Ford warns that Ontario is ‘staring down the barrel’ of another lockdown

Ont. Premier Doug Ford says the province is 'staring down the barrel' of another lockdown as COVID-19 continues to surge in Toronto, Peel and York regions.


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    1. I’m happy I’m the only one who doesn’t think that’s messed up they want a lockdown but let schools remain open

    1. There is a quick and easy way to stop the evil. It’s at ——– > Teach Others Daily
      Make those 3 words into 1 word, add dotCom, & go to that website.
      Expect your life to likely hugely change in 10 minutes or less.

    1. Dont throw away family and Christmas for a bunch of criminals.. dont forget these clowns all broke the first lockdown ……weddings ford????!!!!!

    1. Imagine if we had Harper at the wheel right now. Y’know, the guy probably most responsible for the massive wave of LTC deaths this year.

    1. Including all their new friends from the 3rd world shithoke who NEVER Stopped crossing the boarder by all usual means.

    2. Exactly like the 2 billion for the Universal Broadband Fund of which 600 million went to Telesat…..for what?…..why?…..Elon Musk and Starlink have provided anyone anywhere in the world with higher internet speeds than what i get fibre piped into my house; and for the same price of approximately 130/month. Consequently problem solved! The government new this when the Ministers of Innovation, Rural Development and the Prime Minister himself attended FCCs approval of Starlinks Low Earth Orbit broadcasting request 4 days before the the allocation was announced for the Universal Broadband Fund

    1. I bought a silky katanaboy 650 because of your badass video. Thanks, I’ve got the feeling its going to come in handy through all this insanity.

  1. they have the same callers calling every day asking the same bs questions. wish i could call in, but i got some questions they won’t wanna answer.

    1. @Xiberator I will believe it when I see it. With all the info available I would have expected hoards of ppl to storm the Parliament for their rights but everyone is a keyboard warrior nowadays = government win!

    1. That’s assuming the “case” numbers mean anything, which they don’t. The real numbers are much lower (PCR tests are 50% false positives at least)

  2. Not even listening to / scrolling Covid-related news anymore. Just an automatic dislike and that’s all you deserve:)

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