1. @JP Slayermayor that’s what the millennials would call it making it sound dramatic and using the longest words possible lol

  1. Deep condolences to all mothers, fathers, children and family who lost their lives in this war. Slava Ukraine🇺🇦🇺🇦

    1. This guy is a former spook, KGB. He’s too smart for a firing squad. He is going to retire now in “mental victory” then let the next guy deal with the problem of having enemy neighbors. In the end, and in the beginning, Vladimir hides behind the most vulnerable.

  2. Wow, so many patriotic Russians in celebration event! The Russian government should set up military mobilization stations at the exits and see how many of these patriots would sign up to go to the frontline

    1. Shame. When you are violent and you meet your match the only thing you can do is tell these silly jokes

    2. They have over 300,000 additional troops mobilized. Considering what they accomplished with 150,000, that’s bad news for the Ukranazis.

  3. I think it’s ironic that Zelensky, formerly a comedian, is making Putin and the Russian army look like a joke.

  4. The faces of the people sitting there listening to him don’t seem to be all that supportive of his speech.

    1. ธัญณรงค์ วิบุลสันติ says:

      I think so.🤣🤣👍✨️

    1. @Clappinmonkey09 it’s really not fair to call me stubborn…..persistent is more accurate. In fact…I gave you specific information and how to verify it. You come back with nothing but calling me a liar. Exact definition of stubborn.

  5. Interesting he said the US set a precedent for the use of Nuclear weapons. It did not occur to him that we might have learned a lesson of using them instead. He didn’t consider nuking his own country and which way the fallout flows? I do think this is largely theatre.

    1. Small Tactical nukes don’t pose any radiation threat, he can annihilate Kiev few a few of those small nukes

    2. @Jamie D obviously they got the big ones that can annihilate a small country with just 1 missile , but they also got small ones that can destroy just a small town

  6. He’s doing everything he can not to get poisoned like to be a fly on the wall for that one. Good ridence.

  7. Vladimir Putin consulted with a fortune teller. He asked:
    “How long will I live?”
    The psychic replied: “I cannot tell that but I do know you will die on a Ukrainian holiday.”
    “Which holiday?” Putin asked.
    “Whichever day you die will be a Ukrainian holiday.”

    1. Like all politicians 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

    2. Mother Russia is right 👉 so you are a sheep for the west ba ba 😂 go Russia Ireland stands with you Russia to the end 🙌 and Ireland 🇮🇪 will be free soon as well

  8. So, whenever you lose a territory in combat, just announce it belongs to you and it changes everything?

  9. Poor Putin. I honestly gave him credit for being more careful, more studied and craftier than what he has displayed since he made the ill-fated decision to attack the Ukraine.

    1. @NBA1 Another troll bot that keeps turning up again and again and again!! Is there nothing that can be done about it?

    2. @john Doe Report them as unwanted spam 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️ As I understand it, some do get taken down/accounts restricted but hear ya, they probably create new troll accounts faster than they’re taken down!

  10. They’re using the tactics of Douglas McArthur against Japanese in the South Pacific from 1942-45. He fought the war the longest and lost the least (he lost less men in over 3 years of all out war with the Japanese than his previous XO, Eisenhower lost in one battle in Europe. He fought the cream of the Japanese army while Eisenhower did battle with old men and young teenaged boys. If Zelinsky is prosecuting his war that way, he can win without overwhelming casualties. I don’t believe Pukin will utilize nuclear weapons, but I didn’t think he was serious about starting this war. There’s a lot of history repeating itself here with definite ties to WWII.

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