1. Only result I want to hear is fraud charges against these corrupters who endorsed and against this Qanon company!!

    1. @Kevin S YouTube has messed with me like this before. Please forgive. God Bless you Patriot. Did you watch hearing in Michigan today. Judge set his decision to be made on May 18th. Thats the day the Civil War started in 1861!!! Do you think it means anything???

    2. @Kevin S When my sisters ex BF was trying to take my niece away from my sister over fake accusations, the judge set the hearing for April 1st!!! I think sometimes judges choose dates like that on purpose!!! Lol!!! BTW, I hope I got all my mistakes deleted…sorry:-(

    3. @Kevin S LOL!!! I have to admit, Trump pulled me out of the matrix. I’m so glad I got to vote for him! It was first time I ever voted in my life. WE ARE WINNING!!!❤❤❤

    1. New subpoenas went out tonight to force the BOS to hand over the routers. That’s what can be done.

      Hey, look into the real evidence coming out of Antrim Co, Mich. you’re gonna cry more. Hahaha

    2. Please observe audit 24/7 on 9 live cameras at AZAudit org. This is likely the very first fully transparent, non-partisan audit that the American people have been allowed to watch with their own two eyes. ENJOY!!!

    3. Why so scared of the audit ? Lmao you all know what it’s going to show American people are not stupid haha this is awesome

  2. Who is paying these “ninjas”? Their representative has already said it’s costing more than the $150k that they’re charging the state so who is funding this this? Why are these “ninjas” allowed so much voter information when they wouldn’t disclose are their backers, their ways of conducting the audit or who they’ve hired to conduct the audit? Why are they against anyone but Newsmax covering their audit? This is very suspicious and dangerous to future elections when an outside partisan group is allowed this much tampering with votes and voter information.

    1. You know YouTube only shows MSNBC coverage in any search for this audit and that there are plenty of other outlets properly reporting on it? There are answers to every single question you asked but you won’t get them from MSNBC, CNN, NYT, nor WaPo.

      Too bad these same outlets hid all the reasons backing why the audit is being done to begin with from you.

    2. @Landad I subscribe to Fox news on YT. Why aren’t they covering it? If it was a Dem controlled state legislature doing this “audit” Tucker would be having full nightly episodes ranting about the left’s takeover of democracy. If there are answers to all my questions then you tell me where I can find out who is funding this charade? Can you tell me or are you just talking smack?

    3. Can you believe there are people who spend 150K on a car. If you call counting tampering, then the election count was tampering too. In AZ voter information is PUBLIC INFORMATION, anyone can request it.

    4. @steve kake Tell me who is picking up the tab on this joke of an audit! That is not public information. The ballots already been recounted by certified counters. They’ve already been audited by certified auditors. In both cases the vote tallies came up The same. The state’s Attorney General has said that the election counts were correct and that it was a secure election! He’s a Republican! This nonsense of a stolen election is snowflakes melting because they lost and can’t handle it.

  3. they don’t have the time to remake the party and toss the bad guys out…..they need to bite the bullet though, otherwise we all sink.

  4. Just like William Barr had the Justice Department cook up a justification for his predetermined decision to not indict Baby Cheesus based on the Mueller Report, the Arizona “audit” is a fraud being conducted by the Arizona GOP and CyberNinjas to alter the ballot records to justify their predetermined conclusion that the Democrats and Dominion committed election fraud to let Biden win. All as a rationale to pass voter suppression laws in hopes of making 2024 The Second Coming of Baby Cheesus.

    1. That’s why it’s not the only state doing an AUDIT right? Act like the media wasn’t covering for Biden. We know what happened.

    2. n 48 hours the Texas House voted to:
      * Defund cities that defund police
      * Ban abortion at detection of heartbeat
      * Slash STAAR test requirements
      * Ban homeless camping statewide
      * Penalize protestors blocking roads
      * Ensure election integrity- easy to vote, hard to cheat

    3. You do know the Mueller report was found to be fabricated, right? And that voter ID isn’t voter suppression? Jesus, people are stupid.

