Former GOP Governor Bill Weld: Trump And Barr Are Trashing The Rule Of Law | The Last Word | MSNBC

Former GOP Governor Bill Weld: Trump And Barr Are Trashing The Rule Of Law | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, who is running for the Republican presidential nomination, tells Ali Velshi that during his 7 years at the Department of Justice, keeping politics out of law enforcement was "at the core of our professional commitment." Aired on 02/14/20.
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Former GOP Governor Bill Weld: Trump And Barr Are Trashing The Rule Of Law | The Last Word | MSNBC

63 Comments on "Former GOP Governor Bill Weld: Trump And Barr Are Trashing The Rule Of Law | The Last Word | MSNBC"

  1. people, especially corrupt ones, never change… should have known better

    • Bobby Edenfield | February 15, 2020 at 8:21 AM | Reply

      @Tor Finn coward dose your dictator Putin give you your meds. It sounds like you have not taken them in a few days. You cowards should grow some balls and get rid of your dictator Putin

    • Tor Finn Conservatives can be normal but tЯump and his gullible sheep aren’t conservatives. Conservatives believe in the Constitution and the rule of law. They used to believe in fiscal responsibility, not setting records with exploding deficits. They used to respect good science and understood that they were in opposition to authoritarian regimes. They rarely fell in love with dictators, then got totally played like dopes. They used to champion human rights. Fat corrupt lying bigot and his cult are the opposite of conservative. Sad.

    • @Tor Finn A real TDS you are !

  2. Now republicans are talking, it will be the people that talk in NOV.

  3. More credible, intelligent authoritative voices need to stand up and be heard, like this courageous person!!!

    • one love one life | February 15, 2020 at 6:09 AM | Reply

      @Tor Finn WTF🤪

    • All former GOP have found their CAHONAS once they are former, the only GOP that count are the ones still in office, John Kelly grovelled while in office but speaking out now that he’s a former, same with Mathis.

    • Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming! | February 15, 2020 at 12:29 PM | Reply

      @Tor Finn YOU support Traitor TRump’s arguing against Jesus Christ’s words at the National Prayer breakfast, 1 Trillion dollar Deficit, 23 Trillion dollar Debt Load, escalating Nuclear armament, telling his allies to fight Democrats ‘To The Death’, nuking hurricanes, the corruption, the emoluments violations, the sniveling submission to Putin, the mass 70,000++ abduction and terrorizing of children and babies, teargassing unarmed families with children across an International border, STEALING from his Charity for Kids & Vets, destroying environmental protection laws which mitigate climate change just to make rich corporations richer, calls the top US generals “dopes and babies”, allowing Russia, North Korea & China to gain tremendous strength, allowing China to money launder money to No. Korea thru 4 Chinese banks in New York, pathological lying, stealing of the 2016 Election, the attempted stealing of the 2020 Election, Helsinki, the Russian Foreign Minister standing over the president behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office as Donnie sat like a schoolboy in front of him, Russian money laundering, stock market manipulation & grotesque Corporate Tax Cuts, Removal from the Paris Climate agreement, trying to destroy NATO and all Alliances, sucking up to Autocrats, many secret & 100% private Putin meetings, Brett “I like Beer” Kavanaugh, disrespected the disabled & gold star families, deporting families of soldiers, deported soldiers that were deployed and fought, given away code word level Intel, the gross immaturity, the hate, racism & white supremacy mongering, swamp culture of corrupt Cabinet, Jared got a 1.3 BILLION loan from Qatar while working in the WH, Jared & Ivanka had betw 70 – 80 million in tax free 2017 personal income, Ivanka got over a dozen Trademarks from China the moment she met with Xi Jinping at swampalago, taking money away from military base schools, FEMA and the Coast Guard, Ryan Zinke’s neighbor (a Two-person energy firm with no office) given $300 MILLION contract to fix Puerto Rico’s Power Grid, he does ‘not’ pay the cities services for stroking rallies, 5 time Draft Dodger, 6 time Bankruptcy king who spends other peoples money and does not pay back his debt, creepy pervert including with his daughter, turning his head to the sky & calling himself the “Chosen One,” tax evasion, his University defrauded people & was fined 25 Million, windmills cause cancer, tells the world he flushes his toilet 10-15 times each, bc you know, hamberders! and a thousand other disasters!

  4. your absolutely right ppl need to stand up and speak loud …all this administration is tainted…

  5. If they don’t get you on the substances of the investigation, they’ll get you on the investigation itself.

  6. Lock em both up! Everything Trump does is criminal, Trump only hire criminals! ….

  7. Remember when Fox lost their mind after Clinton spoke to Lynch during the ‘tarmac meeting?’

    • @Toob247 Toob247 I love how tRUMP and his defenders are always making assumptions with no evidence, but pretend to not see tRUMPs bullshyt with proven evidence
      tRUMPs own lawyers admitted there was a quid pro quo and tRUMP and defenders still want to claim it was a perfect call

    • @dan112020 Everyone tRUMP wants investigated ends up cleared by his own investigators, but tRUMP defenders never mention taxpayers money on that

    • Toob247 Toob247 she was investigated by REPUBLICANS over ten times…who found nothing…stfu already you loser

    • Yeah. I remember the scandal… Barr and djt should both be impeached and Barr should be disbarred.

  8. “The great revolution in the history of man, past, present and future, is the revolution
    of those determined to be free.”
    – John F. Kennedy (35th President of the United States)
    Rise up America – This is NOT a monarchy led by DJT.

    • Carline Torweihe | February 15, 2020 at 6:35 AM | Reply

      Trump wants people to believe it is. He keeps pounding away. Just like the beginning of huge billboards on US Freeways- keep shouting and something will stick.

