Forces Looking To Restore Order At Kabul airport: Deputy National Security Adviser 1

Forces Looking To Restore Order At Kabul airport: Deputy National Security Adviser


Deputy National Security Adviser Jon Finer joins Morning Joe to discuss the latest developments in Afghanistan as the Taliban and its fighters in Kabul reached the brink of taking political power.

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Forces Looking To Restore Order At Kabul airport: Deputy National Security Adviser


    1. @Eli Smith In the last 4 years over 24,000 Afghans lost their lives fighting the Taliban and not one American did. In the 16 years before that, untold thousands more lost their lives fighting, but they knew that without a semblance of support from America, they had no hope. It is so easy for you to sit and say they didn’t try. Desperation is when people drop thousands of feet from airplane wings to escape. Not that you care.

    2. @Matt Thompson – Trump made the deal with the Taliban to withdraw by 1 May 2021, Biden could have said F* that, then, you would be saying something else, just because he’s a democrat.

    1. @Bruce Graham — the Afghanistan people care more about the next life than this one, it’s hard to motivate someone that has that mindset

    2. @Francis Creedon Twist in the wind, twist in the storm, there is plenty to lay at Trump’s door. This one is on Biden, he made the call, he said he was better at EVERYTHING than Trump. Well, here ya go.

    1. Wtf are you fools talking about we still have 5 to 10000 Americans not troops in this city and this fool has not contacted anyone.

  1. We can’t stay there for ever, if the Afghani’s were not supportive to the Taliban, there is noway they can take over the country in about a week without any resistant. Time to get out and take care of our internal issues.

    1. @El Sucio Federali seems you dont understand the difference between domestic and international and difference between an agreement and a deal.
      1. Keystone was a permit and project not started. Biden revoked a permit not broke a deal
      2. JCPOA was an agreement. No signed deal was made. It is still in effect though but changed.
      3. Border wall was stopped. There was no deal. The work that was contracted is still continuing. There is still building the wall in some areas where contract was made. Biden has not stopped those.

      You are an example of someone that dont look up facts but votes and belive based on emotions and What other tell you instead of going with facts and own opinions. Look up facts and understand them before being so sure you are right

    2. @Ken Baker yes – because after trump and pompeo cosied up to the Taliban, pulled out the bulk of the troops under trump, they left the mess for PRESIDENT Biden to clean up. Rethuglicans are cheats, incompetent and they hate America.

    1. @Chad Simmons 10,000 positive tests and 300 dead a day could have something to do with the lies spread by repugnantans about the vaccine.

      1.5 million jobs created in the first 100 days in office is a record.

      During debates drumpf told us if Biden was elected the usa would be communist. Did that happen?
      Biden issued an executive order pushing the minimum wage for federal contractors to $15 .


    2. @Chad Simmons I’ve an idea. Instead of changing the subject every time one of your silly claims gets debunked why not address the point at hand

    3. @J M When North Korea went crazy Obama & Biden fought back with a “fat-check” from our Treasury Pres Trump sent little rocket man a promise of a A$$-Whooping

    4. @J M You claim Biden’s power can raise stock market priceswhy can’t he lower gas prices, bread & meat prices? Poor people didn’t ask to be Biden- buggered

  2. It’s amazing US and allied forces couldn’t bring order to the whole country of Afghanistan from day one. We are now struggling to bring order to the airport. There is 10,000 to 15,000 civilians there and 5,000 US troops. Which is more than enough troops to bring order to this chaotic situation. But that is an apt kind of symbolism for what we have faced from day one.

  3. Sobering difference between this State Department report safely in DC and Richard Engle who is on site and has been in country many times over the years. Propping up a country without the will to fight itself is useless.

  4. The Afghani government behaved despicably. They did absolutely nothing to resist the Taliban. Thier sole focus was on how to get themselves and their money out of the country. They basically sold Afghanistan to the Taliban.

    1. @Upper 90 – Matter of Fact… If these Afghani’s were willing to die for their own Country, the Taliban wouldn’t have taken over the Country. If I remember right, a General stated that America has spent over $80 Billion on training those cowards!

    2. @Upper 90 – I don’t really watch the news, I used to, but haven’t since the pandemic. So, how could I live in a “MSNBC bubble”? And, by stating that I haven’t seen these video’s, should have clued you in….But?….Here we are…

    3. @Eric Echols Sr. All you can do is spread the same talking points as Joe Biden ignoring the fact that Joe Biden didn’t evacuate the American citizens behind enemy lines first before evacuating the troops. I love how you think that’s okay, I can’t stop laughing at you. You’re a prime example of why school choice needs to pass

    4. @Eric Echols Sr. Again I’ll haven’t you seen the pictures or the video of Afghan people clinging to the airplane, I love how you say it that never happened.

    5. @Eric Echols Sr. Here you are on the MSNBC thread but yet you say you don’t watch the news my god I’ve been debating with a naive child. You’ve become irrelevant with your dumb comments. Have a nice safe life hope you don’t live in a Democrat City so you don’t get shot

  5. Yeah, Afghan government and military never cared, they were just getting payed by the US government. Once that stopped? They just let it happen. So if they don’t care? I don’t care.

  6. Trillions of U.S. taxpayer’s money wasted in 20 years, Enough for every child in America to have gone to college and buy a home. Imagine what our country would look like today.

    1. Trillions wasted? From who’s perspective?

      Initially the general thought was it was a war on terror , Al qaeeda were an immediate mortal threat to “freedom”.
      Then people saw how Halliburton and the likes were making a fortune from the pipeline etc .

      The reality is this war , like most modern wars (desert storm partially excluded) is for money. Not oil or freedom but money.
      War itself makes money. Guns, ammo, bombs, fuel, building bases, food, clothing.

      This us why politicians want war . Our kids and our “enemies” kids blood spills so these monsters can profiteer

  7. Whoever started and set up this revolution against the Taliban, interfering with another nation’s sovereignty, back in 2001 is to blame. You know who you are.

    1. There’s no doubt that we should not have been there but the poor decision making in the way that we are exiting is a national disaster, and national disgrace and leaves the United States is a subject of ridicule.

    2. @Maryella Rose you’re EXACTLY correct. Joe Biden has been directly involved with every bomb dropped in the last 40 years. And most likely made money on each one of them.

  8. Afghanistan “fell” so fast, because the Taliban didn’t “take” the country back. The security forces surrendered or walked away, as planned. It was a negotiated retreat.

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