1. ‘Mr Putin, you need to sit under a tree until the thought passes’. Another brilliant quote from Mr Petraeus.

  2. When I was a kid my father – sgt major for many years – always used to say that one volunteer was worth a dozen pressed men. I never truly understood that until today. I feel for the Ukrainian people, their spirit, determination and courage is an example to us all.

    1. @Lord Fluffykinz Not really. It’s actually quite the opposite. Do you feel respected the more you cry buzzwords? Genuinely curious.

    2. @SCPython that’s all true but it’s also a whataboutism. It distracts from the problem at hand. Whatever the US or any country has done in the past doesn’t justify what Russia is doing now. The only relevant thing is that the unjust invasions by the US into poor countries that were no match for the US military such as was the case with Vietnam showed that a powerful military engaged in an unjust war is no match for a United populace defending their country from foreign invaders. Putin never learned that. I hope more Americans will learn that. It is basically how the United States was born.

    3. @Account Choculitis Why would it be buzzwords when it’s so descriptive of the company you enjoy? Genuinely curious.

  3. Historians Antony Beevor and Max Hastings have vividly described the admiration many people around the globe felt towards Finland during the Winter War. Now I as a Finn, looking at Ukraine, know what that admiration feels like. Long live freedom! Long live democracy! My deepest respect to Ukrainian courage!

    1. @The Cadaver yeah this guy tunatony is a🤡 that’s is in need for some attention he’s a lonely little pathetic man.

    2. @Tokes Tv Just ask any weapons expert about the Finnish Assault Weapons and Rifles. You might learn something.

    3. @LeCharles07 here is a live example: turkey is in nato. If Syria takes a single shot towards turkey’s border then nato’s pact comes to defend it. Yet, turkey ravages Syria and Iraq not only through support of militiamen but with actual boots on the ground and air raids and Nato watches and says I don’t care.

      Therefore, my dear, joining NATO is a huge plus to aggravate your neighbors with the full support of huge military might behind you.

      The Soviet Union dissipated on the condition that NATO would keep out of its ex territories. It did not.

      I am not defending Russia in anyway. It has aspirations like every other major nation.

      But I am sick and tired to see people judging its action based on their emotions, still believing that the USA and Europe are democratic and Russia is not. The fact is, all of them are not.

      So do tell me, please, is a child on the Ukraine more worth than one in Iraq or Syria or Venezuela? If your answer is no, then you had the stomach to watch millions of the killed by the USA and its so called allies, why don’t you then lay back and enjoy the show how Ukrainian children will be torn to pieces.

      The very purpose of NATO, my dear, is to commit gang rape and the one Rapist will be telling the other ‘we had the right to’.

      Every damn USA president, except trump, for the past 60 years started a war, snd no guilt has ever stuck on them. They lied to their public, in the united nation, hell they even hired advertising agencies to fabricate their stories, first Iraq invasion in specific.

      You are either with us or against us can’t sound this right to you.

      I grew up in war and I view things differently. I learned never to believe propaganda, and never to form an opinion in conflicts until I view the conflict from all aspects and within a historical, pragmatic and objective considerations. And I do tell you, Russia, as china and Iran, has aspirations of self preservation and perhaps even expansion of its sphere of influence. But with what right should I single it out when exactly this is the name of the game.

      The fault is in our human perception of how things are because we always apply a double standard.

    1. @main acc why don’t you tell us how it is? I have family there and friends and this report was pretty correct. Share your wisdom. I know whose sheep you are. Pretty clear.

    2. @Avery Kelley why don’t you start being an intelligent person and start making the effort of educating yourself. Why do you need me to be your parent?

  4. I don’t know who that lady is that’s interviewing , but that’s how it should be done . Asks a question and then waits for a full answer . Respect to her .

    1. @Tammy Boon Tammy — Yes CNN. I am actually watching Nicole right now, I watch every day — middle of night here in Ireland!!
      Nicole and Brianna are very different to, both brilliant. I think Brianna gets into the very personal nitty gritty, while Nicole is more interested in the the big political picture. Really appreciate your reply.

    2. @Marie O’Gara After watching Nicole Wallace, enough times, I thought, why the heck, did John McCain choose Sarah Palin to be vice President and not Nicole Wallace.
      BUT…I know picking Sarah Palin, was one of his regrets!!!!!

      Your assessment of Nicole makes sense, b/c she did serve in the White House, as a top aid, to George W. Bush. MBNBC made her show longer, cause it was doing so well!!!!

    3. @Tammy Boon Ah Yes, the Nobody’s Child Sarah Palin!! Excuse me while I stab my eyes and ears with something painful like last summer’s unpruned rose branches.

  5. 5:28 “hes calculating in a bubble of his own making”

    this is what i think as well, i mean, hes apparently convinced himself NATO is out to get russia, but NATO wouldnt give 2 craps about russia if it wasnt for his belligerent actions, just remember how much the US struggled in vain to get other NATO nations to increase their military spending, putin managed to do in one week what the US failed to do after several years of negotiations and multiple administrations, he got all of NATO united against him and spend more money on defense as a result

    1. Besides, of course, doing anything that would actually make Russia feel less threatened by NATO. Because why would we do that?