    • Toob247 Toob247 | February 15, 2020 at 7:26 AM | Reply

      We voted out the two-family dictatorship of bush Clinton and their puppet Obama and the all of their deep State lackeys

    • Bobby Edenfield | February 15, 2020 at 8:14 AM | Reply

      @Toob247 Toob247 coward you Russian did not vote anything out. You cowards did nothing about your dictator Putin taking over your country you coward

    • don’t you pervert the words of a patriot to defend your fat pig dictator.

  9. How bad was Trumps involvement with Russia’s sweeping and systematic interference in our election that Barr is trying to hide all evidence and the Mueller investigation?

  10. A clear sign of a dictatorship.
    As a European i know a thing or two about fascism and how 30% of fascists meddled in elections to get full power with imprisonment of political enemies.
    Europe should act and put sanctions against the Trump administration like we have done it against Putin.
    If political indictment are on the way. To give a sign that Europe has learned from the past.

    • I think depriving the US of Mercedes and BMWs is going to jar those rust belt deplorables into seeing the error of their ways in the cult of Trump..
      But they could certainly play dirty…eg insist on full European checking of Boeing 737 Max and refuse it airworthiness in Europe…and so on…

    • @GORGEOUSGEORGE ??? mercedes has a factory in alabama and bmw has a factory in south carolina which, according to wiki, “has the highest production volume of the BMW plants worldwide “. the problem with doing stuff to hinder trump is that it makes him and america the “victim”. he then gets to fight back and be the hero. forcing deutsche bank to spill more beans on him might be more helpful. it’s gonna take american voters waking up from their stupor.

    • @nuffsed I agree with you and GorgeousGeorge sanction do target individual persons and organisations not the country as a whole.
      Europe respects the US people and we don’t want to impose tariffs against the US as a whole which European people would pay for.
      As US people pay for the US tariffs against China etc.
      And no US tariff does harm to BMW or Mercedes cars when they are manufactured in the US.
      And by the way there are not the same models we want to drive mostly in Europe because our street are much smaller a Dodge Ram looks here like a Dinosaur which drives despite everybody thinks why does someone buy such a monster here.
      The US car manufacturers with exception of Ford didn’t understand foreign markets. And forcing Japan to buy big US SUVs is a idea only a ignorant person can suggest. Like Trump himself.
      When you look in the rural areas of Japan you see about 50% Kei cars small cars with tax benefits with a maximum length of 11.2 ft and a maximum width of 4.9 ft and a maximum of 63 bhp. Out of a 600cubic centimeters engine.
      Build products for the market assuring that customers of a foreign land will buy something is stupid.
      Produce product that fit in a market and you are in business. If you seel products that are not in demand go home.

    • nuffsed …Fair play…I was just trying to make a sarcastic point…I don’t see Europe having much leverage over the US.

    • nuffsed Deutsch Bank…now that is definitely another story…that bank reeks of dirty money from Russia and elsewhere…they must have lots of interesting communications, data and cash flow transactions with Trump..that is probably the gold mine..

  11. “Co-ver-up”. Helping Donald Trump get away with crimes against the law, the Constitution and human decency is a full time job for every Republican senator.

  12. Interesting that sue your enemy help your friends comes from the Nazi regime. Impeach Barr.

  13. Finally, someone explains Barr’s comments accurately: “When AG Barr said the President’s making it impossible for me to do my job, what he meant was, Mr. President, you’re blowing my cover. Don’t call attention to what I’m doing.” Thanks Bill Weld. 1:09

  14. …and not one frekn person is stopping him.

    • Because all of the politicians and big investors in the country are making money with trump! Even retirement funds,ira,stocks,etc! People think the money is worth the drama of watching the usa go down the tubes!

  15. 3:40 Barr used to be “a good, strong man”? Yeah, right. This is who he’s always been. #IranContra

  16. I volunteered at a Polling Place in my town, several people came there and said they were at a couple of other polling places and were being told they were at the wrong place. Several got frustrated and went home without voting. The polling places were changed and the voters were not informed.

  17. We need to remove the criminals out of our government and our country.

    • CatPower when we finally get someone in office that has a pair, and they get money out of politics then we will have true representation but until then we will have criminals running our governments. And that’s at every level right down to the dog catchers.

    • @Ted Otway but this one right here is the biggest criminal and so are his republickin party from day one.

    • CatPower if you believe that these are the only corrupt people in Washington then you need to do some more research. The DNC and their leadership are just as crooked but they are smart enough to say the quiet parts quietly, however the still take as much money as they can get. Trump is a symptom of the decease that is Washington. There is no doubt that he is a thief and the Republicans are right there helping him rob us blind but they aren’t the only ones. Nancy Polosi is as crooked as anyone and so are the rest of them. People used to go into politics to help their own people, constituents, now they go into politics to get rich. And it’s been this way since the citizen united ruling.

    • @Ted Otway republickin use to be Democrats and Democrats used to be the republickin.
      To solve it all we should have an Independent president.
      Just like George Washington was the only president that was not either party.

    • CatPower I don’t have a problem when someone changes party as long as their thinking and actions change at the same time. My problem starts when they pretend to be one thing when their not. Bloomberg is one of these. Bernie is a Democrat, a true Democrat and I don’t have a problem if he want to call himself an independent as the party isn’t really Democrat it’s Republicans lite.

  18. It’s time to start flying the American flag upside down because America has fallen.

  19. Vote Blue No Matter Who 2020!!

  20. “Mr President you’re blowing my cover” … this absolutely sums up the Barr interview.

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