Ford: Ontario will remain cautious, will not follow lead of Quebec and Manitoba

"We aren't Quebec; we aren't Manitoba": Premier Doug Ford said the province will continue to behave cautiously when asked why he wasn't providing firm details about when Ontario would reopen.

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  1. The second wave will be worse because did not let nature produce herd immunity! Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc used to stop the virus from reproducing!

    1. Kenneth Surgent Hydroxychloroquine has proved to not be a cure do your research, a lot have died with this regimen…. Vit D and Vit C drip you stand a better chance

    2. Kenneth Surgent you have obviously been doing the research. That’s working wonders and this knowledge is suppressed. On YouTube they are removing these videos which show this miracle cure. I wonder if this is why the precious Sherman peeps were murdered? Didn’t they make this stuff? I may have went a little tin foil hat here, but this keeps popping into my mind for some reason.

  2. Mr. Ford is holding the line – as he should. I realize that folks are getting “shack wacky” but we all have to follow the guidelines. Life is probably a bit better than death…we can do this.

  3. Universal Basic Income for all Canadians now! Guaranteed basic income = guaranteed basic economy.

  4. Open up algonquin park please, just ban fires and large groups. Camping must be allowed for my health

  5. You’re doing an amazing feat leading Ontario through and out of these unpresedented times. Well done Premier Ford, so grateful you are our Premier!!!! Thank you

  6. One of Canada’s biggest employment channels are Retail driven. How’s retail going to survive with social distancing? What’s the cost and protocols for the big retailers to reignite that engine?

  7. Open up now!!!! Small business is getting trashed. You can’t get Covid at Walmart but you can it at a mom and pop shop? Where are the hard numbers? Oh in California real Doctors are analyzing the facts and data. Currently in California there is a 0.03% mortality rate? So what are we talking about? Is there a looming class action lawsuit to defend small business? Mr Ford please analyze the successes of Sweden’s approach which exercises great health diligence AND economic diligence. You Mr Ford sir have went too far here!!!!

  8. Well spoken. You can tell he’s not spewing out the same old information and rhetoric like Justin Trudeau does.

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