Ford turfs MPP who claimed that COVID-19 lockdowns are doing more harm than good 1

Ford turfs MPP who claimed that COVID-19 lockdowns are doing more harm than good


Ont. Premier Doug Ford kicked out Roman Baber from the party after the MPP claimed the COVID-19 lockdowns in Ontario are doing more harm than good.


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    1. @Fintan O’Clery fine with me its been great guitar weed beer food all the Netflix you want and you dont have to answer the door to your stupid family or dumass drunk friends

    2. @skate metal
      Actually it cost more lives and money if medical procedures are suspended. Read statistics, not politicians

    1. He should cause he knows that member of parliament went on vacation and did nothing to stop it! Your guilty you cheeseburger eating whale!

    1. He is incompetent. He painted himself into a corner and now he can’t do anything but double down on all his bad decisions.

  1. But yet it was ok for Rod Phillip’s to travel when there a non essential travel ban what happened to him nothing but if someone gives an opinion they get kicked out of caucus Ford is a big hypocrite all he cares about is his buck a beer

    1. We literally cannot post CDC, FBI or DoJ statistics on Youtube without it being shadowbanned or deleted.

    1. +laid07…He lost my vote back in 2018 when I voted for Kathleen Wynne, and he will lose my vote again in 2022 when I vote for Steven Del Duca!..I never voted for his crackhead brother either!..I voted for Olivia Chow!

    1. Just make sure your wearing jogging pants. It’s to “exercise “ our rights. I think exercising is allowed right?

    1. @jorge hernandez Contact him with a message of support and conversely, contact your own elected officials (MPP/ MP etc) and express your concerns about the current state of the lockdown and your support for politicians demanding accountability.

    1. It’s heartbreaking. I’ve been distributing anti-lockdown material around Toronto and I fully expect to be arrested for doing so. Yet I don’t find that prospect as frightening as what it signifies; the Canada I loved is gone.

    2. @Terry Bursey Hopefully the ones being blinded by our feared leader will realize the damage being done and stand up for the True North Strong and Free.

  2. So I guess only the politicians who don’t actually fight for Canadians best interest , get to keep there jobs

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