#ForFactsSake: President Trump’s Words And Actions On Guns Don’t Match | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Other than mass carnage, and being the preferred weapon of mass shooters, can someone tell me what other purpose assault rifles and high capacity magazines serve in a civilized society?  Because it seems that killing a lot of people in a short amount of time is all they’re good for, which makes sense, considering that that’s what they are designed for.

    After Sandy Hook, where 20 babies were cut down with a weapon that was clearly designed for the battlefield, you would think that lawmakers would have finally woken-up. 20 babies in body bags should have been a watershed moment. But nope. Instead what happened, was that the NRA and right-wing extremists actually went after the parents whose babies were taken from them.

    1. Switzerland and Somalia where everyone has a machinegun at home don’t have this “problem”. So what’s the deal? They don’t have Liberals to organize these “mass shooting” Propaganda Operations.

    2. santa fe was done with a shotgun and revolver. there are other tools out there 2nd assult rifles are banned. assult rifle has a full auto switch not semi auto sport rifles

  2. This is ridiculous. We shouldn’t have to take to streets for basic human rights. Those people need to apply at McDonalds

  3. You can’t outlaw mental health issues (and btw, 45* cut funding for mental health programs), but you can outlaw war weapons of mass destruction. Really not hard stuff…even for 45*.

    1. Progressive Humanist When Donny Dumbo goes to jail can we demand he reenact Ned Beatty role in deliverance? 🤪😜

  4. white supremacist trump is back to business as usual,trying to use the state department to target his political opponents while golfing

    1. These corrupt politicians have been f^^king us for DECADES way before Trump. All Trump is doing is exposing them….pity. They’re indicted now.

    2. NDFOOTBALL stfu. you are spewing lies like your master. trumpanzee is the reason for this violence and the stock market tanking…..

    1. Reuben Fevrier more than an embarrassment. trumpanzee is a farce, a bacteria 🦠 that needs to be eradicated asap. he is major incompetent mfer pos fake president and needs to go asap. trumpanzee, spanky bonespurs dotard, is nothing but a misogynistic narcissistic sociopath racist and pathological liar. lock him up. vote blue 2020, no matter what.

  5. Trump lied to the country yesterday. Tommorow he will lie to people in El Paso & Dayton. He is shameless.

    1. Can you show me an unbiased source that proves he lies. That means no mainstream media source( not Fox News nor your precious CNN or MSNBC for a few examples).

  6. Trump had ONE duty. To offer support and condolences to the victims and their families in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas. Not TOLEDO. He couldn’t even get that right.

  7. Trump’s address to the citizens of America was like watching a re-animated corpse with a microchip containing the speech implanted in it’s skull. It’s the closest analogy I can think of.

    1. I was gonna say tranquilized Buffalo at gunpoint…
      But yeah, total disconnect..
      Doesn’t believe a word of what he was reading..

    2. He looks like a hostage reading a propaganda message. Except he only possesses the reading skills of a 6 year old.

  8. He didn’t condemn anything. He read a teleprompter. He even screwed that up . Thoughts and prayers to citizens of TOLEDO ? Donnie. The mass shooting was in Dayton , Ohio. 110 miles AWAY. YOU MORON !

    1. @No GMO Joe those who care about this country cares that our president is so stupid he can’t get a name right. People died you moron.

    1. You can see which of the two he is passionate about, comparing this TelePrompt speech versus his rallies.

    2. In America….hate speech does not exist. What does exist is the freedom of speech. Get your money back from school. They’re making you a moron.

  9. I almost find it amusing that “lack of consistency” in the stuff that comes out of trump’s mouth is somehow NEWS.
    I do appreciate the effort to remind people of HOW inconsistent trump is, though.

  10. Trump, the GOP, and right wing media should be indicted as co-conspirators in the horrible crime in El Paso.

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