Former CIA Director Brennan: ‘An Impossible Task’ To Provide Security


  1. First time I seen anyone properly defined this week former cia.seen 100 former officials and not one has been described as the current board members of military companies.

    1. Democrats have absolutely failed and bidens approval ratings reflect that. The entire world is mocking democrats for their pathetic stupidity and total incompetence. Biden is called walkaway Biden by allies

    2. Yes. All corporate media is just a means to get security state propaganda to play on tv screens in homes across America. It’s how boomers were sold the Cold War.

  2. When negotiating this wreckage, pompeo and trump should have provided for the actual existing government’s transition. Half the country is at risk.
    Why was the former president of Afghanistan allowed to leave with millions of dollars and no plan in place from trump, pompeo and their chosen partners, the taliban.

    1. @funkydanieluk Trump:
      1..made a deal with the enemy
      2.Excluded allies
      3. freed 5000 taliban prisoners one of them now the leader of the Taliban.
      4.Reduced presence from 25k to 2500k
      5. Made sure civilians were not evacuated -created bottlenecks for visa processing -slowed down to a halt.
      6. Got nothing in return….

    2. @Ben Dover Seriously? You have to go back to 2014? Lol. Why not go back 20 years to when Bush started the war based on a lie.

    1. President Trump’s Exit Plan
      1) evacuate civilians
      2) dispose of military equipment
      3) pull troops

      *China Joe “accidentally” did it backwards.

    2. @Scott Scottsdale that was a PhD level comment. The worst foreign policy disaster in 55 years is happening right now. Caused by a very bad and very senile liberal career politician.

    3. TaliBiden is a real piece of sh*t. Good job, looney lefties. Border crisis, Afghanistan crisis, defunding law enforcement, inflation, virus tyranny, closing our pipelines, CRT and you think men can menstruate. Brilliant.

  3. Taliban has surprised me in how helpful they have been. But once we’re gone, I fear for the Afghans. We could have been evacuating under Taliban active fire. Could have been far worse v

    1. Janie K Carney – Don’t be fooled. They have NOT been helpful. They’ve done nothing but lie and issue threats. Once again, terrorists struck from their territory. That’s why we were there in the first place. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if they were in cahoots with ISIS K. They may have beef with each other, but they’re both Sunni Muslim groups who hate those evacuees and the Americans a lot more.

    2. Media morons sure are doing their best to shift blame and focus away from unelected Biden’s bloody messes!

    3. 28 Taliban were killed in that bomb attack. We are hearing about this new terrrorist group “ISIS-K” I believe these are radicals who are being coordinated by military contractors who want their war back.
      That is how “ISIS” was created. The contractors let Saddam’s army out of prison. The contractors recruited hardened terrorists. The contractors created the “ISIS leadership” who were their puppets. The contractors left vast arsenals in Iraq. The contractors left the arsenals lightly guarded and abandoned them so that “ISIS” could seize military weapons. The contractors directed the raids on oil fields and oil facilities. The contractors had the contacts in other countries to sell the oil.
      One of those contractors is Erik Prince, who should be considered the most dangerous terrorist operative in the world. Prince and his gang need to be rounded up and left to rot in Gitmo.
      They are at it again!

    4. @Scientific Methodologist and you are trying your darnedest to blame him for blood that others have on their hands.

    5. I think Taliban just wants US out and funds to be released by US government and EU to run Afghanistan.

    1. Yes he did, I’m sure that’s another flip flop hes made recently.

      Imagine all the other things we have not yet learned about…. you know like how long it took for knowledge of Nixon’s shenanigans to come to public knowledge…. #45’s is gonna be ‘epic’?? that feels wrong saying it that way.

    2. Trump wouldn’t have had to get rid of trump of oboso and Biden didn’t let them form and flourish for 8 years.

    3. @Pierre Evans Trump was known as a show-off not anybody With true substance Trump was a very weak man that tried so hard to look and act like a he-Man but that’s all it was just look the part. Bidens cleaning another mess once again created by you know who.

    1. Remember when Obama said ISSIS wasn’t going to go away then Trump destroyed them 🤣😂🤣😂 go back to sleep you FOOL

    2. “Taliban appoints former Guantanamo Bay detainee released under the Obama administration to leadership post in Afghanistan” .. you where saying ??

  4. The man who created this is out there bragging bout the negotiation tactics he used and his supporters think he did great job instead of holding him accountable for his failure and distraction he brought to USA and Afghanistan…

    1. @Scientific Methodologist Its actually all Trump’s doing. He put all this into motion JUST BEFOFE LOSING THE FAIREST ELECTION IN HISTORY. Stop spreading misinformation for the religiously-blind, right-winged extremists in this country. Rhetoric like yours makes you belong with the Taliban not against them.

    2. Democrats have absolutely failed and bidens approval ratings reflect that. The entire world is mocking democrats for their pathetic stupidity and total incompetence. Biden is called walkaway Biden by allies

    3. @Freedom Life we don’t need to challenge our leader. He is not in power and certainly is not responsible for Biden’s miscalculations, errors in judgment, and complete incompetence.

    1. @Laurie Madsen if that is how long it took to safely evacuate all our citizens, allies and equipment then yes. You got a problem with that?

  5. I have assumed all along that we do not know everything about this evacuation operation. If we did, I would be very disappointed in our government, because if I know it, then our enemies know it as well.

    1. I know that you get your citizens out before you pack up and leave and I know you don’t pack up your air support first, you do it last to ensure safety. These are simple facts any 3rd grader knows but not Joe because he simply doesn’t care about America or Americans.

  6. Sure, let’s get the former CIA director who helped lie us into war and increase the surveillance state for insight and analysis.

  7. ” If your enemy doesnt have $85 Billion in US weaponry and equipment, just give it to them ”

    ~ *Sun Joe* -The Art of Dementia

    1. “if your enemy doesn’t know the location of allies or your own civilians. Give them one so they can find them.”

      – *Sun Joe* —- The Art of Dementia

    2. Use the planes to Evacuate the weapons or do you evacuate the 120k afghans refugee allies along with U.S. citizens because you can’t evacuate them both. Make a decision ?

    3. The US gave the armaments to the Afghanistan National Army and this continued into 2021 as agreed by Pompeo. Just the facts please.
      The Afghani people have benefitted from allied reconstruction, medical and education initiatives.
      The Afghani people were exhausted by corruption at every moment in their daily lives, and Taliban may seem like a better option.

  8. Why didn’t we start a mass exit 4-5 months ago ?
    Why suddenly scramble for the exits the last two weeks ?

  9. Why didn’t we get our weapons out sooner ? We knew we were exiting.
    Did we leave scores of Blackhawks to the enemy ?

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