Former AG Holder On Whether Trump Should Be ‘Held Accountable’

Donald Trump possibly facing prosecution for the allegations against him of seeking to overturn the 2020 presidential election, plus the possibility of passing the For the People Act, and more are discussed by former Attorney General Eric Holder in conversation with Joy Reid.

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    1. His recent “Cyber” event involved him live streaming for 72 hours, without a break… or at least, that was his stated intention. Does that sound like the actions of someone who isn’t taking a lot of drugs?

    2. And he was proven wrong. Surprise, surprise. Imploded live! Funniest thing I’ve seen😆😆🤣🤣

  1. Today would’ve been the DOJ’s greatest ironic opportunity to SEAT A GRAND JURY and commence the INDICTMENT of that last guy…

    1. @Doyle Dailey you must be impressed by his hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun. Name a few things that Biden has done to make the U.S. better. He is the weakest president I have seen in my lifetime.

    2. @bostonwhofan Tara Reade repeatedly lied under oath, and on her CV. She also conned a lot of people out of substantial amounts of money.

      You believe her? That’s only because it suits you to.

    1. @The Morally Superior Democrat I let go of left and right long ago. There are many people that work against our country from inside and outside our country. Until we all identify and remove thise people our country will always be at risk. Billionaires pay Millionaires to screw it all up. That money needs to come out into the open. There also needs to be a reconning for those who stand against our country.

    2. @Phaethon Prime Imagine your political party being the one whose nominee is a criminal traitor in the advanced stages of dementia.

    3. @SuperModel Atlanta If referring to yourself, Ms. SuperModel: “a new muslim posting about the struggles of polygamy”, I agree.

    4. @cloisterene and he still won! That’s how much people in this country HATE your nominee. Take another hit of that copium, gonna be a long 7 years for you.

    5. @Phaethon Prime Poor Dementia man had to get other people to steal his position for him. Keep coping.

    1. @Scahoni intelligent people don’t go to rallies. They’re a stupid waste of everyone’s time. Especially Trump rallies.

    2. Biden actually got zero votes.
      Trump got all the votes:
      74M Trump “yes”.
      81M Trump “no”.

      Trump steps down, Biden takes over.

  2. Trump lost.
    When a candidate loses, the Party binds its wounds and look forward to the midterm elections.
    It’s always has been this way. Why, why why????

    1. If Trump lost then why are so many people afraid to have forensic audits on questionable countries through out the US. You would think that every American patriot would want that to happen to confirm the results of the election and restore confidence in our voting process. However, if their was election fraud then of course Democratic supporters do not want that brought out. Because they would rather cheat than loose.

  3. We really need to divert alot of our resources and defensive measures towards Russia and China. We need to keep both these hostile nations at bay. Measures to block them from the global web.

  4. These rats are terrified because there is no “ship for them to jump off of.” They are already in the SWAMP!

    1. Lol joyless is going daddy bill gates you sure you got this? No response.
      Daddy bill?
      No response.
      Ahhhh, racism n ug um the Trump Jan 6 um.

    1. @J N-A well many people went to jail for what Eric Holder did so so anything you say from now on is incredible

    2. @ihave35cents “Many people”. 🤡 Quick name all who went to jail, what laws were broken, and the courts and prosecutors involved.

    3. Agree. Love Michelle but never embraced , “they go low we go high” . They ( anyone ) go low and nasty I kick them hard wherever I can.

  5. Holder just reminded me that he was at the helm when the Bush Administration skated away from war crimes.

    1. This episode should remind everyone that Mr. Fast And Furious skated away from Federal Crimes. Holder should be in ADX Florence.

  6. In the days of the prophets of the Old Testament, if a prediction didn’t happen, that person would have been declared a false prophet and held accountable.

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