Ford says he’s been ‘taking bullets’ for unions on long-term care homes

Ford says he's been 'taking bullets' for unions on long-term care homes 1


Ont. Premier Doug Ford was critical of the union inspectors who refused to go into long-term care homes over COVID-19 fears.

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26 Comments on "Ford says he’s been ‘taking bullets’ for unions on long-term care homes"

  1. What a disgrace
    He was even crying on TV about his own elderly family and how it breaks his heart
    Meanwhile needles being reused and a woman KILLED BY FEEDING INCORRECTLY

  2. Minister Farrah Fawcet never answers a question
    Not one asked at her anyway

  3. Unions are Useless

  4. Start taking some bullets for the vulnerable helpless seniors and disabled
    Take bullets for them

  5. this is a Dynamic, complex, multi – dimensional, on- going situation we are monitoring and keeping a close eye on, from all perspectives , as things move forward we will insure to do all necessary language jargon tactics to evade , obfuscate, pass the buck, and hunker down until this all blows over and we can go back to a nice bistro lunch on the Expense account.

  6. Mike Campbell | May 28, 2020 at 3:39 PM | Reply

    The problems with the homes didn’t start in March, it has been going on for years. Real change was going to happen after SARS in 2003 and nothing happened. The largest problems are the management staff at all homes not just private homes. Why is it that nurses work at more than one home including public homes? Giving then part time work ensures that they don’t receive benefits. Was true in 2003, still true in 2020.

  7. Nonaya Business | May 28, 2020 at 3:50 PM | Reply

    Well isn’t it your job to investigate repots that were reported long before this? And your job to do something about it? Now everyone’s scrambling to place blame

  8. It’s funny you came in but your not sick and dieing late is to bad for seniors there not coming back.

  9. Jonathan Szwed | May 28, 2020 at 4:44 PM | Reply

    Lol we did it a lot, what a bafoon

  10. Kevin Henophy | May 28, 2020 at 4:47 PM | Reply

    Bad care needs to be shut down

  11. Harry Nykorotapick | May 28, 2020 at 5:23 PM | Reply

    SAME OLD SONG FROM THIS GOVT- BLAME UNIONS FOR EVERYTHING WRONG IN CANADA. The conditions were CAUSED by decades of govt of every party NEGLECTING the residents and only doing ANYTHING when the public finds out.

  12. Harry Nykorotapick | May 28, 2020 at 5:30 PM | Reply

    Reusing needles?? That would not be ILEGAL would it?? Have Managment ordering it to be done charged.

  13. Vic Neufeld | May 28, 2020 at 5:47 PM | Reply

    Blame unions, union supporters and previous governments.

  14. Yay! More regulations. What every PSW and nurse has hoped for.

    The province sets staffing ratios. The minimum needs to be increased. More regulations for LTC won’t work because (a) you don’t have enough bodies now to ensure the regulations are being carried out; and (b) so many regulations will force workers to leave the sector.

    Glad I got out of LTC when I did.

  15. angela hind | May 28, 2020 at 6:31 PM | Reply

    Why flights still coming from all over the world daily to toronto

  16. regular donkey | May 28, 2020 at 6:48 PM | Reply

    So you admit, you lie to protect foriegn investors.
    Just as 99% knew anyway

  17. Amazing.

  18. Charlene Liboriussen | May 28, 2020 at 8:10 PM | Reply

    Safety is everyone’s concern not just the government. You need reporting firstly then everything will follow. You just can’t blame the government.

  19. The Way Walkers Radio Show | May 28, 2020 at 8:54 PM | Reply

    Why are their deaths chalked up as covid 19 and not gross negligence?

  20. Pauline Verriere | May 28, 2020 at 10:06 PM | Reply

    I feel for you….you’re damned if you do….you’re damned if you don’t…..

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