Ford apologizes, but provides few details on next steps as province continues to struggle | COVID-19 1

Ford apologizes, but provides few details on next steps as province continues to struggle | COVID-19


Colin D'Mello has the latest from Ontario, where Doug Ford is apologizing, but has yet to provide details on any new measures.

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    1. it’s not like this hasn’t happened dozens of times in the past. how long is enough time to prepare for an event you know is coming?

    2. Andrea Horvath says the province is on fire. Is it fires at the hospitals that are creating bed shortages?

  1. Aww poor Ontario now they want medical professionals from the west lol and wonder why the west said suck it that’s Karma

  2. This guy is legitimately using paid sick days as we speak and what’s even worst is he is receiving $800 per day that’s almost a Full Time retail worker’s pay for 2 weeks! What a hypocrite

  3. Refer to Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi MD. Uninsured experimental injections mean new (variant) cases, sickness and death “side-effects” (See VAERS).

  4. What we do during covid19 determines what the government does. If we go out and party, there will be further restrictions. It’s a self tightening knot.

    1. the sad thing is that the duration and severity of lockdowns have nothing to do with reducing virus transmission.

  5. Stop this insanity! You need to open everything back up!!!!! I want to see my parents Ontario is holding hostage!!!!

    ICU PATIENTS : 800
    PER CENTEGE POINT === == 0.005%

  7. Give Ford credit for owning his mistakes days later. The Feds have made more and worse mistakes with no acknowledgement a year later.

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