Ford Foundation President Critiques Lindsey Graham Denouncing HR 1 Voting Rights Bill | MSNBC 1

Ford Foundation President Critiques Lindsey Graham Denouncing HR 1 Voting Rights Bill | MSNBC


Voting rights being supported by corporations as important in protecting the vote and democracy is explained by Ford Foundation President Darren Walker. Walker also responds to Lindsey Graham slamming CEO support for the HR 1 voting rights bill, asking ‘What patriotic American would seek to suppress the vote of other citizens?’» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Ford Foundation President Critiques Lindsey Graham Denouncing HR 1 Voting Rights Bill | MSNBC


    1. @George Woodard the orange traitor only cared about making money from his cultist lunatics and by stealing it from government sources

    2. I keep hearing you loser talk about election laws that are keeping you down yet I haven’t heard one of you yet say one thing in the log that’s keeping you down I’m ready when you are let me know

    3. That I think both sides can mostly agree on. Stop sending our troops overseas. Let them handle there own problems.

    4. @Reto Galli Never did never will. That is why its called a more perfect union, not a perfect one.

  1. When Republicans are in power, their mentality is “might makes right”. However, when the Democrats hold power, suddenly it’s an evil power grab. Republicans never cease to amaze me.

    1. @Robert Wolfe nice misinformation, want to give your REAL name to the dominion Company so they can sue you as well, or are you going to just hide online and lie ;)….Dont bother I already know the answer.

    2. @old school outlaw bro, leftists don’t have the attention span to read comments that long. Stick to exposing the frogs. Debating politics with the left is a waste of time

    3. Republicans run on fear and scare tactics..Its always somebody something is coming for you and yours and only they can save you.
      They need a new playbook because that trick has gotten old

  2. He has made the most sense out of any of these guys. If people were more like this CEO we would all be the better off for it!

    1. @Charles Scatola The Constitution plainly gives state legislatures the power to run their elections. Not their judiciary or executive and certainly not the Federal Government. I can’t believe how much power you are eager to hand anyone in government but especially the Democrats.

    2. @James Smith How? Article I, Section 4, Clause 1: The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof;

    3. @Mimzy Jinx so the u.s. Supreme Court has never had to wield its power when states hamper its citizens right to vote? States rights = slavery and oppression for most.

    4. ​@Joe Smith Stop drinking the kool-aid. Nobody is oppressing anyone. I swear to God, the media could get you fools to throw yourselves off a cliff in total frenzy of hysteria. Do you ever try to stop and reason things through for yourself? There are legitimate arguments to make but MSNBC always goes for the emotional panic button. How long is it going to control you? Of COURSE states don’t have unlimited power. They have more power then the Federal government BY DESIGN. The Constitution was written to keep power vested in the states and minimize the power of the Federal government.

    1. Steven, better yet. Bring voters that are informed and have common sence.
      We don’t need dummies voting.

    2. @Mdlclassguy Mdlclassguy Can you tell what exactly what you don’t like in the new bill? Just wondering.
      I compared it to my State if Illinois and Georgia is more flexible.
      You did read the bill?

    3. @Joycelyn Burke You clearly are lacking in who makes law. The elected officials of Georgia made the law. The Gov signed it.
      And you? You site nothing of fact.. What is in the bill that you read, that is not better for a secure trusted voting system?

    4. @UCGPPGLqcu0FBBIde1ZYUV2g Far to many dumb, uninformed youth commenting here.
      Not one of you read the bill.

  3. “It’s a power grab!” when referencing a voting rights bill. Seems they don’t want voters to have power. And conservatives have taken to repeat their unsubstantiated claims as fact.

    1. @Aaron Having “an open mind”
      as you would like to call it, about making it harder for “certain people” to vote is like having an “an open mind” about slavery. Some things are just WRONG and there is no having an open mind about such things !

    2. @NBK are you that ignorant and stupid? You think the bill is about iD?!? THAT WAS ALREADY REQUIRED IN GA AND IN ALMOST ALL STATES!!
      You seriously thought ID wasn’t required?! Yea this isn’t about ID and If seriously don’t know what’s in this bill ….I suggest you look it up.
      You’ll look it up on Fox or newsmax and get lies try reading THE ACTUAL BILL.
      You maga maggots are deluded and sick.

    3. if you think that’s all there is to repubs legalizing stealing votes you should stop snorting GQPs big lies

    4. @Aaron if the election was “rigged,” why didn’t Trump win ANY court cases? I believe he lost 60, and even Giuliani admitted in court that he WASN’T ALLEGING FRAUD. But outside, he was saying there WAS fraud. Why not both places?

