For prisoners released due to COVID, return to prison is devastating | USA TODAY 1

For prisoners released due to COVID, return to prison is devastating | USA TODAY


Formerly incarcerated woman, released under the CARES Act, fears being sent back to prison

After 16 years in prison, Gwen Levi was released on home confinement under the CARES Act. Now, she fears she will be sent back after the pandemic.

During a congressional hearing, Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, raised concerns about sending people back to prison, especially those who followed the rules.

Of the 24,000 prisoners who were allowed to go home, 151 – less than 1% – have violated the terms of their home confinement and three have been arrested for new crimes.

"This highlights how effective home confinement can be," Grassley said.

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  1. We agree with her and it should be done on a case by case basis. Every situation is different, each person has responds differently.

  2. This should be a case by case. But even if a sentence is reduced, depending on the crime, some sort of punishment should be enacted.

  3. Mrs.Levi this is your big chance!, stick with your biggest friend Jehovah god, and don’t forget to continue reading the bible the same way you were doing in jail and stick to the book of Proverbs is a great book for directions in life. stay put and keep on those Prayers!. wish you the best!

    1. The prison system gets paid by the body count, and many are run by corporations. So yes you are correct “Covid-19 does not end slavery in America”
      I will pray that she and others will be allowed to stay home, and finish there time at home.

    2. @Michael of Marble yeah I still can’t believe how many Americans don’t even know about the privatized prison system and what is actually going on

  4. This is definitely a successful situation and this woman NEEDS to be kept in her hometown where she can implement the positive change and growth that she exemplifies. PLEASE give her a chance. THIS is the whole purpose of rehabilitation.

  5. Heroin destroyed the hearts minds and soul’s of people …she said she’s a homemaker she still doesn’t understand what she did in life.

  6. I really hope she gets to stay free!
    She already done 16 years…. you wouldn’t even get 5 years over here in Germany for this kind of crime!

  7. JEREMIAH 29:11-13KJV, GENESIS 50:20KJV!!! PROVERBS 29:7KJV, 1 JOHN 4:8, JOHN 14:6, MATTHEW 22:35-40,

  8. Why cant biden/harris use executive order to prevent people like this from going back to prison.

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