Former DOJ IG On Trump Org. Indictment: It’s A Bad Day For Trump

Michael Bromwich, former Inspector General for the Justice Department, reacts to the breaking news that the Manhattan DA has charged the Trump Organization and its CFO, Allen Weisselberg, on financial crimes ranging from grand larceny to tax fraud
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  1. Trump realizes how indescribably happy this makes anyone with a brain and he hates that idea.

    1. @AllNite Lemonade It’s coming and he knows it. His whole family knows it. Chip, chip, chip, chip, bingo!

    2. @Keith Edmonds His claims to be a genius fall short of revealing his actual IQ and we must wonder if Mensa has ever invited him to join their membership? So come on DT, let’s see you produce your membership card. Surprisingly none of the members I have had conversations with seem to believe he is particularly bright and if you search you can find a number of guesstimates from the low 120’s to more respectable scores that still fall short of genius…

  2. An intelligent democracy would’ve locked up quite a few of the Trump admin by now.

    1. @Greg Bors That’s what the book says. He gave away free food and drink. Often.

      I don’t believe in any of it and I suspect the majority of the ones who claim they do, are liars.
      Regardless, even in their pretend universe, if Jesus from the book showed up at the border, they would have thrown him in an ICE cage and deported him. He looked poor, dark skinned and didn’t have ID.

    2. @Jakeyboy The 2 are NOT exclusive of each other, “jenius”. Jfc, do they teach anything at all in school that isn’t about Moses?

    3. @Jakeyboy for, the select few? Within a company? Who makes the decision, who moves up? Or, down, and out.? Is, it, like Hollywood? Or, the worker’s Where everyone’s around a table, that’s hand made. By, the workers, that help build the company. Progress. Not regress. Is the point.

  3. He did all this stuff and now there’s evidence to prove it .i hope they finally get Accountability ASAP……

    1. They will find that EVERYTHING trump did was illegal. If they find anything done within the law, it was just a coincidence. Keep watching…

    1. Because that’s what he does. How many people have gone to jail that he launched his BS investigations on?
      It’s a way to keep his zombies riled up, so he can continue to fleece them. Lucky for him, democrats aren’t against welfare, which is where his cult in filthy red welfare queen states get their spending money.

    2. Random dude: “Donnie, have you seen my missing sock?”
      Trump: “OMFG!!!! WITCH HUNT!!!!”

    3. Nothing will happen to Donald Trump. They are just trying to stop his rallys and stop the audit.

  4. The first Big Lie was ” he’s a successful businessman so he will be a great President.”
    Trump has never been successful at anything except as a professional con man.

    1. And the only people he really conned were the highly susceptible base who, incidentally, are still begging to be conned.

    2. @DB Goddard the birthed issue was brought about by Dems who were being bypassed to push the first halfbreed , I mean black president . who much like Trump had no political experience . he was bout 2 years into a senate run

    3. @Rich Sackett There are a few things the US has backwards. The church, is a business. The NRA is a business, they should be taxed as such.
      Government cannot be run like a business. It needs to be the watchdog for its people, not selling everything to corporations. Greedy lobbyists need to go. The insane sky’s the limit on campaign donations needs to go. Privatized prisons, have to go.

      If there’s one thing we can all agree on and that is dirty companies have to be watched, they must be held to standards. The GQP want the exact opposite.

  5. Put a freeze on the company finances, then send each of them a check for $1400 every six months. If the rest of U.S. citizens can live on that, so can trump and crew.

    1. He’s not getting a stimulus check,he’s going to work for Bubba,and Bubba gets cigarettes for pimping out losers like Trump

    2. Lol…not every month just every 4 months. Ours ran fm Apr 2020, then Aug 2020, then Dec 2020 (partial $600 only), then Apr 2021 (Biden admin). That’s it.

    3. @Nicole Devlin Since he’s an undeclared, disabled adult, and can’t walk down a ramp, he’s limited to the single $1400 check, and can claim it retroactively on his next tax filing.

  6. Trump used the American treasury as his own personal piggy bank. It’s Time to make him accountable

    1. @kissmyaass1
      His daughter is under investigation …
      swore she had nothing to do with his inauguration … lol …
      she billed $6 mill’ for rooms, that were never used, an rooms that prob’ do not exist …
      An theres a matter of $150 mill’ that’s dissapeared …from the same … she’ll be in the same cell as daddy … lol …
      Her an her hissband, walked out of the W.H. better off to the tune of $640mill’ …
      f a/h …

    2. Well he funneled millions to his hotels by grifting from foreign officials and charging outrageous rates for secret services to stay. In just three days March-April, 2020, 1.2 million was transferred!

    3. @kissmyaass1 You do realize he profited millions off his presidency don’t you? that’s fact.

    1. What better than to hire former mafia buster Gigglejuice to provide ideas to hide major criminal activity.

  7. Between the indictments today, the people walking away from his rally last week out of boredom, his July 4th rally this weekend in Alabama canceled due to partisan political concerns, and Florida trying to cancel their rally as well due to the collapsing condo disaster, I’d say it isn’t a bad day, but a bad summer overall for Donald Trump.

