Former FDA Commissioner Weighs Future Of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Former FDA Commissioner Weighs Future Of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


The Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine is still on pause as a CDC panel requests more information. Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb explains possible next steps for government health agencies in determining the future of the vaccine and how the hold could affect vaccine hesitancy. Aired on 04/15/2021.
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Former FDA Commissioner Weighs Future Of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. And just like that congressional Democrats advocate for destroying two American institutions: the Supreme Court and the Filibuster.

    The Electoral College is next. Power at any and all cost!

    1. The electoral college should have been ended a century ago. It merely perpetuates the tyranny of the minority. Power to the people not power to the states.

    2. The filibuster is not a tradition, number 1, and each president has the option of changing elements of the Supreme Court and several have done so in our history. Personally, I’d like this court to be balanced w a number of both left, right and centrist views of the law so no one president or perspective can skew the rule of law to gain a power advantage. Besides, more justices allows for more cases to be adjudicated. I’m for Biden hearing the investigations of a learned group before he would entertain any change…which is what he’s doing.

    3. Oh, PS… the electoral college is hopefully the next target. It was not imagined by the founding fathers, either. It eliminates one vote per person, which is how our founders imagined it to be. It’s about time we dump it!

  2. Red states: “We’re not getting the vaccine!”
    Everyone: “Well, then guess no one is going to be visiting your states.”
    Red states: “Ha! Joke’s on you! No one wanted to visit us before this hoax!!”

  3. Even without the J&J vaccine, 1 to 5 women per 10,000 experience clotting. If they are on birth control pills, that number raises to 3 to 9 per 10,000. Six, out of six million receiving the J&J vaccine have experienced clotting issues. That’s less than the risk of birth control pills, or just being a woman with functioning ovaries.

  4. Been trying to figure out how you can have 3 different vaccines with 3 different success rates, with J&J bringing up the rear in effectiveness, and all worthy of approval from the CDC. How does that compute? And as usual, the vaccine with the least amount of potency is the J & J version which just HAPPENS to be the one that’s being pushed and made available to the black community. Why does one vaccine require 2 separate shots and another only 1? Guess which is which.,

    1. First, new technology was used with moderna and Pfizer making it 90% effective. J&j used a different technology. Measles vaccine is only 40% effective, which is regarded as excellent for a vaccine. The reason the medical community is excited about the covid vaccines, all of them, efficacy. The single shot technology is a great advantage for those who fear shots, or who may not be found for their 2nd shot, such as in the transient communities. It reduces the time it takes to reach our goal of everyone vaccinated by half — a great advantage! Rachel Maddow, congress and many other famous white people were vaccinated w J&J. The blood clotting risk of j&j is 1 person per each million people vaccinated. The risk for clotting among women taking birth control pills, is 1 person per a few hundred thousand… much much more risky. .. and the risk for becoming infected w covid and dying of it is nearly a certainty without one of these vaccines. If you have an opportunity to be vaccinated, take whatever you can get, even j&j.

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