Ford calls for more vaccines, experts say vaccinations won't be a 'golden parachute' | COVID-19 1

Ford calls for more vaccines, experts say vaccinations won’t be a ‘golden parachute’ | COVID-19


Doug Ford announced that the provincewide stay-at-home order would be extended, new restrictions and will limit interprovincial travel.


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  1. My friends. Folks. You will now be ticketed for making cheesecakes and consuming Timmy’s egg sandwiches.

    1. And no better place for that wall than a Canadian hospital or hotel (death camps), with all of them stuck on the inside.

    1. @Canadian Combat Wombat The 3rd Lol. I laugh so hard at you guys because you guys actually think your intelligent and think you’ll do anything . Lol

  2. Volks, friends, the Titanic has slipped beneath the soft, refreshingly, cool water. And the rich have paddled away in the lifeboats. Volks…not to worry, I still have plenty of deck chairs, a deck chair for everyone. There would be more, but Justin, has refused one more chair!! Everyone with 350.00 can buy one. You may have to share….

    1. Not going, but definitely GONE. We need to get this city moving forward but this way it’s never going to happen.

  3. Don’t go for a walk in the park or a drive for a change of scenery but be sure to go to Walmart, Home Depot or your fav Garden Centre for essential mulch.

    1. I see trauma ahead for the poor cop who thinks I will skip my daily walks to please the government. Lots of trouble.

    1. we have no rights, unless you are rich then thats ok but were not part of that club. Only one rule when it comes to law, the big fish eat the small fish.

  4. So Ontario already had some of the strictest measures and the solution is……….. more of them!

  5. 700 ICU beds in a province of over 15 million is NOTHING….it has been over a year and ICU beds have not increased.

    Even without a pandemic, 700 ICU beds seems to be an extremely small number.

    1. And don’t forget that Dougie Fraud closed down ICU beds before COVID-19 happened. He was eventually forced to reopen some of them. Dougie Fraud should be fired.

  6. Reading from the teleprompter from his handlers. He can barely breathe, his weight is a problem, I shouldn’t take health advice from him.

  7. Imagine the massive round-the-clock security he must have at home. I’m surprised that he is still able to step foot outside at this point.

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