Ford government not prioritizing Ontario's kids, says doctor | COVID-19 in Canada 1

Ford government not prioritizing Ontario’s kids, says doctor | COVID-19 in Canada


Dr. Martha Fulford reacts to Ont. Premier Doug Ford's announcement that in-class learning won't resume until the fall.

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  1. Talk to the very powerful teacher’s unions. There in control now! We will never “feel safe”!

    1. @Tanya Hill I like many others can only see the nurse practitioner. Family doctors dont even exist in ontario right now. What happened in canada and else where in the west is this: If you earned north of 80 grand a year and weren’t in construction or manufacturing you stayed home for what will likely become three years by the end of this. If you earned less you got some cheques and will soon be completely broke.

  2. What’s the point of going to school for 1 week? It makes more sense to wait until September.

    1. @ROMAÆTERNA WOW!!! Three more weeks!!??? That will make a huge impact in the little darling’s lives. Hope you’re looking forward to summer vacation. LMAO

  3. please lady this supposed like this last school year should have been closed down. to help slow this bioweapon sooner. crazy karen.

  4. WHO CARES ABOUT SHOOL??? Its June for crying out loud. They need to open up the economy completely. Ontario is a joke. An absolute joke.

    1. The bad news is it doesnt matter who replaces him. Doesnt matter liberal, ndp or conservative they all are pro lockdown pro mask and dont care about your family, mental health or business. This is canada where all parties are pretty much the same.

  5. The most intelligent conversation i heard in a while Dr Fulford ! Please run for Government?

  6. Well, to all who are disappointed (have been disappointed
    for months) prepare for another 5 years of the same government in ontario.

  7. *Dr. Martha Fulford should be in charge of everything “COVID-19”.*

    _“Stop case counting. Do not wear masks outdoors.”_ That would be a great start.

  8. No one was going to be happy with the announcement. We are three weeks away from the end of the school year, by the time they did go back it would probably only give them another 2-3 weeks. It hasn’t been easy, everyone is tired, but we cannot undo the hard work to get rates as low as they currently are. And now there are more variants spreading. You weren’t going to please either side.

  9. ..buffet Doug Ford has priorities…not the elderly, not the poor, not the children…so the wealthy are his priority and the rest of Ontario can rub salt…


  11. The summer is already going to be compromised with the new Vietnam mutation . Just wait…they can’t wait for this to happen!

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