    1. @Chance harris
      your government had scientist working there …
      Financed by the NIH…
      Doing research on ??
      Yep coronaviruses …
      George Bush …
      started it all, do the research, where the Virus’s are stop it there … don’t wait for it to reach your country …
      then drumpf. closed the CDC, W.H. office, an halfed their budget …
      All the time smirking with glee … thinking he would show, that Black man in his Head … who was boss … bad man aye …
      The Devil 😈 came to D.C.
      Same as the U.S. financed, Ebola lab in Sierra Leone …
      That’s where the 3 most recent, ? ebola outbreaks in the Congo came from …
      you know twice as much now, than you knew at Kindergarten …lol…

    2. @lulu in hollywood Note, the USS Alabama event venue (Mobile, AL) was denied because of “…former president Trump’s consistant breach of contracts — a long history of not honoring payment(s) to law enforcement security personnel.”

      Literally defunding the police.

  8. With Trump, it’s no longer a “shocking pattern of illegality.” It’s just his usual modus operandi. No shock value anymore.

    1. @J. C. you rush to conclusions without reading page 2 of the news. An indictment against a corporation is an indictment against every officer of the corporation. That will eventually ensnare not only Trump but also every one of his children. Also, they already announced that there are no indictments for Trump personally, yet. Further indictments will follow.

    2. @swampratzozzle No you catch up. They’ve already said this was only the first two indictments to be served. In other words, the indictment against Trump isn’t being released yet.

    3. IMO, once all the truth is laid out – it will be ASTOUNDING how much illegal activity was at the CENTER of trump’s business. The GQP too. Keep watching…

    1. When trump goes to Jail we shall all Party 🎈🎉🧨🥳🥳😋🤣
      just like the end part of the movie “Return of the Jedi”

    1. @ARLENE WUK The prophecy of Q is coming true and the deep state is coming for trumpists and thank Trump for prepping Guantanamo for an influx of inmates

    2. The difference between this and the Hunter Biden investigation is that they found actual criminal behavior by the Trump Mafia.

  9. When news folk say people “in Trump’s orbit” is that because he’s so fat he has a gravitational pull?? I’m not a scientist,just asking.

    1. it comes from latin orbis (ring). Naming the behavior of celestial bodies is based on their movement (in a ring). So no – but I understand the confusion.
      Corona is a similarly confusing thing these days, a virus named after a crown (corona).

    2. To link both the Orange Oaf’s past and his future into the theme of this thread — Mr Trump, given where you’ll be heading within the next year or two, perhaps you should focus on building a wall around Uranus, hmm?

  10. The root of all these corruption is still not indicted. Justice is still not served until Trump is in jail.

    1. I believe trump will see prison. He no longer has immunity. Tax evasion is usually what takes down mobsters much smarter than him.

    2. @Cain Kong sounds like great activities if the alternative is fraud, corruption, tax evasion, money laundering, racketeering, treason, sexual assault, wire fraud, mail fraud, filing false instruments, bankruptcy, campaign finance fraud..lets take a break and hit Bidens Vigil!

    3. Right like how can you tell me that all these people in the past being charged with possession of marijuana how is that worst than what trump has been doing for years i was being threatened to be sentence to 4 years in prison for 17 dirty drug test how can you tell what i was being charged with is worse than what this crook has done all the insurrectionists should be charged under the kkk act for trying to intimidate our vice president in to giving the election to trump read about the kkk act all trump supporters should be charged with that as they may not all be white but they are pushing racist rhetoric

  11. His whole life since he was twenty-some years old his dad taught him to be a mafia freaking Criminal. His dad was a crook and taught him how to be a corrupt Criminal in Trump taught the kids

    1. @Susan Francis and THEY forced their security clearance. He ALWAYS want CROOKS around him. 🤮🤮

    2. @David Mclean DAM recordings Yep, they did it to avoid paying taxes, what else. They are ALL dirty, even the ones people seem to like.

    1. BS. Soros, Clintons, Biden’s have explaining to do on dark monies and hidden nonpaid taxes with crooked non profits! Indict them! Dems all have fraud and blood on thier hands! Another witch hunt! BS! NO HR1! Real Patriots with #46 President Trump will celebrate with AMERICAN FLAGS AND #46 PRESIDENT TRUMP FLAGS across the nation! Time to OUST the Soros-Hillary Orchestrated COUP!

  12. While this is important, we need more coverage on the billionaire who is paying SD National Guard to do his bidding.

  13. Flip like a fish! Cause dump isn’t gonna save you he’s only gonna save himself. Will see how educated you are.

    1. Trump: “I’ve never heard of a
      Mr. Weisselberg before in my life, I most Certainly do not know who that man is!

    2. They’ve been barking up the wrong tree for 4 years nothing has ever stuck. Russia collusion is only one example.

    3. 200th like and the money Man was ARRESTED!!!! HEY TRUMPY and your fam….. get ready for those custom orange jump suits!!!

  14. Meanwhile he’s collecting a presidential pension and provided security for him and his family at taxpayers expense . The very taxpayers he cheated.

    1. He is going to NEED a whole lot of security when those TOURISTS GET out of JAIL. I bet some of them will show up at a rally. They are all going to sue him.

    2. Kids are supposed to lose their tax payer funded security detail this month. Be interesting to see if it’s maintained so they don’t run.

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