Former Brazilian health minister on Bolsonaro’s Covid-19 response 1

Former Brazilian health minister on Bolsonaro’s Covid-19 response


Luiz Henrique Mandetta, former Brazilian health minister, says that the Brazilian government won't be able to coordinate an effective health response until President Jair Bolsonaro leads by example.

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    1. @Federal Reserve WOLF TheFedWolf Oh, I never thought you could get a grasp of the COVID-19 reality by sitting in a chair and Just Searching Google and judge at the number of pages. It’s a different reality when you get your info from your loved ones working in a hospital or when someone you know works at a funeral company.

  1. Im Brazilian. Ill put it this way to y’all. Its not an exaggeration when they say he is the Trump of Brazil.

    1. SMPTEColorBars it is true, there is no vaccine. Brazil is too big, the only state that actually invested to have more vaccine was São Paulo as he mentioned. The northeast have made an agreement last year to buy the Sputnik so that is on the way. Bolsonaro is starting to negociate now to buy which is too late. Of all countries in the world Brazil had priority to receive the vaccine first exactly for the reason that we had structure to apply this vaccine very fast as he mentioned in the interview. However Bolsonaro has been denying covid, buying cloroquina (medication that doesn’t work) and postponing the purchase of the vaccine. The states are the ones that are mostly buying and negotiating.

  2. Looks like Brazil has it harder than everybody else almost the same political problems like America what are we doing in this world

    1. @gab michael god help us with people like you in our world ranting about some guy in the sky….jesuuuusss just su

    2. The crazy part is that we are well known and have a lot of experience with vaccine, the H1N1 vaccine was applied in a month to the whole population. As he said there, we could but the window closed because this man doesn’t believe in the vaccination.

    3. @Querube Kelso Oh yes because in your leftist paradise LA and San Francisco things are going so beautifully right now with trash and literally
      human waste on their downtown streets and people leaving in droves, California with the highest poverty rate in the entire nation at 19% . Meanwhile Florida has basically no covid restrictions and infection rates are lower lol

      You people are so dumb, naive and don’t understand what this is about. It’s so obvious, it’s so easy to see.

    1. Remember when they told us covid came from a wet market. That was lie. Nobody is holding China accountable for this. Truly disgusting

  3. We’re sitting on 30 million doses of AstraZenaca here in the US. Please give it to Brazil. They need our help as well as the rest of the world’s.

    1. @Dixon Uranus Lool pal, you’re confusing us Brazilians with Indians, for example. We’re one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world.

    2. Please don’t. Our virus is exactly expecting others to do that for him so he can keep his criminal ties under the rug….

      Please let everyone die so the population spit what swallowed…

    1. @M Hall Where in Hell do you people get this stuff? Is this Pox swill or maybe Newsnuts or OANus? Total crap.

      The “crisis” at the border is the same “crisis” that’s been down there for the last 30 or 40 years. The numbers fluctuate, but nothing really changes.

      This time it’s all on Trumpty-Dumpty and his policies that let it swell like a huge pimple about to explode – on the Mexico side. YOU are the ignorant dim bulb who should do some research, but this time, find some credible sources.

  4. *Chris Cumo and brother Andrew Cumo cracking jokes on live tv about COVID testing* meanwhile a lonely grandmother is gasping for her last breath, all because Andrew Cumo let her nursing home get filled with sick people. Can you actually believe the media gave this man an Emmy Award?

  5. Imagine a covid variant which renders vaccines, masks, and life useless. Would that then finally convince people of Trump and Bolsonaro uselessness?

  6. As a Brazilian, I found it very misleading to hear what Mandetta has to say. He was indeed fired by Bolsonaro after some disagreements, but he was also responsible for many problems. But one thing is very untrue: politicians like him are painting the Brazilian future election as a polarized dispute between extreme left Lula versus extreme right Bolsonaro. Lula was a very leftist-inclined president, but he is also known for fully cooperate with the private sector and followed the neoliberal approach. So, he is much more moderate than Bolsonaro has ever been and accomplished a lot more.


  8. Oh.. So, basically he did the same thing his Golf Buddy, Donnie “Witch Doctor” Trump did. Nice shootin’ Tex!!! #Morons

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