Former CIA Director Says Trump ‘Unfit For This High-Esteemed Office’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Former CIA director John Brennan and former Director of the National Counterterrorism Center Michael Leiter stress the importance of the President’s Daily Brief and say President Trump should have acted upon the intel of Russia allegedly offering bounties for the deaths of U.S. soldiers. Aired on 7/2/2020.
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Former CIA Director Says Trump ‘Unfit For This High-Esteemed Office’ | Deadline | MSNBC



    2. @Raymond Hughley FOUR MORE YEARS !!!!FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!! FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!FOUR MORE YEARS !!!!VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!!VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!!VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!


    4. WO!!!O!!WO!!!,WOO!!!, WO Releasing all phone calls including UKRAINE, CHINA, POLAND AND OTHERS.No wonder why they are all flying into AMERICA without MASK.

  1. why aren’t americans demanding trump resign? Trump is so see-thru. and the damage just keeps coming. TRUMP RESIGN

    1. @Lorenzo Freeman you call this respect ?
      Democrats turning Cities into Cesspools and crime ridden for decades of democratic rule many since the 1800s. Lazy young lowlife Democrats living in the drug infested streets around the country !

      Democrats selling dope on every street corner in the big city’s creating the opiod crisis

      The Democrats destroying history, destroying everything they can including our rights ! Democrats on shooting sprees 24/7

      Lib-tards puking, defecating and p@ssing in the streets and sidewalks polluting the LA river. And they are worried about 1 straw found in a turtle’s nose. Fish choking on dirty syringes by democrats promoted by democrats. Now Mammals are dying in Demonrat sewage. God help us ! How much do they tax you over there ?

      The top 10 most drug use cities are also run by democrats mayors and police cheifs !

      Would you have a business in a run down crime infested city run by all lib t”rds ?

      Here is what’s going on in America. Take this trash out ! Wake up people ! As if 140 years of Slavery, Racism and Jim Crow laws until the 70s wasnt enough ! 192 years of this brainless corrupt trash !! The Demonrat party was created in 1828

      The 30 most dangerous rural cities are run by Democrat mayors and police cheifs And it keeps going and going there is not enough room here

      Wilmington DE
      Canton Ohio
      Rocky Mount NC,
      N. Little Rock AR,
      Daytona Beach Fl,
      Homestead Fl,
      Warner Robin’s GA,
      Anniston AL,
      Blytheville AR,
      Douglas GA,
      Henderson NC,
      Humble TX,
      Branson MO.
      East Pointe GA,
      Gullup NM,
      bellmead TX,
      College Park GA,
      Lumberton NC,
      Emeryville CA,
      Camden County NJ
      Portland OR.
      Crowley LA
      Stockton CA
      Bessemer AL
      West Memphis TN
      Berkely CA
      South Bend IN

      Open borders, Sancuary cities, witch hunts and blatant corruption

      Myrtle beach (R) Mayor, (R) Police cheif
      Pensacola, (R) mayor, (D) Police Cheif,
      Tukwilla WA (R) mayor, (D) Police Cheif

      Just a few of the most dangerous major Cities run by ALL democrat Mayors and Police Cheifs.

      San Bernardino
      Pitsburg PA
      San Fran,
      Salt Lake City
      Springfield IL
      Washington DC
      Beamont TX
      Kansas City MO
      Ft. Lauderdale FL
      Minneapolis MN
      Richmond NY
      Buffalo NY
      Richmond VA

      You will find in most all dangerous cities they are run by Democrats that have no sense of operations, hiring, mis management etc. This has been going on for decades, then we have the liberal media causing anxiety in the Democrats already brainless brainwashed fragile minds.

    2. The idiocy that Trump must endure will surely become legendary.
      I have spent years following this political process and it has become all too obvious the state run media is systematically leading those gullible enough to believe their crap, down the garden path.
      Turn the media crap off and watch the country start to heal.

