Footage Of Trump Partying With Epstein Surfaces | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. “I had always hoped that this land might become a safe and agreeable Asylum to the virtuous and persecuted part of mankind, whatever nation they might belong.” George Washington himself..May 28 1788

    1. Paine: America is “An asylum for mankind.” Common Sense

      Jefferson: The US offers “A sanctuary for those whom the misrule of Europe* may compel to seek happiness in other climes.” 1817

      The Declaration of Independence states that one of the abuses of the king was that he discouraged and prevented people from coming to the colonies by “obstructing the Laws for naturalization” & “refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations”.

      * It’s important to note that for much of America’s history, Americans descended from purely English ancestry thought of European countries, especially Southern and Eastern, as being “shitholes” or failed states (with the exception of France) and populated with people who weren’t really regarded as white (Anglo Saxon white was the only “real” white). This includes especially Irish, Scottish, and German people whom, of course, the English long thought of being inferior/backwards (hence not properly “white”). Immigration quotas and even bans were placed on every (or almost every) European country but England at some point in US history.

      So unless you can claim pure English ancestry, YOUR ancestors were for a long time not wanted in the US, regarded as something less than purely white, and coming from barbaric, failed, “shithole” countries by the majority of Americans.

    2. @Progressive Humanist Just remembering Tiparrary Hill in Syracuse… The Irish weren’t welcome at first.
      Why this odd phenomenon, to mistrust and dislike any- and everything new and different?
      Why is America still so xenophobic?
      Isn’t it strangers that came to settle that made America great in the first place?
      (Just asking for a friend)

    3. @Progressive Humanist Exactly. They passed the law that no non-white people were allowed to emigrate to the US. A law which wasn’t repealed until 1950. Washingtons’ meaning was aimed at “Christians” who felt the monarchy’s of Europe were not their cup of tea. But at the same time, he was just looking for breeding stock to build what can only be described as a white US population. I may be white(caucasian) myself but I have never felt the need for that sort of pride. It’s riddled with prejudicial judgement and overbearing pride for something that is so superficial. And when he did get his population they went and murdered countless native Americans and decimated their main source of protein, the Buffalo, for their own fat greedy bellies.

    1. @Mike Smith Yes, he does; he gets to observe the current president of the United States… so,yeah,we have all gotten experience by observation.

    2. David J said” A rare look at two sexual predators in their natural habitat “don’t talk about Bill Clinton that way.

  2. Keep the focus on voting Trump out of office in 2020. SDNY will be waiting outside the WH for him with a leg irons when he leaves. Trump can share a cell with his mate Epstein and talk about the good ‘ol days.

    1. Dan Forster Tell me why would Trump share a cell with Epstein? was it because he went to a party with him 30 years ago? did I miss something?

  3. The GOP might as well have thrown away our stars and stripes and replaced it with a swastika! From now on all Republicans are now officially part of the fascist Nazi party!

    1. @April Nelly YOU are a racist because you support the racist in the WH. You know Trump is the KKK’s hero. That should clue you into the fact he is a racist.

    1. Bill Barrs DAD hired Epstein and gave him his “foot in the door” to the preying among and beginning his molestation/assault/blackmail career at Dalton – HOW the h– is there no insistence from Dems that Bar RECUSE? Comey’s daughter with SDNY case – This looks like one big containment/negotiation op. We PRAY for more.

    2. They’re all creepers including Biden. Powerful, twisted men with way too much power and way too few limits.

    1. @Ralph Boyd No no no. Trump’s sweet spot is 16 – 25. He’s a dirty old man but let’s call a spade a spade.

    1. @BLUE DOG – it wasn’t liberals screaming “JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE US” and waving Nazi memorabilia at Charlottesville, darling.

      They were Trump supporters, though…

  4. That video of Trump and Epstein was really creepy. That’s what two middle aged lechers look like in collusion.

    1. wisegeorge365 where was Bill Clinton in the video? “you did say two middle aged lechers look like in collusion”

    2. @John Vaglica There are tons of videos showing Donald lying! LOL! What this old video does is show his base character.

  5. Trump looks like the biggest D-bag in that video. Unfortunately I’ve known a few guys that behave the exact same way that he does when they’re in a room with good looking women, they act like they’ve never been there before. Trump’s looks like he’s placing bets on which ones he can grope before the nights over. He looks like a coked-out hot mess.

    1. @Bill Voss Hey Bill, how are you? Keeping your fridge stocked with that MSM koolaid, I see. Give me one lie and well do a deep dive together on it.

  6. shame on you… the one in office… we are not an animal… do u talk to your family like that…
    when I was 17 years old… an old man of 76 told me and I’ve never forgot it… he said… when you see how someone treats others then you know what kind of a person he is… there’s your answer…

    1. @Saltponds239 And he’s buddies w/pyramid building young girls pedophile Epstein. You are the company you keep.

    1. You are a true American..What changed your mind? You are one of the stronger one’s. The base are just a lost breed. They will always believe in Cheeto’s lies

  7. They do that same kind of blackmail and hold people hostage do to being recorded and video taped doing things they don’t want ANYONE to know about

  8. Is there anybody scumy that Trump didn’t use to kick it with in his day? Of course he’s done boatloads of illegal stuff. The difference between the morons getting busted for sprinkles of weed in their cars and Trump is that Trump knows how to yank the chain of the people in charge. You just get harassed and fined for fiddlesticks.

    1. I don’t think he knows anything. He just has money. He probably ends up paying twice as much in bribes as normal criminals.

    1. I was so sorry and confused to hear the reports of MLK molestation of women. I wonder if all our leaders have some fatal flaw, no matter how much good they bring to the world.

  9. If this was Obama. Fox News would have a field day. But of course they all quiet. Try to find a way to blame the Democrats.

    1. @kurtis gonzales What’s newsworthy about the actual American people attempting to liberate a fascist work camp?

    2. Tony Montana what about Bill Clinton was he not friends with Epstein I’m sure main stream media wont be showing any videos soon

  10. Imagine being so putrid looking and insulting and objectifying women left and right next to a known sexual predator. He’s so disgusting.

    1. Trump is just a dog who runs out and cr@ps in the neighbor’s yard because he doesn’t know better. The family values bible thumpers who try to tell the rest of the world how to live Godly lives then vote Trump. They are the real disgusting ones.

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