Former FEMA Administrator Explains What Comes Next In Surfside Rescue 1

Former FEMA Administrator Explains What Comes Next In Surfside Rescue


Former FEMA Administrator and Chief Resilience Officer at One Concern, Craig Fugate, breaks down how Tropical Storm Elsa could affect first responders' search and rescue efforts in the Surfside building collapse as the storm barrels towards Florida. He tells Chris Jansing that, "They're going to keep going through the rain."

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Former FEMA Administrator Explains What Comes Next In Surfside Rescue


  1. *”चोर की दाढी़ मे तिनका” तो बस कहावत हैं* |

    *लेकिन जनता को तो उनकी ‘दाढी़ ही झाडू’ जैसी लगती है*

  2. We have the former FEMA director because we can’t get the current FEMA director he won’t talk to us

    1. Ummmm…are you thinking that the State FEMA director should be on the news instead of, you know, doing their job.

    2. @La VegaVerde are you sure it’s a woman maybe it’s a shim maybe it doesn’t know what it is either way they couldn’t get it it on the show

    3. @Suckass Dems maybe its an asexual reptilian being from inside of the earth who planned this stunt so fema could harvest bodies that can be manipulated to delay earths dimensional upgrades. i trust not a nan one of em. but it identifies as a woman so…

  3. Very sad situation , I am sorry for the loss of life’s . I fear for the safety of the rescue / recovery workers .

  4. Dementia Joe embarrassed the whole country when asked a basic QUESTION about Russia and had to check all his pockets to find his notes! SO EMBARRASSING!!!

    1. Doesn’t this schtick get boring for you? I mean it must be lonely just shitposting randomly on MSNBC video clips…

    2. @Mike Harper Shut up Corn Pop and name one good thing Dementia Joe Kid Touch has done? Ok go to school Little BOY Blue Sheep!!!!

    3. people died and you’re complaining about “dementia joe” and russia. i think you’re the one with dementia. go take your medication bill.

    4. @tiny chimichanga well ANTIFA AND BLM BURN LOOT MURDER are a real threat and you like talking about Jan 6! That was very bad but its over and it’s not a ongoing threat!! Any Trump supporter who condones Jan 6 doesn’t represent the vast majority of us!!

  5. 500 shootings across the nation on 4th of July weekend. 200 people shot dead, 550 people injured by US gunmen.

  6. Bold of you to still call it a rescue after using explosives to literally bring down the remaining part of the building on the rubble.

  7. I wonder what WW2 veteran Pete Dupre though of America now as members of the us woman’s soccer team turned their back as he played the national anthem .

    1. Wonder what he thought PresReagan said”the most frightening 10 words of the English language are:’we are from the government and here to help’l

    2. Apparently, they turned to face the flag. I thought that was all important to Republicans?

  8. These engineers and inspectors who passed on these apartments are guilty of murder as far as I am concerned

    1. Sadly the common sense of the owners was clouded by the greed of the predatory real estate market. I know. I sold a condo at a loss and the other owners were very angry for my devaluating their properties. Understand they had a closed a lawsuit. You get the “this is my property”. Regulation is written in yes, sad.

  9. So gov of Florida desantis and his team plan to just leave 123 bodies buried where they lived. Got it. Keep it as a Burial site, no building on top of the dead. Sue HOA, FL, health departments, etc.

  10. In post after post, over 25,9000 members of the private Facebook group “The COVID 19 Vaccine Victims & Families Group” detail the horrific health abnormalities they have suffered, including strokes, blood clots, excessive bleeding, needle-like pain in their limbs and paralysis, after receiving Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines.

    1. @Lily Jade The survival rate is very high along with the refusal to acknowledge the very inexpensive treatment that has been proven to be effective contrasted with a highly profitable treatment. People’s loss of trust in our institutions is understandable.

  11. We are way past finding anyone alive. My hope is that most of the families get identifiable tissue to help bring about closure.

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