Food Prices in Jamaica Going up | TVJ News - Nov 29 2021 1

Food Prices in Jamaica Going up | TVJ News – Nov 29 2021


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  1. We need to get up and produce more food, and the thief them must stop thief and produce also so we may have more food.

  2. True talk says this is one of the problems in Jamaica case if living . every day things going up .. this is one of the things make we have so many crime in Jamaica..and people pay not raisin in

  3. Something need to be done, the world is a beautiful place, but not the people’s heart, because they are not having little mercy on there own nation. That’s why bad things keep happening.

  4. Jamaica can feed itself but young strong back men who shld be in agriculture rearing animals and growing crops they’re too buisy with guns taking out the lives of their fellow jamaicans.

  5. Jamaican people love foreign food too much when they have the best food in the world. It’s don’t make sense. Every one should start buying local food. And we will see how quickly the food prices start going down. Kill your prides and shop smart

  6. It’s also high in the UK too.. Even the price for Petrol goes up most of the time. At the moment its happening all over the world..

  7. Yes and people vote for PNP and JLP who doesn’t care about them so why i don’t understand why they are complaining

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