Ford government faces questions on sick leave program | COVID-19 in Ontario 1

Ford government faces questions on sick leave program | COVID-19 in Ontario


Ontario's labour minister and finance minister took questions on the province's paid sick leave program.


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  1. September, really? Who is gonna pay for all that sick leave? The employers? Because I am sure that small businesses can’t handle paying for those month after month

  2. This COVID isn’t going away!! It’s been over a year already! What about parents who have to work and have kids at home online learning?? Daycare costs are not cheap! I work at an essential business and pay out in daycare costs!

  3. The federal government’s money is ” Canadians” money you are asking to expend to protect the big corporations in Ontario

  4. Well your typical politician talking out of both sides of his mouth at once not making any sense at all he’s avoiding the actual question

  5. None of these politicians care about the well being of Canadians.. not trudeau, not ford, no jag singh, not one of them…. CANADIANS need to unite and unseat these goons squandering our money

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