Former Covid Adviser Says CDC Mask-Wearing Position Is 'Right Guidance' 1

Former Covid Adviser Says CDC Mask-Wearing Position Is ‘Right Guidance’


Former White House Senior Advisor for the Covid-19 Response, Andy Slavitt, discusses President Biden's goal of partially vaccinating 70 percent of American adults by Independence Day, and mixed messages about mask-wearing as the Delta coronavirus variant spreads. He tells Stephanie Ruhle that the variant is a "real concern" for people who aren't vaccinated.

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Former Covid Adviser Says CDC Mask-Wearing Position Is 'Right Guidance'


    1. @Joey Martin He chickened out and deleted after getting called out on saying you should never trust anyone introduced with the words “Former CDC” while believing Former CDC Director Robert Redfield’s claim that Covid was made in a Wuhan lab.

    2. I got the Pfizer and wear mine. I absolutely trust the vaccine, but better safe than sorry.

    3. the 94 and 95% efficacy by Moderna and Pfzer are straight lies. I’m sure its closer to 60’s or less like most every other vaccine ever made. 94 and 95 are fake news.

  1. Because adults won’t step up to the plate, we now have depend on our children to bring up the numbers.

    1. So many of those children will have no choice as their never vaxer parents will not allow them to get vaccinated, no matter about the long term health consequences of a COVID infection.

    2. @ruth depew What about the thousands of UNvaccinated illegals coming through the Southern “border”?

  2. My vet told me that the new strain is very contagious with older dogs. My two labs came down with kennel cough but then got a fever. Just a FYI!

  3. The point of continuing to wear masks isn’t about protecting yourself as much as it is about protecting others as, vaccinated or not, you can still carry and transmit the virus. Most other countries have received and understood this message from fairly early on. How is the US still grappling with this? It’s really not that complicated.

    1. The Republican party is very anti-science so they’ll go with their feelings over facts. Unfortunately, that translates to many Republican politicians and voters refusing to wear masks or get vaccinated because they don’t understand the science behind it. And they refuse to learn it.
      As such, we have quite a number of people here who refuse to do their civic duty and think themselves “woke patriots” as if wearing a mask somehow detracts from their freedom.

    2. Stupidity.
      Though after vaccination, people are only able to spread coronavirus for about two weeks.

  4. Either you or Andy should tell people the difference between the WHO and the CDC. Don’t blame or hedge, just explain the CDC is an internal US agency focusing on disease in the US. The WHO stands for the World Health Organization that is concerned for the whole world and the spread around the world that is not contained. Their messaging goes to different but overlapping entities. Be the informers and the educators!

    1. Thank you so much for putting it so succinctly, Laura!
      I only ventured into the comments to post a similar explanation for the perceived difference between the two recommendations, but I’m so glad to find that I’m not the only one who clearly recognizes the difference in the two organization’s audiences.

  5. Ruhle should be teaching that science is NOT “a set of facts”—science is a process of finding and understanding facts.

    1. She probably doesn’t know that, and doesn’t appreciate someone pointing that out to her on air.

  6. As a blackman n this country i cant depend on the moral credit of this country to preserve my life because u dont have that credit, you’ve told black people nothing but LIES to this day, y n the world would i believe this government NOW as u still killing us.

    1. I can’t say that I know your fear. In fact, even if I was a black man, I couldn’t say I know your fear, because I am not you.

      The vaccines were developed by scientists. The government knew we needed them, to keep the cases, and the deaths, to a minimum. We still lost more than a half million people, so far.

      My point is they were not developed by the government. They were approved for emergency use, by the government. The same government agency that tells us that our food is safe to eat, or not. Sometimes they make mistakes. Most of the time, they don’t.

      I am not part of the government in any way, and I got the vaccine. I would do it again. You could trust us; all the people who have received it, if you choose to. I myself, would appreciate it if you would consider that. We don’t need to lose any more people.

  7. If the “average person” doesn’t know the difference between the CDC and the WHO at this point, then the average person is too stupid to live.

  8. These 2 organizations are speaking to different audiences. CDC is talking to Americans. The WHO speaking to the world. There’s a staggering difference in the %’age vaccination rates between these 2 groups.

  9. seems you seals don’t bother asking a simple question “why are the doctors and or scientist who has a completely different test results, facts than the ones fakestream has on, never interviewed?” why are those having videos taken down, YT channels ended or twitter and fb banning them?

  10. Idaho’s ignorance with the delta variant on the way is sad . I’ll continue to wear a mask because of those who won’t get vaccinated and never wore masks.

  11. I got jabbed but with the Delta variant picking up steam here, I don’t mind wearing a mask again. As long as it protects others in my community, I’ll do it. Cuz that’s what real patriots do.

  12. Very good questions Stephanie! The confusion about guidelines is point! The former advisor said it in between the lines. “The task right now is to get American people who have not been vaccinated to be vaccinated”. This is the Biden strategy, 1. tell people to not wear masks, 2. force people to get vaccinated or get sick or die. That’s very sad and cruel as some people are not able to get vaccinated (ie. children under 12). Also, vaccinated people can contract, and spread the virus to others. This is a fact! Aren’t we helping the virus spread to those and continue to spread and mutate?

    CDC and Fauci are making the same mistake again by downplaying mask wearing. What is it with the fear and hatred of wearing masks? Just don’t understand it.

  13. W/US at almost 70%, have no prob
    w/Anti-Vaxxers not getting vaccinated.
    Wish them well fighting off an ever evolving coronavirus!

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