Ford announces provincewide shutdown: "This is a new pandemic, we are now fighting a new enemy" 1

Ford announces provincewide shutdown: “This is a new pandemic, we are now fighting a new enemy”


Ont. Premier Doug Ford announced a new provincewide shutdown as the province struggles to contain a third wave of infections that threatens to overwhelm hospitals.


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    1. lol you aren’t going to do anything about it. You’ll vote conservative again next election

    2. They are the OLDEST ENEMY TO MANKIND. Think about it. Governments are responsible for the MOST deaths against humans since the beginning. Think of any war, famine, genocide, ALL done by governments.

    1. Nuremberg Trials 2.0

      It’s been 75 years since the last band of human rights criminals were tried. Time for a sequel.

    1. that’s what they want, to separate the disobedient after long provocations! You cannot defeat the system on the street! Only by infiltration in the government, with the same method they work since long-long time! This is our only chance!

    2. @Janos Fazekas couldn’t agree more. Looks like were all in it for the long haul. Buckle up my friend. This was all simply the testing phase. Can you imagine when they pull out the actual real scenarios?

    3. It’s going to lead to that. By 2022, I’m done following the “rules” and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  1. My friends folks. April is drunk and so we all must go home immediately and lockdown for one month until she is sober.

  2. But it’s entirely predictable after the overreach that we saw this past year.
    When leaders overstep their authority in a time of crisis, that’s how they break our country.

    1. Yes, big pharma makes a lot by pushing experimental “vaccines”. Hospitals are getting paid the more “covid patients” they take in. And big businesses and corporations are making record profits because all of their smaller competitors are disproportionately harmed or taken out.

    1. How do they know its covid? The pcr tests dont identify it. And where is all the flu this year?

  3. When you’re doctor keeps prescribing the same thing and you’re not getting better, you find a new doctor.

  4. Obviously being passive isn’t going to work here. They will not let go of control so we need to take control back by whatever means necessary.

    1. ​@Robin M The only thing we can do is civil disobedience. Never wear a mask and don’t comply with these illegal immoral mandates.

    2. @john phillips
      Right, and consequently never be able to go shopping for essential items, and risk getting arrested for not complying with the law (however unconstitutional it may be).

    3. @Robin M

      You don’t get arrested… you get forcibly detain and get a ticket that gets thrown out of court on chapter rights grounds

  5. 3rd wave… 4th wave… 5th wave… 981289376489128347825789871th wave…

    “MUH VURRIENTZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!”

    This dystopian nightmare is NEVER going to end.

    1. They haven’t for the past 2 years. You think that will change now? Only way this will change is if we’re outfront of Ford (and by extension Trudeau’s) home, with torches and pitchforks in hand.

  6. The enemy has always been Justin Trudeau and his supporters who have collectively devastated the nation’s seniors.

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