Ford government critisized for 'invoice' fundraising letter 1

Ford government critisized for ‘invoice’ fundraising letter

The Ontario Progressive Conservatives are being criticized for a fundraising letter that appears as though it's an invoice.

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    1. LOL we all know the only way he leaves is if he wins the Federal Party nomination over Kenny after O’Toole loses. If not will have to vote the fool out next June.

    2. @RPM The one and only It doesent matter who you vote for,all parties are one in the same,pushing the same propoganda.Only a fool cannot see this at this point.

    3. @Jumbo Me I vote for whatever party will beat the Conservatives/Republicans in my riding. I’d support the Liberals or NDP over these idiots who all govern like Ford, Kenny and Trump.

  1. There isn’t ONE of the PC’s that should make it back to office. When they were NEEDED to disent they caved to the whip. Self serving clowns

  2. so out of touch thinking that an 800$ would fly under the radar , nearly 50% of the maximum annual contribution limit …go big or go home.

  3. When I start getting surprise bills that usually means that it is time to get a new “service provider”. Maybe it’s time for a new conservative party in Ontario…

  4. ahahahhaha I guess they were too subtle about robbing the working class and giving to themselves and their owner class friends, and had to be more direct

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