I’m just reading Cohen’s book. Trump is even more despicable and disgusting than we thought he was. The thing is, magats would just say it’s fake news.

    2. @Sheila Boston MAGAs are criminals too… want more proof? Why do you think they follow him? Half of them don’t even vote.

  5. The problem with all these Republicans is not their lack of courage (which is also true), but their lack of character.

    1. amazing that the republicans had yet another chance to rid themselves of a ruthless blackmailer…
      We cannot afford to have another republican president – EVER AGAIN.

    2. And we the people need to hold them accountable how we can. Dox them socially. Make no exceptions and stop enabling this.

    3. Then that would make the Democrats about the dumbest humans on Earth just look at their president? if it were not for being so damaging in the next four years it would be absolutely funny.

  6. See prophetic DEMOCRACY song of Leonard Cohen: “Democracy is coming to the USA”
    Perhaps we needed to be threats by someone like Trump, so we might strengthen democracy.
    See song on YouTube: “Democracy is coming to the USA” (After Trump leaves)

  7. I believe Michael Cohen. He served his time for doing Trump’s dirt.
    Now he simply telling us all what an evil Trump is!

    1. @donald altman He committed election fraud for Trump. He also represented Eric Broidy. The same Republican donor that Trump pardoned.

    1. @Pat Mahinie

      Why? He’s not the only one saying it. But he does have first hand knowledge and with trump’s litigious nature he’d sue him in a heartbeat if he was saying anything untrue. For the lawsuits and criminal trials trump is about to go through I’ll bet Cohen has some proof better than that recorded conversation that he went to jail for. Trump is still listed on the paperwork as a co-conspirator.

      No, I don’t cherrypick what I base my conclusions on. Trump is a criminal of the first order. I call him the stupid John Gotti. The real teflon Don. He’s slithered away from every bit of trouble he’s caused himself and others. There’s always been someone there to bail him out. Now he has an entire political party and 74 million unsuspecting Americans to give him a pass again. And every time he gets out of trouble he gets worse. He’s a sociopath. He has no conscience. His persona is all an act. He only knows how to do one thing well. Con people.

    2. @Cherie Cheers he was fine being associated with him as long as he was getting rich from it. Don’t remember him complaining then.

    3. @R. Sherman Hi R Sherman, After reading your comment I wonder how you can have an unbiased opinion. I think you listen to what Mr. Cohen says because you hate Trump, not because what Mr. Cohen says is true. It’s very similar to when people tried to put Micheal Avenatti on a pedestal, only to find out later he was involved in extortion. It’s becoming very clear that the left is willing to use unethical practices to have Trump defeated. If the left is willing to play by any means necessary to win, their behavior should be called out.

    1. USA is not signatory of the Internacional Court of Justice. No USA citizien can ever be judged by the internacional court even if he or she commit an an act against humanity or crime!

    1. See the book by Rick Wilson: “Everything Trump Touches Dies”. It came out in the earlier part of the administration. Wilson was a Repub.

    2. Trump is destroying America to slow death & destroying the World too ( look at how he cut off America allies & dealing with other World leaders ). There will be World War 3 if he continues to hold power.

  8. “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go,” Rump told Comey in code talk

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