Former Chinese President Hu Jintao removed from Communist Party congress | USA TODAY #Shorts


    1. He’s a dictator that all about the power …..the leader of a country…was just kicked out … Xi will be over throw one day …

  1. laspregunta del siglo que paso junto QueloS mandan amarchar del congreso. partidos comunista siendo el ex presidente junto sin pin ex pliquen porfa

  2. I live in China. “China is a place where there are lies everywhere.”
    – Chloé Zhao, the 🇨🇳Chinese director of Oscar winning “Nomadland” film, once said.
    She’s 100% correct. Even our country history is a lie. It’s in our DNA.
    Seriously if there is next life, I wish to be born in any other country, except China.

  3. He’ll turn up later with a new haircut and new facial hair. Saying that he’s someone else like on Robot chicken

  4. At least they didn’t shove a black bag over his head. I do believe we have seen the last Jintao though.

  5. Whoa! Xi is so cruel. Do that to an old man. He should have been told not to attend the event as a gesture of peace.

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