#ForJohn Campaign Works To Promote And Restore Voting Rights | MSNBC 1

#ForJohn Campaign Works To Promote And Restore Voting Rights | MSNBC


Martin Luther King III and Arndrea King, co-founders of the #ForJohn Campaign, join Morning Joe to discuss efforts to pass a federal voter protection bill and the launch of the Resist This PAC.

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#ForJohn Campaign Works To Promote And Restore Voting Rights | MSNBC


  1. If someone did an undercover exposé of how easy or difficult getting Valid ID in red states are for white versus colored people that would dismantle the ID Talking Point the Cult is latched on to currently.

    1. Black people and rural white folk don’t understand computers but it’s ok Biden said it so it’s fine

    2. @Princess Lost Having a utility bill isn’t a requirement for voting. Go spread your BS somewhere else. Try it in a fascist country where you belong.

    3. @Princess Lost Why don’t you go and speak to Black people in their neighborhood…five, speak to just five, in person…so person to person! Then report back.

  2. It’s not about having ID. It’s about voter suppression. Making it harder to vote. The GOP are trying to reduce voting hours, trying to stop mail in voting. Trying to make less ballot boxes available in certain areas ( mainly of color). Trying to stop drive up voting and other things that restrict people’s ability to vote.

  3. Why should it take money v message to win an election? Stop funding elections, set a time limit, a funding amount, etc etc

  4. Love to send money, tho, for voting rights…it’s just that I cannot determine where it REALLY goes.

  5. I wish the Democrats would hold that same “No ID for voting” energy when it comes to
    1. Applying for credit
    2. Driving a vehicle legally
    3. Purchasing booze
    4. Applying for a passport
    5. Renting an apartment
    You can’t do any of this legally without an ID.

  6. Absolute power corrupts absolutely
    Sergeant Robert Justin alford green where are my daughters karee
    And Jahmela and my 7 grandchildren.

  7. I called the cop who pulled me over a racist for asking for my ID. He was suppressing me. You got my back..right msnbc?

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