Ford calls on Ottawa to close 'massive loopholes' at Canada-U.S. borders 1

Ford calls on Ottawa to close ‘massive loopholes’ at Canada-U.S. borders


Ontario Premier Doug Ford is calling on the federal government to close the loopholes at the Canada-U.S. border to stop variants from entering the country.

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    1. nope Doug Ford failed. We are doing fine in the Atlantic region, because we have responsible Provincial Gov. NOT THE MURDERCLOWN OF FORD.

    2. @Laurent Beaulieu Border Control is a Federal issue…please read up on Canadian Government system.

    3. @Laurent Beaulieu Atlantic region does not receive the international flight volume that Ontario does. Completely locking international travel is what needed to be done and that’s on the Fed’s.

  1. We were working in Toronto in early March. We were staying at a quarantine hotel near the airport. Every morning a flight from India was landing. Our hotel was full of travellers from India. Why were they travelling here during a pandemic??? Unbelivable….

    1. Apparently they have some 78 vaccines in the pipeline for all the new variants. If we don’t stand up now and say NO, we will not have a chance to fightback later.

    1. The pandemic is only real as far as legislation goes, as far as science is concerned it is just the flu.

  2. Has to happen, partial lockdowns are not lockdowns. Snowbirds must has slithered in by now, if not, Florida is ok for another month!

  3. Why don’t you close the massive loophole with the cycles you use. it should be only 25 not the 40+ you use, for about 90% faults positives.

  4. You need a covid test to get on a plane before you leave your visiting country and one when you land at the land boarder and before you leave the airport and one 10 days later while you quarantine.

    1. Covid tests are unreliable and there is no enforcement of the 10 day quarantine. Thank’s to Trudeau.

    2. @Yosemite Dan Non direct flights from india…Do you understand that a stopover from India is the UK right? Hence why we have the UK varient. Trudeau has failed on so many levels.

  5. I can’t wait for wave 196 that will come from the moon variant after they exhaust all 195 countries here on earth.

  6. You remember when during the beginning of covid-19 you didn’t want anyone to get sick pay days 9 *

    1. didn’t even give 3 days for longer than september should be 14 days can’t wait til he ends up like his brother time to smoke some ford pack tonight

  7. The third wave started because you reopened in early March when the province was reporting more than 1500 cases a day

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