Ford government likely won't resume in-class learning until the fall: sources | COVID-19 in Ontario 1

Ford government likely won’t resume in-class learning until the fall: sources | COVID-19 in Ontario


Colin D'Mello has the latest from Ontario, where sources have told CTV News Toronto that in-class learning may not resume until the fall.

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    1. @Carl The Chemist yep I’m content with what I own. And I’ll get it delivered to my front door what I want to own lol

  1. Daffy Doug doesn’t care, so I don’t care to vote for him ever again. So…… Daffy Doug is Done.

  2. Dougie is to busy making decco labels! He doesn’t want that cash flow too stop!!

    That’s he bread and butter for him and the famz!

    1. didn’t they call this a war in the beginning? bro would deco profits not be war profiteering????

    2. Wondering if he had economic business interests in the licence plate change fiasco. Thinking he made bank on that one also.

  3. Fords networth increased 10 fold in one year while business owners lost our livelihood, he has blood on his hands!!

    1. @Ot3p have you been hiding under a rock, the WE scandal went on for months and Pierre Poilievre who should be our leader was the one who questioned Trudeau and WE

    2. @alias fakename you can’t claim something without proof. So, keep trolling kids. If you want to make a point, post your sources.

    1. It’s never bee n about the science. It’s only been about regulation, control and fearmongering.

    1. Covid would’ve actually been over after “two weeks” if government officials lost their jobs/income as well.

    1. So You will vote for Horwat in the next election? The commie Horwat that attacked Ford that he didn’t close the whole Ontario on Christmas. What is the other opportunities to vote for?

    2. @Irina Emelianov yes because if we were closed late last year, early this year, we wouldn’t be afraid to open thus summer. Its all hypothetical to analyze these what ifs, however. Bottom line is this guy fooled you with buck a beer and you bought it.

  4. Well he’s been trying to privatize education and make education online since 2018/2019 so like obviously he’s taking this opportunity and running with it

    1. The teacher and the unions are a problem..they have the edge to gold the parents hostage..I’d like to see more options like on – line learning..the problem is that teachers are lazy and some loose passion to teach after awhile..

    2. @lookana beauti What a misinformed response your message is. You generalize all teachers for a few bad apples?

  5. Imagine being grade 11 when COVID hit last march. Those students are completely screwed, now that they graduate high school and learning almost nothing. Hard life ahead for them.

    1. My nephew was in grade 11 last year. Supposed to be graduating this month. Already failed 2 classes online. He’s like a vampire now. Has been outside maybe twice since september. Why is this acceptable to Doug the Thug and his cronies?

    2. @Eli Dyson if you want to get laid go to college,if you want an education go to the library. F.Zappa

    3. @Edgar Foerster if you want to get what. Wtf was that. You can get laid anywhere in the world. And education is useless. Knowledge is everything you.

    1. @Bruce Mcneill it’s like the earth slipped through a wormhole right into another dimension where crazy is the new normal

  6. So what the hell was with his asking for the opinion of all medical professionals? What a fool.

    1. Does that include this medical professional? – The former Ontario chief medical officer of health called for re-evaluation of the lockdown strategy (Google “Dr Richard Schabas Letter”): “Our well-intentioned but misguided efforts to control Covid are only compounding the tragedy. We need to change course.”

  7. So what the hell was with his asking for the opinion of all medical professionals? What a fool.


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