Former commander vouches for safety of Snowbirds jets 1

Former commander vouches for safety of Snowbirds jets


Former Snowbirds Commander Rob Mitchell says he 'feared the worst' after seeing the ejection in the Snowbirds crash.

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  1. “Snowbird Jets are totally safe except when they burst into flames and crash into homes”

    1. back in the day of heroes a pilot would maneuver away from civilians and ride into the ground if necessary. This pilot did not do that. Who knows exactly what went on inside the cockpit – we’ll never know. Seems the engine chewed a canada goose & lost power.

  2. The tuter is 1950s aircraft don’t know what they can replace them with even F-5s would be better or some of the F-18s

  3. Thumbs up for Snowbirds! Put them in a museum! Plain and simple get new jets! What happens when one crashes in a big city?

    1. KM RC Adventure then they’ll do a “thorough investigation” after it’s too late. Again.

  4. The pilots think it’s safe yet the general public who knows nothing about the snowbird thinks it’s not safe

  5. Time to retire the snow birds. 8 deaths in 10 years. These are flying coffins. The liberals have spent less than 2% of the GDP of any developed nation on defense spending.

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