    4. You do realize if caught altering machines or ballots then thats big time federal offences.. This kinda seem like a narrative just in case something happens….
      They find nothing and it blows up in their face.
      Alter ballots or machines and get hit with fed charges and well yeah…
      If they do find something then that changes alot and a lot of people will need a wake up call.
      Simple with no safety net narrative 😎

  5. Maga cult: “We are searching for the 40,000 ballots from SE Asia by scanning for bamboo!”
    Everyone: “So, how did these 40,000 bamboo ballots get counted when you have to cross check them against registered voters?”
    Maga cult: **pulls fire alarm and runs away**
    Everyone: ☔😎

    1. @Noreb Not exactly, itbwas recently discovered that nobody who was in charge of running the election has the passwords to the voter machines. It appears they let Dominion run the whole election themselves. This is highly highly illegal. Good thing we are getting things back on the right track for the next election

    2. @TRUTH Browning of American is beautiful. Election officials who dont have the password to the voter machines is not beautiful, because it means they allowed Dominion to run the whole election. That is illegal and its pretty messed up

    3. @Noreb Its true. We fought for 3 plus months to get this started because Dems fought us the whole way and at every step. They didnt even want honor court ordered subpeonas. They are covering something up

  6. There is a war on DEMOCRACY people and you must fight for every vote and get these RATS outta there!

    1. @Danielle Hartnell they like being lied to. We have to face it. That’s the only reason they watch this race baiter.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas you’re ignorant we saw what happened. All 5 battle ground states JUST SHUT DOWN AT THE SAME TIME 😂😂😂😂 media hid Biden. Big tech censoring NY POST. KEEP GOING 🐑

    3. Donnie and the Oathbreakers you talking War? US Patriots aren’t going anywhere. We never left remember. Lol Don’t even try to act like trump and say we must “fight” 😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

    4. @9753flyer stop trying to silence people online 🤡 you don’t own me. Remember we don’t do that in America. Unless you’re uneducated and think America is racist.

  7. “Are you worried about where your former party is headed?” They are already there.

    1. I can’t believe grown humans are gullible enough to fall for the crap they push on MCNBC. But then again, people stay in abusive relationships and…its basically the same thing. I dont recommend either one.

  8. While these “Cyber Ninjas” are busy checking ballots, there’s a ransom-ware attack on a pipeline that needs to be dealt with!

    1. @Delta Nah, no thanks mate, I’m not hungry and that doesn’t sound too tasty. Unless you meant ‘fibres’ in which case – NO I WILL NOT SEND YOU PICTURES OF ME IN MY BAMBOO TEXTILE UNDIES SO STOP ASKING! 😠

  9. Choosing cheating and hate as your platform. They are deconstructing the very fabric of your system and they have absolutely no idea of what to put back in its place.

    1. @Danielle Hartnell
      Epoch Times?!? The Falun Gong Chinese owned “news” outlet?
      Hilarious. Pathetic, but also hilarious…

    2. @Danielle Hartnell
      Why don’t you write, “When MSNBC wants your opinion, they’ll give it to you.” a few dozen more times? You’re not letting enough people know how witty you think you are 🙄

    3. @Civil Villain Did you know tbe government of China has been waging subversional war on us for some time? Mainstream media doesnt talk about it. Epoch Times covers everyrhing. Not just hate-filled narrative like MSNBC

    4. @steve kake That is in a sane democracy. But you need to admit that most republicans have lost there minds! They have lowered the conservative republican party into unfair cheats who wouldn’t surprise me are paying, blackmailing and any thing else they can think of to gain power. That is not a “conservative republican”.

  10. This is all so very surreal. I genuinely feel like I am living in some insane book, or movie.

    I must say, all of this from the party of “morals, values, and law and order” leads me to believe more than ever in the Simulation Theory.

    The fact that the Seditionists are being released with almost no punishment, and this stuff in AZ being apparently unstoppable truly makes me feel like we are living out a story already written.

    1. Its true. Coming out of the MSNBC Matrix is the best experience you could ever have. It truly is the Great Awakening!!! Try watching NTD News and Epoch Times for a while. You get alot of information from whats happening here and also from all over the world. After a few days of real news, everything comes together and you realize your mind has opened up into this super wide spectrum with a completely higher level of knowledge. Plus, you feel much happier because you dont have anyone on your TV screen spewing anger, frustration and hatred into you. God Bless!!!

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