Ford announces in-class learning won't resume until fall | COVID-19 in Ontario 1

Ford announces in-class learning won’t resume until fall | COVID-19 in Ontario


Watch a full replay of Doug Ford's announcement that in-class learning won't resume in Ontario until the fall.

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  1. You can all sleep easier knowing the idiots in the provincial to federal government are in charge of things.

    1. Not soon enough. Put so much pressure on the Conservatives that they have to dump him as leader now. Caucus revolt!

  2. Dough Ford, er, I mean Doug Fraud, no, I mean Doug Ford, is a fine, upstanding leader who is definitely not a corrupt and incompetent fool. Nope, not at all.

  3. If every grade will have graduation ceremonies, doesn’t that diminish their significance?

  4. He had better go back and resume the old printing business in his hometown, time to time barbecuing big sausages in the back yard with his old buddies.

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