Former CIA officer describes experience with mysterious illness 1

Former CIA officer describes experience with mysterious illness


Two White House officials were struck by a mysterious illness late last year — including one who was passing through a gate onto the property — newly revealed details that come as investigators are still struggling to determine who or what is behind these strange incidents. CNN's Brian Todd has the latest. #CNN #News


    1. @God Made Weed, Sun Flowers & Birds ! These incidents began a few years before the Sars-CoV-2 virus existed. So neither the virus nor the vaccine had anything to do with it. The incidents that occurred near the White House happened last November, before the vaccines existed.

      I don’t know that microwaves are responsible; usually, you have to be fairly close to the source of the microwaves. The Sun emits microwave radiation, and on the EM spectrum, microwaves are short radio waves, not nearly as energetic as ultraviolet radiation, X-rays, or gamma rays.

      What’s difficult is that the symptoms mentioned can be caused by a wide variety of things. That’s going to make it difficult to diagnose. What doctors can do is rule out causes such as strokes, or infections. That doesn’t always give one an answer.

    2. @God Made Weed, Sun Flowers & Birds ! Omg get a grip on reality. We’ve had diseases since the very beginning and vaçcines for decades. You really need to take stock on where you get your conspiracy lies!!

  1. Oh my god, I’m ditching my microwave right now. I’ll replace it with my George Foreman grill.

    1. It supposed to be directed Microwave signals, not your typical waves from household microwave. Stay calm and sane.

  2. I experienced the same symptoms as the former CIA officer. It came on very suddenly – I was at my desk at work – and the world was spinning and I was too dizzy to walk. I went to the hospital in an ambulance, which was like a mad carnival ride as my head was spinning every time the vehicle change speed or direction. They were worried about a possible stroke. But it was an ear infection in my inner ear. It faded out over the next 5 days. How would they know the timing of any brain damage this guy sustained? They had no baseline assessment to compare to. These kinds of reports aren’t trustworthy in my view… Someone is running an agenda.

    1. @Michael Wachendorf He said he experienced the same symptoms as the guy in the video here. That guy is the former CIA officer he mentioned. He didn’t say he himself was CIA, that would be ridiculous.

    2. @Dyinni I read it that way too, I re read it and you are correct, he doesn’t say that he is former CIA. I must be too tired to be reading.

  3. I got the vertigo. Had it for the past 8 days. Maybe my neighbor is tinkering with his microwave oven. Not even kidding this time. People are nuts

    1. Yeah…it’s called voice to skull technology…the CIA knows about this.
      It’s funny that they are pretending that they don’t know what it is.

    1. As long as you don’t accidentally carry a metal fork in your hip pocket, you won’t become a conduit for electricity and arc weld yourself.

  4. Maybe its the same going on in NB Canada 6 people has died the Canadian doctors can’t explain it

    1. We can’t….. Because evil and good can’t coixist with each other.
      At the end it can be only one.

    2. @A. Patriotic America?
      All America?
      No body…. I am American.
      And I hate the loss of lives.
      I am angry at the humans because you all can’t leave with out killing each other.
      You are a disease in the universe.
      Except for a few who deserve salvation.

    1. lol. I was watching a news segment and it was a clip of Trump speaking, and I felt sick! Let’s be grateful everyday that He’s no longer president.

  5. So all those crazy schizophrenic homeless dudes yelling about microwaves penetrating their brains were right. I swear there are millions of people so called “crazies” who’ve been effected.

  6. Seriously, what are the odds CIA created this themselves and are just trying to get ahead of the bad publicity; wouldn’t be the first time

  7. It’s them little green people from outer space, I tell you….or maybe just Moscow mitch passing gas again!

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