    2. @Mick A Well it doesn’t help that we keep pushing NATO, Russia’s enemy, closer and closer to the Russian border. It’s almost like doing that is provoking them, or something.

    3. @Brian Levine The brinksmanship of the US and EU is one of the main reasons this is even happening. If by “weak” you mean idiotically warmongering, then sure.

  6. The Russians inability to have combined operations between the Army and the Air Force Logistics is a simple reason why they don’t have anything like SOCOM for the Special Operations Command in America that can integrate all aspects of your military to be coordinated in any operation between the American Air Force Navy Army and Marines the Russians also do not practice at decentralized command with their front-line forces. The reason if you allow all branches of military to coordinate your front-line troops and your special forces the ability and permission if you will to take actions on their own to further their objective and to handle any unexpected issues is in the eyes of the” dictator ” a real and present danger for that military to be able to coordinate to have a coup to overthrow the leader in this scenario it would be Vladimir Putin. China has the same command structure that Russia does for the exact same reason the threat of military forces combining together to then overthrow you as the leader so you do not permit them to be able to have direct communication and coordinate their own actions and manoeuvres out of fear that it will be used against you. Doing so put you at a massive deficit in capabilities on the battlefield when you are fighting against a country like America or Canada the UK most western military forces if not all. A strong man would rather have disadvantage on the battlefield then I have to worry about the real and present danger of the military coming and deposing you in a military coup so you keep them separate with yourself at the head of the whole military apparatus that way if one branch wants to try to overthrow you I assume their thought process is they would be able to still have control of the other three to stop the coup attempt but if they’re able to coordinate and combined their arms in a coordinated manner there’s not much a dictator a strong man would be able to do to stop that from happening especially when you are talking about a military with the competency and capability of the Russian military just my opinion my apologies for the lack of punctuation and some grammar choices I’m having to use voice activated text and they are prohibitively difficult when doing so so I do sincerely apologize

    1. @tunatony they are so fixated on hating Trump that they cannot see reality. Anybody who is mentally sane can see that Biden is a weak cognitively impaired president whose policy are wreaking havoc not only here in the United States but in the entire world.

    2. @Robert Andersen Is there anything bad in this world that Trumpers cannot blame on Joe Biden? In a word: NO

    1. @Caden Rolland it’s okay biden keeps buying oil from Russia instead of us having our own we give it to thugs cause this administration has caused two wars us start wars no wonder other country hate us because we start wars by our lies and instead of telling the truth we turn the media on others and start a war .. and leave the other countries to pick up the mess you caused them I’m ashamed that America and the evil in it term limits

  7. Maybe they thought it would be an easy win, seeing how easy invading stealing crimea was? And maybe they don’t want to use lots of their weapon resources for fear of being attacked by somewhere? Lots of people were criticizing how little late for US and other countries to help. I think they were trying to avoid what happened in Afghan where the president ran away and the people had no will to fight and military resource got stuck there. Now the world step up seeing how committed Ukraine ppl are to defend their democracy. I wonder why dont Nato just accept Ukraine , like now, since Russia already make the first offense?

  8. Putin’s references to nuclear weapons is a sign of weakness. No country is unaware of Russia’s nuclear capability. The fact Putin feels the need to “remind” us is a clear sign of insecurity

    1. @H Well, idk about the world. Idk if he wants to piss everyone off that bad. But he’d probably go after Ukraine and America. That said, though, it would turn out worst for the Russians. If Putin launches nukes anywhere, then everybody is gonna toss their nukes in his direction. Which will mean total devestation for the Russian subcontinent.

    2. If Putin uses nukes in Ukraine, aside from universal commendation around the world, radiation fallout from those weapons will enter Russia. They wouldn’t be much need for military retaliation because he’ll be causing a direct problem for people living in southern Russia.

  9. Belarus leader needs to be sanctioned as well. He’s been helping from the beginning. He probably didn’t have a choice, but it’s time to cut the supply chain.

    1. In Iraq they did not applaud you. You invaded a sovereign land under the false pretence of WMD. They should prosecute you for war crimes along with bush

    1. What “damned entertainer” are you talking about? And what comments about strategy and tactics have they shared? All these people jump in line behind you, but I’ll bet they have no idea either.

  10. “This is genius. Putin declares a big portion of the Ukraine — of Ukraine — Putin declares it as independent. Oh, that’s wonderful. He used the word ‘independent’ and ‘we’re gonna go out and we’re gonna go in and we’re gonna help keep peace.’ You gotta say that’s pretty savvy.” – DJT

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  12. What a difference it makes to a news segment when the guest actually has knowledge of the subject and not simply empty and useless opinions.

  13. Sending MAJOR LOVE to the Ukrainian people, soldiers and refugees ❤ also to the Russian protesters who are protesting against Putin’s war. Your bravery is not going unnoticed 🇺🇸🇺🇦❤

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