Former CIA Director Panetta Reacts To New UFO Report 1

Former CIA Director Panetta Reacts To New UFO Report


Former CIA Director Leon Panetta responds to a new UFO report finding no evidence of extraterrestrial activity, but not ruling it out either: 'I have never seen any evidence’ that UFO activity is extraterrestrial-related.
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    1. if you travel at 13,000 MPG through air, you are glowing white hot and covered in plasma regardless of what you are made of. Thats reentry velocity near as…
      So its clearly NOT “travelling” its bending space time – which would explain why it is trans medium air and water.
      And the USA can not bend space time…

  1. Last time I checked, aircraft don’t travel at hard right angles, at 13,000 miles per hour, with no exhaust plumes, means of propulsion, or wings.

    1. @Piccalilli Pit My Dad is a Mechanical Engineer and he legit said the exact statement you just said too-

    2. @Håkan Bråkan Kråkan That doesn’t explain anything for actual citizens around the globe who have seen these things- I, my family, and a large crowd of people in 1972- saw a metallic disk air craft up close in the sky- it did things that were unimaginable even for today’s technology- this was in Long Island NY- it hovered silently before it eventually shot up into the air within seconds and disappeared- The Pheonix Lights too- Was that a Weather Balloon??????

    3. @a blaack girl you might find this interesting… This is 100 percent real.. Tr3b spy plane. There’s also a tr3a.. Those aren’t the only vehicles…You’ll find the info online.

    4. and can dive into the ocean and float right under surface then shoot back up into the air. One flew right in front of one of the pilots and flew at same speed than shot off picked ump on radar under a second 60 miles away. come on..we have a resource rich planet. they are now messing with the navy pilots doing nuclear testing…duh duh duh. pilots get it but they are not allowed to say much.

    5. @Håkan Bråkan Kråkan Yet four Navy pilots actually saw a giant “tic-tac” conducting these maneuvers and creating wakes on the ocean waves – you can’t recreate that through fakery.

  2. the only time china can make progress is when they steal tech from other country’s.

  3. If it was China or Russia, I am positive they would ensure the US knew it was them.. Stupid idea. So now what.. nothing, just start blaming Russia and China? Maybe put some money into a transparent civilian investigation, and try and find out what they are? I am sure there are citizens from many countries wonder about this..Sounds like a bogus report…so just keep more secrets, shrug your shoulders and say its the russians and chinese…..sure that helps…

  4. I will indulge in some understatement and just say that this does not seem to offer a comprehensive explanation for this phenomenon.

  5. Yeah, That does not explain the fact that what is being observed seems to break our knowledge as humans, of the laws of physics.

    1. No, it’s the claims of ignorant humans that are breaking the laws of physics.
      These UAPs are nothing more then birds, planes, meteors, stars, etc, but when some guy keeps screaming that it’s aliens, some easily fooled people are going to believe it.
      Look at stars/planets through an out-of-focus camera lens, and you are going to see the aperture deforming pinpoint light sources so it’ll look like triangles, squares or even dinosaurs (if you make your own custom one.) Look at a plane through nightvision/infrared, and you will not see a plane but only the engine exhaust, so you miss the fact it’s just a landing F16. Paralax effects make a duck go mach 10 because noone bothers to read the actual readout on the sides of the fricking video. On more then one occasion multiple planes have witnessed a meteor breaking up in the sky, but it’s so rare that most pilots simply never seen on before, and rarer even to catch it on video.
      The list keeps going on.. but they all have been debunked. Fact is, these UFO enthousiasts couldn’t recognise a real alien spaceship when it crashlanded on their car, but they sure get excited when they get that new camera and turn it to the nearest light source…

    2. @SeedlingNL Lol sure that’s why the report couldn’t “debunk” the vast majority of sightings reported. Mick West is a video game developer dude.

    3. Don’t worry, the Watchers are prepping us. They will be revealed soon. They have always been here, called God’s, Angels exc. They are not hostile, however they do not approve of how we treat the earth and our Nuclear Weapons. They operate on a level beyond our comprehension, and are trying to tell us what Jesus, Buddha, quantum physics and ancient teachings of all cultures have said. We are all one, one with everyone. Every person place and thing. We come from nature, all the technology we made, came from our thoughts. The universe comes from the imagination of God, or whatever you call the creator of your universe. We live in one huge collective consiousness.

    4. It also doesn’t acknowledge how long these kinds of sightings have been occurring. A lot longer than a couple of decades.

    5. It doesn’t break our knowledge of the laws of physics. It just shows that our knowledge is woefully incomplete at this stage of our development.

  6. Panetta is a clown SMH. He must really think we are all stupid to believe China or Russia has technology that’s thousands of years above the USA.

    1. @john smith They have a whole skyscraper swaying like crazy right now and can’t figure out why? If it was China their tin foil UFO would fall apart mid flight.

    2. @Nola – Iraq is a modern (more or less) nation – Mesopotamia is a region. The Persian civilization empire and civilization (which flourished in Mesopotamia) is truly ancient – but is no longer counted as among the continuing civilizations…

    3. RIGHT!!! If Russia or China had this technology they would have BEEN showed this off so they can claim they are the world’s #1 superpower country!

    4. ​@Godfrey Daniel Exactly. If it’s the Chinese (or the Russians), then why bother continuing to sink billions of dollars into building conventional military apparatus, when they have devices that could defeat any enemy in a matter of days?

  7. When they admit the time periods of some sightings, that makes Russia and China even less plausible.
    They show us 5th generation technology but have weapons like this? Is that meant to not hurt our feelings?

    1. Exactly. If they did have this technology, they would probably try to use it to make money or help the world or their country. The world has more money than any government and we all have plenty of problems that new tech could help solve. Keeping it a secret doesn’t necessarily make any money or benefit anything other than espionage.

  8. So other countries had this technology since the 1940’s? Is this what you really want the American people to believe?

  9. they have been seeing them for decades . if anyone on Earth had that technology THEN, we would know it by NOW.

    1. Not to mention if a foreign nation had this they would use it to take over many countries or the world.

  10. Engineer here. If either Russia or China has this type of technology we should all start speaking their language.

    1. A better question if its drones, how come these things were behaving the same way since the 1950’s ???

  11. He hasn’t seen evidence that these are Extraterrestrial. He also hasn’t seen evidence they’re not. They’re definitely not swamp gas.

    1. @math science LOL age old problem. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Moreover absence of evidence is not proof.

  12. If these”drones” have the kind of capabilities that the accounts say the do, I don’t care if it’s aliens or Chinese that control them. We have a major issue if these things can get past our sensors and outfly our best air systems and drone defenses. They can spy on us as much as the want, and God willing they won’t be armed. Huge problem and Panetta laughs like this is some kind of sideshow. What a disgrace.

  13. Amazing that his first instinct is that they are “enemies” from space. Very telling of how these people think.

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