  2. It also shows a lack of intelligent people,that surround trump. He has surrounded himself with mediocrity.

    1. This is a deep state fake intelligence sequel to Russian collusion.
      We should talk about removing the Founding fathers from our history and replace them with another old white man, the socialist Kark Marx himself. Then we’ll chant, “hehee hohoo white supremacy has got to go”!

    2. @Kepler Mission I aslo judge trump by the people who are attracted to him. 45s base are stupid and venal too.

    1. Tired of all the chaos in our cities run by Democrats and the press endorsing it. Tired of Trump getting blamed for a virus, and tired of a two year federal impeachment investigation that found nothing.
      🇺🇸 Patriotic Democrats for Trump 🇺🇸

    2. Unfit was glaringly apparent from the very beginning of his tenure. He has now been cast with enough evidence to suggest very strongly that he is indeed a TRAITOR to this country. Will democrats and republicans have the backbone to see this through to the bitter end and leave to no stone unturned in it’s investigation. If not the U.S.of A. could be relegated to trash heap of history. It is that serious folks.

    3. tRump is not in the business of doing anything FOR America … He is in the business of carrying out Poo-tin’s bidding .. destroying the United States of America..

  3. Why aren’t Americans storming the WH, and arresting him? This is treason, and it’s no good allowing this maniac stay in power. He will do more damage.
    Why are you just talking about him, but not doing any thing constructive. He is on a mission to destroy America, so why are you whinging and wining about him, but you are not DOING ANYTHING

    1. This is a sequel to fake Russian collusion that deep state intelligence pushes for 3 years.
      Here we go again.
      This is a deep state fake intelligence sequel to Russian collusion.
      We should talk about removing the Founding fathers from our history and replace them with another old white man, the socialist Kark Marx himself. Then we’ll chant, “hehee hohoo white supremacy has got to go”!

    2. You know what? It is actually covered in our Constitution. It is the VP Duty to remove such a POTUS from office and replace him. It is explicit and clear. So, in a way we should be blaming Pence!

    3. Actually, treason as a crime refers to aiding an enemy of the USA. We have not declared war since 1941, so we do not have any enemies.

    4. Why aren’t Americans storming the WH and arresting him?
      Because he still has his cossacks surrounding him – in this case the GOP .
      Once the cossacks after months of suppressing protests in 1917 sided with the hungerprotests on International Womansday the shield cracked and Nicolas II was out of a job.
      The same happened to the Shah of Iran in 1978 when demorelized militairy refused to suppress the protests any longer and the spark was the personal of an airbase that started to praise Khomeini. The spark has to come from the shield surrounding Trump himself, how… no idea… maybe when Jared Kusbner tries to save his hide and start blabbing about Trump, who knows.
      I’ve been in fireprevention long enough to know you need three things for a fire: nl fuel, oxygen and a spark, the fuel and oxygen are there, but not the spark.

  4. Trump only wanted the presidency to feed his own ego and steal from the taxpayers. That and protect Putin whom owns him.

  5. Republican senators had the chance to stop all this , the problem lays with these people. Solve it in November

    1. @Crunchy The entire Republican party needs to go. We can’t be satisfied with simply getting rid of Trump. He’s just a symptom of a larger disease. We need to destroy the vile Republicans in the next several elections and then, we can get to work on fixing the dysfunctional Democratic party.

    2. Tessmage Tessera yeah what I said. They had their shot to do what is right and failed. They have to go too. Thought that was implied.

    3. I want to see more ads in Kentucky from the Lincoln Project  and Republican Voters Against Trump targeting Mitch McConnell.  Former Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath who is running against McConnell has 20 years of military service and has flown 89 combat mission for our country. She is a much better choice than the turtle who hides in his shell and protects Trump.

    4. For not doing their JOBS, which they said they can do and that’s why we sent them there. but, they for got they are our SERVANTS also sent by you and me..Instead of “AMERICANS, They choose PARTY. So is going to COST THEM THEIR SEATS BY NOV.2 2020 . ALL OF THEM including TRUMP. AMERICA NEED UNITY AND DIGNITY NOW AND VP JOE BIDEN WILL PERFORM.

