Foreign homebuyer’s ban in effect with ‘tonne’ of exemptions | Canada real estate

Tom Storey from Royal LePage discusses the new ban but also the exemptions that come along with it.

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  1. Just another useless PR stunt. We’re millions of houses/apts/rental units short of demand, and 400,000+ immigrants arriving every year.

    1. Same i here, i will praise mr Nelson over and over again because he has great skills, i started with $2000 and after 2week i received a returns of $6,000 then i continue with him ever since he has been delivering.

    2. @Kerry Lim I just sent him a message now. With all the recommendations I’ve seen here, I’ll definitely give it a try.

  2. The problem is not that foreign buyers drive up prices.
    The problem is that foreign buyers are even allowed to buy real estate at all.

  3. Foreign homebuyers…. 😂 Canada imports 400k potential homebuyers every year, are they going to live on the street ? There aren’t enough homes and theatrics like this won’t change a bit.

  4. We need better salaries and affordable housing so families don’t have to live in 2500$ a month studio apartments

  5. Why is anyone worried about foreign buyers when there are 400-500,000 immigrants a year entering the country?!?

  6. The real reason for high home prices were the low interest rates and too low down payments. But it’s always easier to blame someone else.

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