Ford questioned after announcing that vaccine passports are coming | COVID-19 in Ontario

Ont. Premier Doug Ford was questioned by reporters on his government's plan to implement vaccine passports.

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    1. @tessa roma He has always been a coward, his cringing sycophantic nature is why he was elected by the clowns who really loved him. The corporations.

    1. Don’t forget Ballot harvesting …5 million ordered one week into election(Trudeau crashing ) …duel citizens vote off shore …WTF

    1. @Jennifer Jenny Keep saying that, while lining up for your unending booster shots that are tied to your cellphone, which will prohibit you from accessing your bank account until your shots are “up to date”

    2. @Jennifer Jenny When you type “Tinfoil…blah blah blah ” it’s not the result of critical thinking, it’s a pavlovian response you’ve been trained in. WOOF WOOF

  1. 1:23 . Can’t take anymore. Like listening to a 3 year old. Billy doesn’t have to wash his bike. Piffle.

  2. WTF is with all these deaths that they have been announcing that are from months or weeks ago … I have heard Minister Elliott say that the numbers were estimated… Like seriously?! That is stupid

    1. It’s even worse. The province has the fatality data by actual date of death. Its daily epidemiological report has a graph showing this data. But the downloadable datasets do not include actual date of death data, meaning the public cannot run its own analysis of the source data.

      The only data published is by reported date of death (which can be quite a bit later than the actual date of death).

  3. Doug needs to stand up for himself, he is supposed to be the leader and not a follower. He should probably announce is he switching sides and becoming a liberal.

    1. That’s for sure he is liberal biased all the time. He is making bad decisions and bad name for Conservative party. I guess Trudeau must really like him because he can easily manipulate Ford. Unfortunately he is not a strong leader

    2. @Wrongway Feldman53 _He took the 1Bill bribe so he don’t care_

      And if Trudeau is defeated, how’s that going to look to the Ontario public?

    3. Nah, this is your guy.

      He’s been a conservative his entire life, as well as his entire family. Gonna be hard to convince everyone he’s a liberal. You’re just seeing what conservativism really is when the mask is off

    4. @tessa roma He is a died in the wool conservative, he is doing the will of his masters. The corporations. It is what you elected him to do.

  4. Let me be clear, this is a temporary tool that we won’t use for a day longer than we have to.” -DOUG FORD, SEPT 1ST 2021.

    Kind of sound 2 weeks to flatten the curve

    1. @FRANK FRANKLIN Yes those useless doctors. Never go to a hospital, just take care of it at home with random anti parasitics.

    1. @Auggie Dogg you carry a device with GPS tracking that tracks you were ever you go and listens to everything you say. Why the $%#@ do they have to implement a program like this if everyone is already carrying a cellphone around that does what you claim they are trying to do. Prehaps its actually to try slow the spread so we dont have to lockdown again and we can get back to normal activity.

    2. @Tera Nelson I ACTUALLY DON’T take my phone ANYWHERE I go… They are trying to implement a system of control that isn’t so easy to just bypass

    3. Because it shows you are safer than the unvaxed who get the virus more readily. It is being demanded by business’s and that is what drives this as they want to do everything they can to stay open while protecting staff and customers. They do not care that any given person hates the idea of vaccines. They never will.

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