Ford closes Ontario schools to in-person learning as COVID-19 spreads ‘like wildfire’


    1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Everyone should get a haircut now. Salons and barbershop must be open

  1. Where’s the help for seniors who are taking care of their grandchildren? How do we survive ? Both governments have never put much into helping seniors, someone needs to fix this. Those who drive school bus for extra money to make ends meet will know longer have the money that helped the to just get by…😢😠

    1. Wake up that is the whole idea that is what this regime is all about!not you as they mouth,it is and always has been about their own paychecks and the buzzz of control.

  2. “No one wants our kids in schools more than I do.” Doug and Lecce acting like months before the pandemic they weren’t trying to institute mandatory online learning.

  3. the results of continuously making the wrong decisions since the start. we had every chance to keep covid outside of canada but didnt do anything to actually keep it out and in fact we still welcome it into the country just like the new variants

    1. You need to wake up they allowed this to happen!!! Doug Ford is bought and owned by bankers. He’s made a lot of money of the lockdowns so why the hell would he care if he destroys your life.

    2. seems weird we never cut off international travel, even today there are still flights from all over the world coming in, the places that did it the best were places that stopped the flights,

    3. @Jeff Ward The Federal gov’t got you Jeff right where they want. They are the ones with jurisdiction on travel. But they got Doug Ford and all the premiers to be the fall guys to get blamed! Trudeau is absolutely brilliant… and they got like a 13% lead over the conservatives. You to to love Canadians, cannot even blame correctly!! 🙂 🙂

    1. @Trickius there’s been zero covid deaths linked to schools in Canada, as per the gov. Of canada website.

    2. ​@Petro Mergut Exactly. The lack of transmission, both between kids and from kid to adult, was shown in multiple studies from all over the world. This is old news yet here we are again.
      It’s almost as if…the government is not following the science….

  4. Nothing they say can be taken seriously until they shut down Amazon’s warehouses where hundreds and hundreds of cases have been spread. It’s not essential. Stop ALL incoming flights from outside Canada, ALL OF THEM! Also, stop paying any government employee not working a full week, THAT’S how we would ” be in this all together”.

  5. What a position to put parents in who work fulltime and have to babysit fulltime to. Just disgusting.

    1. Yea that slogan didn’t age well…except I guess for his company that makes all the Chyna gimmick stickers…

  6. Remember friends we’re all in this together. And it’s not OUR fault. It’s YOURS.
    They don’t even hear themselves anymore. 🙄

    1. You are exactly right – they are puppets and until we do something about they will continue the charade – Florida and Texas showing exactly what this is!

  7. Of course… Saw that a mile away. In March we can’t have March break because of community spread but boom when community spread is high March break is on… Just so they can close.

  8. Resign Mr. EDUCATION Minister. You don’t have children, you were never an educator, and you look to of just graduated yourself.

    1. I feel that way about every Liberal Federal Minister Even more! But I’m sure you also feel the same, right? Health minister is graphic artist, finance minister is journalist, in fact many are journalists or talk show hosts like shameful Shamus, I can go on and on and on…… pathetic! Really, you don’t need to have kids in school to know that the school system is broken and extremely greedy due to the union.

    2. Well go to school get the virus 🦠. Be thankful you have a government trying to protect you. Try working in the front lines like I have for over. A year. See how you feel

  9. How long before teachers realize their job is being digitalized, they will end up on universal basic income alongside low income workers?! The job of the teacher is the easiest to move online, it already has, if I were a teacher, I’ll be fighting to go back to work!

    1. Did you arrive at this opinion due to your vast experience in the educational system?

      Teachers want to be with their students. Just because you can easily move a job online, that does not mean it can be done effectively.

      Please keep your uninformed opinions to yourself.

  10. “My friend. Nobody wants your kids in school more than me.” Moms. Moms want their kids in school more than you. 😂😂😂

    1. @John Smith No one I know regrets having kids, and I don’t myself. However I know quite a few who never had kids, who regret never having any, due to not being in a solid long term relationship.

  11. I like how they never take the blame for anything. Its always the peoples fault and they will never look back and admit what they did wrong

  12. As long as Doug Ford is getting richer from this thing, it will never end. Take his business away. Funnel all profits from Deco Labels to the public. Cut the salaries of public officials to CERB levels. Things will change then!

  13. It mentioned that Boston Children’s Hospital had reported a 47% increase “in kids needing to be hospitalized for suicidal ideation or attempts,” between July and October 2020 compared to the same period in 2019.

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