Former Dem. Rep.: Losing Seat Is “Much Less Important” Than Giving Americans Health Care Coverage 1

Former Dem. Rep.: Losing Seat Is “Much Less Important” Than Giving Americans Health Care Coverage


Former Rep. Tom Perriello lost his seat in Congress after he voted to pass the Affordable Care Act and President Obama thanked him in his book for having the courage to do the right thing. On the 11th anniversary of the ACA, Tom Perriello tells Lawrence O’Donnell that seeing people’s “lives change for the better” under the ACA is much more important than a second term and says he’s excited to see the Biden White House “draw lessons from the Obamacare fight to go bold.” Aired on 03/23/2021.
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Former Dem. Rep.: Losing Seat Is “Much Less Important” Than Giving Americans Health Care Coverage


    1. Most certainly we don’t have them in the current Republican Party. For more than four years, they put party over country or their political self-interests over the well-being of our country and our democracy. They exhibit NO integrity whatsoever. Yet, they keep getting re-elected! That’s backasswards!

  1. Thank you Lawrence…as always and thanks to former Rep. Tom Perriello! I appreciate your father and his profound statement while supporting you.

  2. Absolutely. Politics in America has become so selfish and not about the people that have elected them. Disgusting

  3. “Losing my seat in Congress is much less important than giving Americans health care coverage.”
    These are words that you will
    NE-VER hear a Republican utter.

  4. From his moral core, Tom’s dad said: “Judgment Day is more important than election day.” I love that. Those are words to live by. Judgment Day is more important than, well, any day. We shall each give account of everything, even the hidden things, and be rewarded accordingly. This is truly my life’s motto: “What shall He say to me on That Day.” It gives me a conscience, and my reward is Heavenly peace and blessed sleep. “Hey Tom, God bless ya!” This is a great segment.

  5. I didn’t know Tom, but twenty seconds into this interview I could tell he’s just the sort who should still be in office. Much respect.

    1. @joe kim I haven’t seen a Democrat that is against prayer, but yes choice is their platform. So they are definitely pro that the individual can choose.

  6. The line I will never forget ” As long as you remember that judgement day is more important than election day” Can someone tell Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz , Ron Johson, Josh Hawley and Mitch this sentence. ?

    1. @joe kim What has that got to do with the discuss. If you want to open discussion on transgender, fine. GOP keep complaining but never gave an option. How do you want the entire Transgender community to fee by being left out? This has to be addressed. Never heard any Republican propose alternative like Transgender sport commission etc to address these issues and probably create Transgender sport events and get it funded.

  7. Thank you Former Rep. Perriello for putting the needs of the people above your desire to get re-elected. Would that your constituents could have seen then what they know now. Far too many of the people who opposed the ACA did so because of the moniker “Obamacare.” We live and sometimes, we even learn!

  8. Its the dividing line between the parties.
    Democrats are working for the people, and trying to provide for the nation.
    Republicans are working against the people, crying about fake outrages while simultaneous making it harder to vote, so they can keep power and keep doing nothing for anyone but themselves and the rich.

  9. Thank you former Congressman for your bravery putting your job on the line and saving many men, women and children’s lives God bless you. Your Father was a good and descent man who raised a good and descent son. Thank you!

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