  4. OMG! That evil rascal Graham didn’t even try to be subtle! He just blurted out the truth they tried so hard to hide before; which is that they don’t give a blib about the PEOPLE who voted for them to represent their interests in Congress! All they care about is the money they get from their rich corporate donors! And the saddest thing is that Republicans voters still don’t get it! SMH

    1. @jeff nomad So much for that…The Rally’s will be cranking back up soon. People are fed up with open borders, threat of higher taxes, inflation on cost of goods and a plethora of other things President Potato is ramming down our throats through EO’s

    2. @turfxpert BAHAHAHAHAAAAA, oh yeah & Elvis will be back too…I understand that the former president’s poor little brainwashed cult members are frustrated by his landslide defeat…but the fact is normal sane Americans are delighted that we have REAL President again…so do yourself a yuge favor & don’t hold your breath on that prediction..

    3. @turfxpert be honest, how much of that “stop the steal” scam donation money did he con you out of????

    4. @jeff nomad That will only happen in your wet dreams….By the way, your Mom said you need to change your sheets

    1. The Republicans are angry because more Americans are getting involved more in politics and evaluating their legislators and their actions in working in behalf of their constituents.

      Americans like me have become more knowledgeable about our government and our Constitutional process.

      I am baffled as to how the former President was able to trample on our laws and our Constitution.

      How the former President used the Attorney General as his personal attorney.

      Now the Republicans have enacted Bills to restrict voting and make it harder and inconveniencing for voters.

      They said it would be a CRIME to give anyone on line WATER. Now, this is crazy.

      This is desperation without question.

      Voters in all STATES, start now and get prepared.

      Get your ID’S now.
      Register people to vote young and old now.

      Start putting a $ 1 dollar a day away to buy a very small inexpensive fold up chair so that you don’t have to stand up on the long line.

      Bring all your beverages, food, snacks, medications, insulin, asthma pumps, tissues, wipes and sanitizers.

      You know there will be long lines to discourage voting.

      Get your doctor’s letters now to send in for absentee ballots.

      It’s their game and we have to play it out and WIN, while we fight it out in court.

      Right now, we fighting by
      VOTING by any means necessary as Malcolm X said.

      The Republicans are going back to Jim Crow with their Plantation mentality.

      America is multicultural and it will never be all white and America was the Native Americans land until it was stolen from them through terrorism and supremacy.

      It’s more of us than there are of them. So, we have to show
      up and VOTE OUT.

      It’s all in the preparation ya’ll.

      Johnny Cochran the late attorney said, “PREPARATION, PREPARATION, PREPARATION.

      We must systematically organize in all of the 45 STATES and help people register, get their ID’S and doctor’s letters for absentee ballots.

      We voting.

  5. Lindsey Graham:

    This is a power grab on behalf of American citizens and you, as Corporate CEOs, should be standing up against the will of the people for your own profits.

    – He actually came out and said that!!!

    1. Golly, and he looked like a black man!
      Btw, your grammar and spelling are extremely poor, please check into the proper use of “a” and “an.” Suit’s does not have an “e.” Normally I would not correct a commenter, but your comment seemed to very condescending.

  6. Lindsay Graham went on record saying he’s worried about the share holder’s. I’m not 1 so he’s not worried about me. Are you? Do you have enough shares for him to worry about you?

    1. @Chester jade The majority of the GOP voter’s are in the same boat but they keep voting against their own self interest

  7. the power grab is one being seized BY THE PEOPLE where the power belongs. Citizens are the rulers of our nation.

    1. I still don’t understand how Republican voters don’t see that the GOP are working for them or their best interest..They play on their fears and scare them to death then tell them we can make it all better smh

  8. He actually said it aloud
    We knew the Republican party was about corporations over Americans but he wasn’t suppose to say it

  9. “Are you intimidating the Governor?” “Well, no, but we are Black, and the Governor is more worried about us knocking on the door than he would be about an armed mob hugging and kissing police officers.”

    1. If the law in Georgia stands rioting the Governors office might be the only choice because they will just say that it was rigged and overturn the results. That is the worse part of the bill that they can overturn the will of the voters and that above all else should never stand.

    2. That chirping Lindsey Graham was trying to intimidate corporations by telling them that if more people vote it’s bad for them Boy! that slime has a thing to say about everything – just to please his masters

  10. Graham has spelt out exactly where republicans stand on voting rights,they are secondary to keeping the corporations happy

  11. LOL – old mate Lindsey has far more pressing issues to worry about! No doubt Gaetz will remind him of a few things on his way down the rabbit hole!!

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