  6. Trump cant handle anything, just go on lying and get his tiny little hands grab the money! Thats All of it!

  7. If anyone still doesn’t think Putin “owns” trump…..they are not paying attention.
    Tax returns….money laundering out of Russia…….

    1. luv4jets ain’t happening u poor poor brainwashed cult member!! Btw u didn’t spell his name right lol DOALD lol 😂
      His correct name is DONNIE TRUMPTURD!!

  8. Moscow Mitch and his senators are responsible for backing a show pony that lies and extorts cash called lying traitor Trump

    1. Phill Davis if anyone is a SNOWFLAKE it’s trumpturd!! He’s got to b the biggest coward who took the ofc (with Russia’s help) of Pres!! All he does is whine abt how the press is soooooo mean to him! He acts like a F in baby!! Bunker baby lol 😂 he’s a JOKE!!!!!

    2. @Marlowe Dugger I think maybe you replied to the wrong person or misread my post, I’m well-informed on Trump’s near-daily lies and his crooked cronies.

    3. @Eve Again ok! I apologize. You got that right. I was responding to Len Smitty and other Trumpsuckers. Be blessed

  9. Trump has all but destroyed our image and reputation in the world. Under him we have become the world’s pariah, a rogue nation with a madman leading it. Other country’s leaders laugh at us. We know this. But we also know they laugh nervously.

    1. Len Smittey You are looking in the mirror as you type, little Lenny. Len, you are a nasty person who is weak.

    2. This is a deep state fake intelligence sequel to Russian collusion.
      We should talk about removing the Founding fathers from our history and replace them with another old white man, the socialist Kark Marx himself. Then we’ll chant, “hehee hohoo white supremacy has got to go”!

  10. “Puppet?”
    “No puppet?”
    I N C O R R E C T !
    Donald Trump is definitely Putin’s puppet!!!

    1. Did you know that when he first came into office within five days of being in office he tried to have all the sanctions lifted on Russia, you would think that he would have at least tried to wait a couple of months that just goes to show you how dumb he is

    2. @Zippydodah Quirk he is the puppet of Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Turkey and whoever else will fill his pockets.

    3. michael anderson
      Wanting to please his puppet master as soon as possible is a sign of a GOOD PUPPET. 😆

  11. From Ireland , what scares me most is 40% of Americans think donald is doing a good job , defies logic !

    1. @Nochickenwingsforyou I don’t need to remember that, There is a buried news report that Trump has been charged with molesting an underage girl at a party before he became Prez.

  12. America has NO president; what we have is a “Gangster in the White House”:
    Noam Chomsky says Trump is undeniably “the worst criminal in history.”

    1. @cycle47 Hall You’d really rather endorse a traitorous, inept egomaniac than admit you were wrong? May God forgive you for all the suffering this man has caused due to the support of enablers like you.

    2. @MrTrexMcgee Is that lie supposed to make me feel bad? Soon you will know what traitors are, very soon, say hi to Barry for me.

    3. @cycle47 Hall If you won’t stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them.
      They bleed & die for this country & you won’t even open your eyes for it.

    4. @MrTrexMcgee You’ve just assumed that I don’t stand for our troops, if i may borrow a recent quote,” how dare you”, apparently you also belive assume msm is a about the truth. May we all be well after this contentious election.

    5. @NZ WHAT??? Trump wrote books? “two of the greatest books of the twentieth century”? Name them, when were they published?

  13. In the old days we would have dealt with a traitor instantly and accordingly. These days a traitor gets pampered by Republicans.

    1. Very SAD.!!!!!That is why CHANGE IS COMING. VP JOE BIDEN WILL CHANGE IT COME NOV 2 .2020.

    2. Sad but true but we have the power to stop it by VOTING BLUE! We need to get rid of all these dirty republicans! Moscow Mitch McConnell Graham Collins Nunez to name a few!!

  14. He’s not only unfit as President, he’s unfit in physical fitness, barely able to go down a ramp.

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