Ford considering vaccine passports for Ontario: sources 1

Ford considering vaccine passports for Ontario: sources


Sources are telling CTV News that Ont. Premier Doug Ford is considering a vaccine certificate program for the province as cases rise once again.

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    1. @Harry Posner I don’t care whether you agree with the passports or not, apartheid is not your trauma to evoke

    1. @lun I’m not enthralled by any party or politician but I finally relented, went to the PPC website & read thru it. I know many will probably say it’s a throw away vote, but I’m willing to try it.

    1. they might as well scrap all consent forms in hospitals while they are at it, since informed consent is no longer a “thing”, why do patients even need to sign a form before surgery anymore? just force whatever treatment the govt deems necessary on them

  1. Dishonest Doug must have skeletons in his closet, Because nobody would voluntary abuse their fellow Canadian. Or he’s pure evil.

    1. @Justice Warrior He’s a *DISGRACE* to Canada, has done nothing important for Canada whatsoever, over his past 6 years in office.. I can’t wait to vote him out this September… Fingers are crossed

  2. All the so called Conspiracy Theorists predicting all these changes in Government were not wearing Tin Foil Hats after all , huh

    1. @SierraKiloGulf Karma isn’t going to help them, when Jesus returns he will punish them for what they are doing

    2. @Jeff James Jesus is coming, and you want to be on his side. Believe in him for eternal life or spend eternity in Hell wishing you had listened to me.

    3. @Mike Ray you need someone to educate you with religion. Karma is eastern….. Jesus is western. Completely different deities

  3. For the wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction enter the narrow gate but only a few will find it

    1. @Atlus Wu you know what else is painful? Strokes. Doesn’t seem to deter the 30% of Canadians who are obese.

    2. @Atlus Wu pain as a motivator to make someone choose something, sounds like torture. But we don’t do that in Canada do we?

  4. anybody with half a brain could see this coming.

    what government officials say means absolutely nothing now.

  5. Everybody has a price: $1B will get Ford’s attention and the more he waits, the greater his bonus. That’s kaaaching! to his ears.

    1. ford doesn’t GET the money, the province does. to fund a program, for doing the right thing. win win. but please, complain more about how it’s a conspiracy.

    2. @jason clarke If you think that the premier of a province has no influence on how and where that money will be spent in their province you are clueless.

    3. @Reckless Ron right, well, that’s the job, isn’t it? are you going to freak out every time a political leader has any amount of discretion in their job? are you that much of a pointless alarmist?

    4. @jason clarke okay. I only have two questions. 1) where does the federal government get the money? 2) how popular is the idea?

      Sic semper tyrannis, jimbo

  6. This was all an act. He wants it to appear as if he’s under pressure but deep down we all knew it was comming.

    1. Covid is a smokescreen, they are cropping everyone invested, just like they always do. Redistribution of wealth yours to them. One last time? I think not.

  7. if ford is really concerned tell him to put the fork down and go for a walk. that’ll increase his chances of survival more than vaccines and masks will.

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