Former FBI Special Agent: ‘Russia Has A Very Firm Grip On Our Cyberspace’

In an hour-long phone call yesterday, President Biden put Vladimir Putin on notice, warning the Russian leader that the United States will respond to any more cyber or ransomware attacks by Russian-based hackers. However, former FBI special agent and distinguished fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute Clint Watts tells Ali Velshi “They are in no way scared of violating our cyber sovereignty.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Former FBI Special Agent: ‘Russia Has A Very Firm Grip On Our Cyberspace’


    1. @Gary McClellan and once again do you have proof because nobody ever has proof of anything but they spit 🐂💩

    2. Watched on YouTube a Panama hotel with trumps name it was being investigated as a Russian money laundering building..

    1. You’re money is on the guy who has to import foreigners on H1B visas just to handle it’s basic technological needs? Over the nation with the most highly trained hackers?
      Can I take your money instead?

    2. why dont you ask the right question, why are we subject to these hacks in the first place? Microsoft passwords were outdated 30 years ago.

    3. love your confidence, but I think your very wrong for a thousand reasons. We can print more money and just pay!

  1. The small answer might be to install editions of Tolstoy’s War and Peace in his native language 💨💨💨💨💨💨

    1. Then while arranging print for Putin maybe a print of “word salad” for O’Bidens comprehension!!! LOL
      Except…this is not in the least humorous!😢

    1. @Belly Dancer Em well like I said if it was real then they would have used it…

    2. @XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII you do know the parties switched in history right? Republicans use to be progressive while democrats use to be conservative. So you freed the slaves doesn’t really apply. The Republicans also are racist, and for rich people and corporations but they also defund education so you wouldn’t know that. They love the rich not America

    3. @theoneandonly There was never a party switch that’s just something liberals like to say. These Dems are the same ones who founded the kkk.

    4. @XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII their was a party switch its public knowledge. Look it up. You do know Abraham Lincoln was considered a Liberal at the time right? You can remain ignorant if you want but we live in the era of information

  2. My Dear Sweet Friends, there need to be a reevaluation of the term “TRAITOR”, and what punishments should be meted out. Of the last administration, in My view, there was a multitude of traitors.

  3. Follow the RUBLES to all bank accounts..governors, CONgressmen,SINators, and news outlets…

    1. @J W yeah, nobody beleives you. So what is the weather like in Vladivostok this time of year anyway?

    2. @Drunk Uncle there are bigger and more lucrative fish now. Glad to hear you got off so easy. Do you remember when they would try the same ransom ware attacks on personal computers? You never hear about that anymore, it’s not worth their time.

    3. @GOLDWINGER PPG I dont remember that. Ive literally never heard the word ransomware until the pipeline thing happened.

    4. COVID is CCP’s BioWeapon. search risk-life-flee-china virologist’s twitter @DrLiMengYAN1 and her gene evidence reports, get a Gene guy you TRUST(not the famous ones on TV) to verify her reports, she has waken the right(she had to talk to the right 1st since the right was in power), help her waken the left!

      PS: Why CCP did’t allow wuhan people to go anywhere in china, but allowed them to go overseas?

  4. Of course, they have Edward Snowden. They wouldn’t let him live under their protection for nothing.

  5. Isn’t it awful that everyone is triggered by fear from Trump’s presidency! He both wanted this and let Russia do it!

  6. Trump started a useless “Space Force,” but he should have started a new military branch – a “Cyber Force.” We desperately need it!

  7. This is Trump’s fault. And all of you people who think he’s Jesus. I got news for you, this is Jim Jones in slo mo…since Trumpists will start dying from variants much faster than any other group. You will see.

    1. Exactly. That’s also why we had the worst cyber attack on our federal government, right near the end of his term.

    2. As far as Putin is concerned, he is please that Trump did what Putin wanted him to do. America is more divided than it ever has been, except during the Civil War, US institutions have been sabotaged, and the USA is distracted with domestic issues

  8. Russia also has a stronghold on Republicans. And trump .every policy or attack against AMERICAN democracy has been identified as a target of russia so as of now GOP stands for” gulag on patrol”.

  9. Trump took bribes from Russia in exchange for his loyalty to Putin. He dismantled most us agencies and left the back door wide open. Yes this is the man that 74M people voted to keep his job but never had time or was incompetent to full fill it but, had a lot of time to go golfing 365 days out of the year.

    1. Humans are stupid. They see a celebrity on the television and vote for them, because monkey see monkey do.

  10. Trump’s chummy with the Russians. Follow the money and you’ll see that everything leads back to Russia and Trump’s behind closed doors meetings with Putin.

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